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Eron Harris averaged 17.2 points per game as a sophomore and was among the best 3-point shooters in the Big 12. The former West Virginia guard reportedly is bound for Michigan State.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Some 77 days after departing the West Virginia basketball program, Eron Harris is expected to announce Monday he’s transferring to Michigan State.

The Indianapolis Star reported the timing of Harris’ decision, which comes on the heels of the guard canceling a weekend visit to Michigan.

The 6-foot-3 Harris emerged as bona fide scorer last season for the Mountaineers, averaging 17.2 points and finishing as the third-best 3-point shooter in the Big 12 at 42.2 percent.

At times his deep range made him seemingly unstoppable. Harris scored 26 of his 28 points after halftime in a 91-85 overtime win vs. Oklahoma on Feb. 5 and tossed in another 28 when the Mountaineers stunned Kansas 92-86 on March 8.

Yet after being lightly recruited out of Lawrence North High in Indianapolis, he also struggled with the concept of becoming a go-to guy. Harris failed to reach the free-throw line in three of his last four games, and during West Virginia’s brief stay at the Big 12 tournament, he fouled out with just three points in a 66-49 loss to Texas.

“I have enjoyed my time at West Virginia University the past two years, but I want to transfer closer to home,” Harris said in a statement Match 24. “I want to be closer to my family, especially being around my little brother.”

While Harris made a visit to the Purdue campus about an hour from his home, UCLA and New Mexico also were among the programs he initially considered. The guard’s father said the proximity-to-home factor took a backseat to finding a more compatible coach.

“We respected (West Virginia coach Bob Huggins’) coaching style but it probably wasn’t the best fit,” Eric Harris told The Star on May 7. “Looking for that right fit as far as a coach goes is probably the biggest thing.”

For the sake of geography, East Lansing is closer to Indianapolis (253 miles) than is Morgantown (379 miles). Plus, Harris grew up in the heart of Big Ten country, idolizing powerhouse programs like Michigan State. At the point WVU offered him a scholarship he primarily was receiving interest from mid-majors.

He no doubt sees that Tom Izzo signed no shooting guards in this year’s recruiting class, and has only three-star prospect Kyle Ahrens committed at the position for 2015. All-Big Ten sophomore guard Gary Harris declared for the NBA draft.

Barring an unforeseen NCAA waiver, Harris must sit out next season as a transfer before becoming eligible in the fall of 2015.

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  • TruthTeller

    How lame is that? Maybe he should of went with UConn since they won the Championship.
    This just shows he needs to grow up. He is from that instant gratification generation so what do you expect.

  • wow

    Mr. Harris better learn to play some D if he plans to get on the court for Izzo.


    personally thought he shot like a girl..from the waist..almost granny style...he,ll fire up some bricks and see how sweet coach izzo is too.

  • TruthTeller

    Well good luck sitting on the bench and keeping it warm. Maybe you should of a least went to Michigan which coach Belien would of gave you a chance since he coached at WVU.

  • Wenkev

    Whatever success he has now he should be VERY thankful for Bob Huggins because WVU was the only major conference school who would give him a sniff out of high school. That's one of the reasons Izzo wants him is that he knows Harris was well coached and he doesn't want Michigan or Indiana to get him. If he get significant playing time I will be very surprised.

  • Mister Man

    Once a crybaby, always a crybaby.

  • Gregory

    This kid always seemed to be a basket case emotionally. Sounds to me like his dad got to him. He needs to man up and stand up to his dad. Otherwise, he'll never be successful.

  • BH

    Sorry to see this young man transfer, but good luck @ Michigan State!

  • jschmoe

    I keep hearing the word "coaching style". My question is what type of style to do YOU expect from Bob Huggins or any future WVU coach. If Huggins was going deep in the NCAA tournament you wouldn't question his style.

    • 4WVUinKY

      The key phase you use is ""If" Huggins was going deep in the NCAA tournament..." The bottom line is that over the past couple of years he isn't making it to the NCAA's let alone "going deep" into it.

