SOUTHSIDE, W.Va. — A Point Pleasant man was killed Sunday afternoon when the motorcycle he was riding was struck by an oncoming motorist.

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department said Kenneth McMillan, 60, was traveling north on U.S. Route 35 near Southside when his bike was hit by a southbound car being driven by Jeremy Seibert, 24, of Continental, Ohio. McMillan was pronounced dead at the scene. A passenger in Seibert’s car was injured and hospitalized.

Investigators said charges are pending in the case.

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  • hello there

    Kenda, why are you so obsessed with this?? The case is over so drop it.

  • kenda ashbaugh

    we were told the accident was none of our business yet the passenger amy seibert is the mother of my granddaughter and my son is the father yet , by not telling us what really happened and not being any of our business how can wee help not believeing the law and the reports we read so we will keep bealieving what we will until we here differently , why would the policwe lie and none of this would have become a topic if we were only told the truth sow e mazy never know yet God knows and he will get justice wher it is deserved , now they speak out after every thing is up in the air that just makes them look guilty ........

  • James

    I am the youngest brother of Amy Seibert. All the people saying that Jeremy Seibert shoud, "rot in prison" or even trying to tell everyone what happened. You were not there in that car with me, my sister, my brother-in-law and my friend. First off, the lines where he was attempting to pass 1 VEHICLE. It was a truck hauling a trailor going under the speed limit becuase he was being cautious. So Jeremy decided to pass WITH CARE like the sign said. When the man on his motor cycle was visible, Jeremy drove completely off to the left side of the road. He was completely off the road when Kenneth mashed on his brakes and started fish tailing and when he had plenty of road to just keep driving now mind you he was illegal the entire time. He had no insurance on his bike. But putting that aside, there was no speeding involved and Jeremy did everything he could to avoid it. Amy, at the time, was pregnant with my nephew, Jeremy's son. He had no intentions of "driving crazy". I watched that man break down while his vitals were being taken and I've known him for about 4 years and never once has he cried until that day. He never wanted to drive again after that. Never once have i heard him brag about being alive. I've heard him say he was very happy that his wife and son were ok. I've heard him say how terrible he feels for Kenneth and his family. A man he never knew. This was a complete accident on both parts, but the law was not neglected by either party. Both driviers did what they could to avoid collision. I agree with the statement that something needs done about that road because this is not the first death on that road. And if there isnt anything done about it, it wont be the last either. So instead of trying to put an innocent man in prison they need to concentrate on making that road a better place to drive and know that it's alot safer. And before anyone thinks im being biased they need to remember that I was there in that car back seat passenger side and I saw the whole thing. If I thought Jeremy deserved to go to prison, I would be the first to say so.

  • amy seibert

    I was the front seat passenger in my husbands car that day. We were both terribly devastated about the accident. the only people that knows fully what happened was the people involved and the people on the road that day who saw. my husband was not speeding. yes he was trying to pass but all signs said pass with care and the road had the dashed lines in the middle that also indicated that it was a passing zone. my husband was trying to pass a vehicle infront of us who was going 15 miles per hour under the speed limit. he was clear. and then the motorcyclist also decided to pass the vehicle in fron of him at the same time and was speeding towards us. we couldn't get back into our lane because the car that was behind us had already pulled forward so we pulled off onto the left side of the road and by that time the motorcyclist paniced and slammed on his breaks and fishtailed into our car which was already off of the road. It was an unfortunate accident that happened that day and there is not a day that goes by that it doesnt play in my head over and over again. I'm so sorry for the family's loss and I'm not saying it was his or my husband fault but panic on both sides.

  • kenda ashbaugh

    I am the grandmother of the baby girl of amy seibert whos husband hit Kenneth mcmillen in west Virginia and we heard about the accident back here in ohio the two year old baby girl of amys is my sons and he had her that weekend of the accident june 8 2014 in which we were thankful she wasn't involed at the time we heard that Jeremy seibert amys husband was pasing several cars in mason county on rt 35 when he hit mr mc millen head on on his motorcycle we were devastated to here this but Jeremy is the step dad to our grand daughter and he and his wife amy were supposedly heading to a funeral that day when the accident occurred, we never heard from either of them till a week arfter the accident from the state of west Virginia and he was bragging about not being in jail we were told to shut up by him and it was nonoe of our business yet our granddaughter rides with him all the time , we never found out if he was arrested and made bail or if he is being charged and how long they will investigate but he came back here with her and picked up granddaughter and bragged about not bing in jail how can he or his wife show no remorse he drives crazy here in ohio and has tried to run people over and stuff yet gets off scot free because he has a name here we are hoping there wil be closer for the family or the guy that was killed by jeremies negelgence and don't know if he got off scott free but know he is here back in continental working and driving and going on like life is great and we have tried to get up dates and no one can help us , the passenger amy had hwer baby a week ago here in ohio and as far as we know all is ok how can we find out if he lost his licence and is driving here in ohio illegally or what charges are pending cause my son needs closer to bring to court when custody case comes up with amy the mom jeremys wife and it has beenover two months we don't know west Virginia laws and no one will chat with us but we need to know something , read the articles but nothing for a while , if anyone knows any more on this please let us know and we are praying that our grand daughter is safe with him back here in ohio since he is step dad to my sons baby girl it is a mess but the mom was bruised a little and never crared to let us know much due to her husband being with her , sincerely kenda and Donald ashbaugh payne ohio

  • MOCO man

    I guess my question would be.........if this road is so dangerous, are people not intelligent enough to slow down? It's one thing to call out the governor and everyone else but individuals have to be accountable for themselves........

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Yet another fatality on the unfinished Rt. 35. Congressmen, Governor, Senators, state legislators, county commissioners, local hacks: how many more will have to die before government responds?

    A fair question, I'd say. In the meantime, we're one day closer to another fatality on West Virginia's Highway of Death.

  • Judge Jimmy

    I would like to add that this is the 2 lane part of Route 35. The most dangerous highway in WV.

  • Beekeeper

    I would like to see this case followed to see what the charges are, and if there are any penalties.

  • joeyjojo

    Hope he rots in prison.