MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Bob Huggins underwent right hip replacement surgery Monday morning and family members said the West Virginia basketball coach was recovering in good fashion.

Ben Queen/MetroNews photo

With his right hip ailing, WVU coach Bob Huggins used a sideline stool last season.

For much of last season, Huggins used a sideline stool during games because it became too painful to get up and down from the bench seats. After postgame news conferences at the WVU Coliseum, he frequently winced while stepping down off the foot-high platform.

Before the Big 12 tournament, Huggins discussed needing the surgery but joked “I don’t want to do the rehab.”

The 60-year-old Huggins, having completed his seventh season as the Mountaineers’ coach in March, hosted his annual fantasy camp over the weekend.

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  • Omg

    Dang...this guy has body parts transferring now. Let's hope he can keep the rest of his body together or it will be a long year.

  • GoEers

    Get well soon Coach. I look forward to watching you roam the sidelines again in November.

  • Mountaineer Fanatic

    Speedy recovery. Best coach ever.

  • Pensfan

    Sounds like BIG LARRY and GET A LIFE need a little more fiber in their diet. Both sound like real POS to me

    • Aaron

      You have to realize that most of these guys are what I refer to Anti's meaning they have an agenda against Oliver Luck because IMG now has the third tier media rights. What I can't figure out though is why their hatred for Huggins as he was hired by Pastilong. At any rate, their only goal is to comment negatively on anything WVU regardless of whether they make any sense (rarely) or not (as in 99% of the time).

  • mad hatter

    get will bobby, be ready for the turnaround season.


    when all is said and done, Bob Huggins will be the best coach to ever coached at WVU and maybe one of the ten to ever coach in the NCAA.

    I am glad to see him taking care of him self!!!!!


    Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!Mountaineeeeeeers!!!!!

  • Life Long Eer Fan

    Coach can get the tread mill warmed up as part of his rehab to have it ready for his players when the season starts! : )

    Good luck and speedy recovery Coach!

  • Dave

    Good luck in rehab Coach Huggs and a speedy recovery. Can't wait to see you back out on the court coaching them up.

    WVU Mountaineers RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Larry

    With so much value these days placed on success, college head basketball coaches are paid to produce winning teams. That isn’t the case at WVU where it isn’t about winning or losing but rather the emphasis is placed upon selling tickets & beer.

    As longs as Bob Huggins remains coach, the beleaguered fans continue to buy tickets and fill up the WVU Coliseum. He is given a free pass to lose or behave any way he pleases. It’s a business. “Sell tickets and make money. Winning is just a plus but not mandatory. Just keep bringing the fans in”. And Bob Huggins is very good at doing just that. He is also a master at getting the fans to sympathize with him over losing.

    Head coach Bob Huggins has brought the basketball program down to mediocrity and yet he remains the most popular man in West Virginia.

    To question him in any way is to incite a riot in the Mountaineer Nation. No one really cares any more about winning. It’s not about that any more. All that matters now is upholding, promoting and protecting the legacy of the great one Bob Huggins. “We know the basketball program stinks to high heaven but at least we still have Huggins”.,,say many of the WVU fans.

    Bob Huggins is a man who deserves to be worshiped, idolized and praised…Why? Because he is a great coach? No…because he the greatest Con-Man in the history of the State West Virginia.

    A Bronze statue of Bob Huggins needs to be erected and placed on the front lawn of the State capital for all future generations to remember.

    Much can be learned from watching the antics and life style of Bob Huggins. He certainly is an inspiration to me as well as countless thousands of his followers within West Virginia and around the world…

    Get well soon Bob…We once again look forward to your inspirational interviews and another great upcoming WVU basketball season…

    • rock solid

      Hell the whole state shoul be delirious with glee if they could reach mediocrity in anything. Last in education, quality of life, and perception by the rest of the world, pretty soon you can add Metro News and WVU basketball and football and down the toilet we go. Nice job legislature, keep screwing up the state. No revenue from coal and you won't even be able to fill potholes. Oil and gas money will go out of state and when the wells are drilled the workers will leave. They don't have to stay like they do when you have to mine every day. WVa you are screwed. THANKS CHARLESTON!

    • Mister Man

      That statue would be a great idea.

    • richard

      big larry, you're the one in the minority. that why you have to use the words (incite a riot) because there are that many people who trust and love bob huggins. yes, he has hit a rough few years, but he will have us back on track soon. there only a few anti-huggins fans out there. you are one. by you writing what you wrote while the man is down and hurting, shows what type of person you are.

      • william

        WVU fans -
        The truth hurts sometimes,
        It's a sad time to be a Mountaineer fan wherever you may be!

        • Aaron

          Oliver Luck is still the athletic director and IMG still has WVU's third tier media rights.

    • GoEers

      Spoken like the true marshall fan that you posted this time last year that you are. Just remember Larry, jealousy is an ugly thing.

    • Greg

      Big Larry's goal in life is to move up from a single wide to a double wide. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just Big Larry would rather sit at home, drink beer, smoke cigarettes and draw a welfare check than be a productive citizen. It's easier to just be envious of and criticize those who are more successful and have more because they worked for it than to just do it yourself. A sad life he surely leads.

    • FNP

      You pretty much summed up your whole pitiful life. You're a joke and I hope you go through the same procedure one day

    • Justin

      Big Larry, what does your senseless rant have to do with the fact that Coach Huggins had surgery? Not a thing. People like you take every opportunity take a swing at Coach Huggins. It's quite pathetic, to be honest. If we had another coach, I am sure you would find some dumb reason to bash them. I guess you have it in your head that if you continue your ridiculous bashing of Huggins, the university will start listening and Oliver Luck will fire Huggins and say "Wow, you know, the Big Larry fella sure knows what he's talking about and was right all along. We should make him the new coach!"

    • Dave

      Big Laughing stock,
      In case you haven't figured it out already, no one really cares what you think.

  • Guardian

    Do the rehab, Huggs - you won't get better without it.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  • Fl Eer

    Man, I wish Huggie would get on a diet while he's rehabbing. He would feel a gazillion times better if he could get into the low 200's.

  • Debra

    Wishing him a speedy recovery

  • Hillbilly

    Wishing Huggins a speedy recovery...

  • Get A Life

    You cares. This guy is a bum. Now this is breaking news. Metronews is a bunch of losers.

    • rick

      hey william, see you got a new name!!!! Get A Life, huh? coudn't come up with anything better?

    • KeatonsCorner

      Guy can't even put a sentence together to properly trash talk....... lol

    • Johnny

      Low comment hope this never happens to you for someone to call you a low life

    • Joe

      Completely out of line comment. What is wrong with you?!

      • NorthCentral WV Lady

        Big Larry and Get A Life need to do just that - GET A LIFE! Despicable and disgusting comments.
        Best Wishes to Coach Huggs for a speedy and complete recovery !

  • ViennaGuy

    Happy to hear that Huggs is on the mend. We look forward to seeing you back on the sidelines!

    • Hop's Sweater

      Lose some belly and your hip will feel better ton's of fun.