      Huggins style needs to's old and out doubt about it...this is not our grandfather's basketball...times have changed and players have changed...adapt or die!

      Everyone can present their argument from their own unique perspective but for me, his style is not working and it will not work with the goal of creating a national championship caliber style team. Too much screaming, too much barking, too much self-centeredness. If you think it working, tell your boss to treat you like Huggins treats his players...make a mistake...a day off without pay. Can't take the yelling in your face...dismissed without cause. (funning...;-))

      OK...bring the onslaught about HOF, WV boy, love the state, ranked 30th in ESPN poll, etc...that's all good and probably true but it does not change the facts...Huggins has only won 62% of his games while at WVU with the vast majority of that win % coming in his early years with recruits already in the system. I know, bring your $h!t about who actually recruited those players but the bottom line remains the same...we are not a national player and that is what we should expect. And please, spare me the "well it's Morgantown, WV...who wants to come here"? Please, who the hell wants to go to Michigan...been there and it sucks!

      For your critics...and I will love your biased rantings...I am a WV native, WVU grad, and played a little ball in my day...not yesterday, but many please, give me substance over subjectivity when you respond with your "you're not a true WVU fan...blah...blah....blah"

      Love WVU...praying things turn around for the better.

      • Wenkev


        Your argument that Huggins' style is outdated lacks logical reasoning though I am not surprised by the rest of your diatribe. Case in point, you state "Huggins style needs to's old and out doubt about it...this is not our grandfather's basketball...times have changed and players have changed...adapt or die!" and "Huggins has only won 62% of his games while at WVU with the vast majority of that win % coming in his early years with recruits already in the system." Those recruits, no matter who lured them to WV, were coached in the same manner as this season's players were coached and they made it to the final four just four short years ago in 2010, not when my grandfather played. So, in essence, you are arguing that times have changed in four years. I don't think so. He may have not chosen good recruits but these guys know what they are getting when they sign up. They are coming to play fo WV and Huggins is the coach. THEY need to adapt.

        • 4WVUinKY

          Thank you for reading and then re-posting most of my perfectly sensible opinion. Like many other posters on this site, you degrade someone's opinion when it doesn't match your own...a very sad place to be mentally.

      • Lily the Dog

        4WVUinKY...good stuff and I very much agree although I have had screaming idiots for coaches in my day and we were pretty good, not great, just pretty good. Although I do think some of it comes from the pressure to win that is placed on coaches, I believe most of it comes from the nature of the person. My love sport was soccer and we had a coach who was very calm. He coached us in practice, he yelled some, but during the game he let us play and coached us by talking to us on the sidelines. He passed away about 5 years ago but we won the WV State Cup three times in the early 90's.

        Everybody's different.

      • Aaron

        How come none of the anti's are willing to address the fact that Harris and Henderson came to Morgantown KNOWING what kind of coach Huggins is?

        • 4WVUinKY

          Two points:
          (1) Mister Man...don't waste your time reading this during your break at McDonald' makes too much practical sense.
          (2) Aaron...How come? Try, "Why is it that..." So, with that correction...I am not a psychotherapist and have never stated that I "completely" understand the mind of 18 year old young men...especially the ones who have dreams of making it to the next ball, D League, NBA, etc. That's why I don't address it...I don't know "exactly" what these young men were/are thinking. To be recruited and flattered by a college coach is a thrilling experience and one that can, at times, cause one to think sideways...

          Assuming his Dad is telling the truth...the coach fit no longer worked and he decided to move on...his call.

          • 4WVUinKY

            There, there my boy...don't be so hard on yourself...putting a different set of titties on yourself will not help you...neither will getting lasix surgery, tucking in that gut of yours, or getting hearing aids. I encourage you, now that as you say, you understand that you're stupid, do not let that get you can get help with that. You must think positively...there may be a pill out there that can help you. Perhaps it's the pills you are currently taking that is causing your issues.'s not forever!

            (Saw his HBO special some time ago...he's a riot. I'll give you credit for trying...).

