CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A political science professor at West Virginia Wesleyan says politics in West Virginia are at a turning point.

“All hell’s going to break loose,” said Robert Rupp on Monday’s MetroNews “Talkline” when asked about his predictions for the race outcomes this fall.

With less than five months to go until the Nov. 4 general election, Rupp said it’s clear a major sea change is happening within the Mountain State — a longtime stronghold for the Democrats — from the State House all the way to Washington, D.C.

He said the leaders of the state Democratic Party can see it coming. “The Democrats are running scared and they’re doing what, I’d say is, the ‘Democratic two-step’ in West Virginia. They’re trying to separate the state party from the national party,” Rupp said.

At the state level, in 1928, Republicans filled two-thirds of the seats in the state House of Delegates. Two years later, Democrats claimed two-thirds of the House seats and have held control since then.

“We’re not just talking about one generation. We’re talking about, literally, almost three generations (when) we always knew the House would be controlled by the Democrats,” said Rupp.

“It was unchanging and highly partisan and now, in six months, we’re going to have the perfect storm in which on a series of levels, congressional and legislative, we’ve just got all kinds of history possible.”

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  • Gary R

    If you want another Obama puppet like Rockefeller you vote for tenant. I don't really like either one but I'll vote for capito because I don't like the way the liberal democrats have taken us.

  • Coach

    This guy is clueless. Every legislative race is based on local politics and the voters in the communities vote familiarity. There are as many vulnerable Republican incumbents in the House of Delegates as there are Democrats. The WV State Senate will certainly stay strongly in Democrat control as the Republicans will pick up a seat or two only.

    Now on a statewide level, the Republicans certainly will take the U.S. Senate seat and are in tight races for the three seats in the House of Representatives. Given the disdain for the President, it's amazing that the Democrats are even competitive in these races.

    • Mac

      Hey Coach! On Nov. 5th, I'd like to see you recant your above statement. When you hear rumblings ALL around the state that our roads are NOT getting repaired, that the food tax IS going to come back so as to have a constant, sure-fire flow of funding and that the Dems have been in charge to darn long, WV may finally wake up and announce: "Let's put the Republicans in charge for a while! " And if, in two years, we don't see an improvement, we can always fall back to the same old "dumb-o-crat" ruling class. Looking for your response in just 22 short weeks! Hope you wear your jock strap!

  • wvwisdom

    Here's an intellectual exercise. Ask yourself what it would take for someone like Mr. Karstens to stop voting Democrat. How many lost jobs? How much of an increase in medical care costs and decline in service? How much decline in the schools because of federal mandates? How much weakening of our defense and foreign policies? Is there anything that could change Mr. Karstens' mind?

    • wow

      The dumacrats have run this state since 1928 and look where we are, last on almost everything that can be measured. The dumacratic leadership is after money and votes, that's why they have turned on the UMWA the way they have. There is now a new cash cow to milk, that is pledging 100,000,000. to the dumacrats for the 2016 election. They keep on making promises of free stuff for millions of people and never making good on it, then when they don't make good on the free stuff they blame the republicans. The funny thing is people keep falling for it time after time.As far as Mr. Karstens goes, he just spouts off to get a reaction on here, no one can really be that dumb or can they.

  • Gary Karstens

    Trust me when I say this: I lived in Alex Mooney's district in Maryland. You do not want this cracker jack representing the state of WV in Washington. Tennant also needs to be elected by the good people of the state. Nick Joe Rahall has been and will continue to be a ROCK for this state, and I am appalled at the amount of people that have turned on him.

    Capito voted for countless UNBALANCED budgets in the poor reasoning of "supporting the troops".....uh whatever that means. If you believed that one, then I have beach property in Wharton to sell you. We need a liason like Tennant to fill the big seat left by Senator Rockefeller.

    As far as Jenkins, we don't know what party he will be on what day and what vote he will take.

    And BTW MetroNews, there was a wonderful gay pride march in Charleston yesterday. Where is the coverage?!?!?!?! YEESH!

    • Mac

      There was also a parade Saturday for the annual Pancake festival in Flapjack, WV and it didn't get any coverage either. Maybe these parades and marches are just everyday occurrences that are community based but DON'T need coverage. What's so special about them? Life just moves on without blaring commercialism that some people think is required when, in actuality, it's just life going down its pathway. No big deal!

    • Tom

      You go, Gary!

    • Robert

      You're outside the mainstream, prepare to be marginalized.