FLEMMINGTON, W. Va. — The Taylor County Sheriff’s Department has arrested a man on animal cruelty charges.

Luke Brown, 29, of Flemington brutally beat a beagle with a hammer, causing severe injuries.

Authorities took the dog to receive medical treatment, but by the time it arrived, the damage was too great and he had to be put down.

A second dog and a cat were siezed from the property.

Brown is being held in the North Central Regional Jail on $5,000 bail.

More arrests are pending, according to authorities.

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  • Barbara

    Does anyone have a hammer? Come here you piece of crap and I will be more than happy to show you how that feels.

  • Eye for an Eye

    I want this sick individual treated the same way. Beat him with a hammer and then delay his emergency treatment so he expires. our animal cruelty laws aren't tough enough.

  • thornton

    I would wager a Tim Horten's large that this was not the first, nor will it be the last, example of illness exemplified or a crying need to be in ultimate control...possibly, both.
    Is this idiot an attorney with marital issues?

    The mental health system, the public, family and friends let down care for many who have a small or zero voice.


    This is just a start next he will be killing people wake up it starts with animal cruelty then killing!! humans!!

    • northforkfisher

      You're exactly right, look at a lot people who kill and they usually started with cruelty to animals. To do this to an animal you have to be mentally disturbed.

  • flash

    I have a hammer I would like to use on him.


    I have a hammer I would like to use on him.

  • northforkfisher

    Take him out back and do the same thing, if he lives without any problems than he would be free.

    • John

      Agree. How somebody can do this is just beyond me. Society will be better off without this piece of ........

  • George

    if you can do it to an animal you can do it to a human being.......cruel"...."..