            Be safe...

          • Aaron

            I'll give you credit old dude, of the anti-lucks out there (those who irrationally hate Oliver Luck and all things associated with him because of the IMG deal) while perhaps not the smartest of the bunch, you are clearly the most consistent.

            You win. No mas. You have made me understand that Ron White is correct.

            Good day sir.

          • 4WVUinKY

            Seriously, I think you need help...depending on your spiritual beliefs, perhaps you could speak to a clergy or Rabbi. Be safe.

          • Aaron

            Seriously man, go back and read everything you've read. You're trying all this psycho-babble BS, attacking me personally and all because I called you and ask a simple question that you can't answer.

            Why the games? It's a simple question.

          • Aaron

            If I'm wrong then why can't you answer a very simple question?

          • 4WVUinKY

            You are completely wrong...

          • Aaron

            Your personal insults and avoiding a very simple question demonstrates the reality here. You are anti-Luck/Huggins/WVU and it shows.

          • 4WVUinKY

            You will not win're help

          • Aaron

            Why would your complete inability to answer a simple question lead me to hurting anyone. Shouldn't you just throw in the towel, declare No Mas and move on?

          • 4WVUinKY

            I encourage and beseech you to seek help. It is not your place to constantly challenge and questions the opinions of others. You have a serious problem. My hope is that you do not hurt yourself, your family, or anyone in your safe

          • Aaron

            Yeah, I'm the one ducking simple questions.

          • 4WVUinKY

            Pride, arrogance, and fear...don't know what you are running from or what demons you are fighting but I hope you have the perseverance to overcome safe

          • Aaron

            Is that your answer to the question?

          • Aaron

            So in other words you don't have a clue, you just dislike Huggins hence your comments. That a pretty much what I thought.

          • 4WVUinKY

            As you continue to post, my heartfelt sorrow for you grows.

            There is a reason you persist in questioning the position of others on a social media site that is open to all and all comments. You're a bully, plain and simple and I truly do feel sorry for you.

          • Aaron

            Is there a reason you can't answer a simple question?

          • 4WVUinKY

            You are very telling...

          • Aaron

            I brought it by asking you that if you weren't referring to the transfers when you called Huggins "old and dated" and said he needs to "adapt or die" then what were you referring to?

            I certainly didn't ask if you had questions of me. I wonder though, are you capable of answering a simple question or is all you have personal insults as the previous one?

            While I thank you for calling me young I think the fact that you are running from a simple question about your remarks is telling.

          • 4WVUinKy

            Not a nice rant there young boy but if it makes you feel better, rant on.

            I don't have any questions for you as I perceive you to be just a young punk with no direction in your life. As I noted earlier, keep bringing little boy and I will keep responding.

          • Aaron

            Nice rant sir. Entirely inaccurate but if it makes you feel better, rant on.

            I have just one question. Given that this article is about transfers and you state that Huggins is “old and dated” and that he should “adapt or die” (death seems kind of harsh for a basketball coach but hey, they’re your words) if you don’t blame Huggins for the transfers then what is the point of your comments?

            I await your response with bated breath.

          • 4WVUinKY

            Finally you are posting something that is correct and you had to guess to be so...I am 67 years old and I must admit I have made one mistake in our back and forth...there is no way on God's earth that you would even be close to being my son. You are an arrogant young man that thinks entirely too much of himself. For some reason you think you must be the webmaster of this site and believe yourself more knowledgeable than anyone else who post here. On the one hand I feel very sorry for you as I have seen the same characteristics you display in your bulling post on this site as I have seen in both the military and in my career in the corporate world. You are very likely disliked by the people you work, "if" you are employed, with as your selfishness on constant display. Then again, I have come up against many people like yourself in my life that I feel no love lost for because to you, it's all about you. You are one very sad and lonely person who has to constantly challenge other people on a very simple sports social media website that does not amount to a hill of beans.

            Keep bringing it young bog and I will keep giving it to you. I would hope you would look inside yourself to see how stupid you are portraying yourself to others on this site but I guess you can't. Seek help while you still have the clarity of thought to do so.

