CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Kanawha County woman who twice threatened to kill Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin is headed to prison. Joyce Gilley, 54, entered a plea Tuesday in Kanawha County Circuit Court to one count of attempt to commit terroristic acts and one count of terroristic acts.

Prosecutors said it happened last October when Gilley mailed a letter to the governor’s office threatening Tomblin’s life. Less than two weeks later, according to assistant prosecutor Jennifer Gordon, she sent a second letter.

“On or about the 16th day of October, the defendant again sent a letter threatening to kill Governor Tomblin, threatening to shoot him. She was upset with certain policies,” explained Gordon. “One of her goals in actually writing that letter was seeking to be put in prison.”

As part of the plea deal, Gilley agreed to a 1-3 year prison sentence on the first count of attempt to commit terroristic acts and another 1-3 years for terroristic acts. The defendant declined a pre-sentencing hearing and asked the judge to sentence her immediately.

“With the understanding regarding the punishment for these two offenses, do you still desire to plead guilty today,” asked Judge Paul Zakaib.

Gilley’s response, “Yes.”

Zakaib granted Gilley time served, 236-days in the regional jail, for the count of attempt to make terroristic acts. On the second count, she’ll serve at least one year and a maximum of three years behind bars.

Gilley was immediately taken out of the courtroom in handcuffs and shackles.

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  • Curious

    Why was she seeking to be put in jail?

    • John

      Free health care and dental work. May even want some cosmetic surgery on the tax payer dole. The prison system medical is better than obama care!!

  • Mike

    And people ask why they want to build a fence around the Governor's mansion. Duh, because of nuts like her.

    • Kitty Litter

      Could be. Or is it because of the nuts INSIDE the proposed fence?

      • I'm honest at least


  • sammy

    This is what you call fed up with politics.

    • nancy

      I have known joyce for awhile, she is such a caring lady and the remarks some of you have made is not only immature but judgemental also when you no nothing about her, all she was trying to do was to get someone to listen to her concerns and when the system ignorned her several times she wrote another letter just so her voice would be heard not only for her but for the citizens also, she is a mom figure to everyone that knows her, and those who talk about her that don't know her, if you ever was to know her you would wish you could take them words back...........ty Sammy for understanding xoxo

  • John

    Guess she needed some dental work done.

    • John

      I sure hope they don't give her new teeth. She sounds like a real mean person that would bite!!