          • Aaron

            And you said it dad, it's Huggins fault. I would think someone that's in their late 60's early 70's (that's how old you would have to be for me to be your son) would be able man up and own what he said. Guess you can't.

          • 4WVUinKY

            You said it...not in so many words...get a life son

          • Aaron

            "Huggins style needs to's old and out doubt about it...this is not our grandfather's basketball...times have changed and players have changed...adapt or die!"

            Yes, you did. Perhaps not in so many words but you place the blame ENTIRELY on Huggins and then when called out, cannot defend your comments. Wenkev saw it and called you out on it as well.

            The only question is why you're trying to weasel out of what you said.

            So why are you?

          • 4WVUinKY

            No you didn't.

          • Aaron

            I don't have to re-read it. I got it right the first time.

          • 4WVUinKY

            Reread my will never read where I said it was Coach Huggins fault that anyone transferred...

            You can't write nor read...telling

          • Aaron

            You claim you have no idea how the mind of a young man works in coming to WV but when they choose to go elsewhere, it is Huggins fault.


      • Barry


        I totally agree with everything you said.

      • Aaron

        Why do you suppose is style is no longer working, particularly when every player that has transferred out of the program because of Coach Huggins style new what his style was when they came to the program. Harris & Henderson are perfect examples of what I am referring to. Both were recruited during Huggins loan losing season at WVU when Huggins was allegedly at his worst thus both knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what kind of coach Huggins was. Yet they came to Morgantown anyhow? So what does that say about them and how can either claim they did not know his style of coaching?

      • Mister Man

        Long drawn out comment. Boring!

    • Chris1529

      That's right, but apparently his style doesn't work anymore. I don't think WV will have to worry about being back to the final 4 for a few years.

      • Mike

        There is absolutely no difference between Coach Huggin's style of coaching and Coach Izzo's.

  • GoEers

    Coming out of high school in Indianapolis,IN, Eron Harris did not have any offers from any Big 10 schools or other known schools in Indiana including Butler and Notre Dame. His offer list was downright pathetic.

    Coach Huggins took this player out of Big 10 country and made a player out of him. This kid owes a debt of gratitude to coach Huggins, but instead he transfers out.

    I wish him luck. If he thinks coach Huggins is tough, he should pull the YouTube video up of Coach Izzo grabbing his point guard by the shirt and chewing him out during the MSU/Ohio St. game this past season.

  • mad hatter

    without a doubt, all staggering huggins has to do is look in the mirror to determine why Harris left the program..
    Now all you pro huggins kool aid drinkers will be happy he left, i for one, wished he spent his last two yrs. at WVU>

    Huggins needs to reexamine his style , and consider that he can't bully everyone like the good ole days at UCinn.

    If he can't change, it's time to hit the bricks, we can't be spending this kind of money for a coach who now is bascially a .500 coach ,and loses in the first round of the NIT.

    I thought Huggie was a great hire, but not so much now.. He's got fat and happy with this crazy salary,and his HOF days are well in the past....

    • GoEers

      MadHater, now that WVU has 2 players than transferred to Michigan St. and Maryland, is it safe to say that all your past rants about how Coach Huggins couldn't recruit are invalid?

    • Aaron

      Isn't the purpose of a Hall of Fame to reward someone for what they've done in the past?

  • GoEers

    Really? Bottom feeder? Ask Kansas, Kstate, Iowa st., Baylor and Oklahoma what it feels like to go up against a so called bottom feeder. You're confusing WVU with your favorite team the Marshall thundering herd.

  • Chris1529

    ESPN is also reporting he is joining the Spartans. Michigan State is a school which perenially reachs the Final Four. Thank you to the WVU coaching staff for just running him off or letting him go to easily.
    Its great to be a bottom feeder in a power conference with a head coach that dresses in gym clothes.

  • cutty77

    Coach Izzo will get him in shape Head Wise,or he will never see The Court. We will see how tough this kid is for sure now.