WASHINGTON, D.C. — It’s being called the political “upset of the year.”

On Tuesday, an economics professor beat U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) to win the Republican nomination for Congress in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District — the seat Cantor has held for more than a dozen years.

David Brat, who teaches Third World economics at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Va., defeated Cantor 56 percent to 44 percent largely by billing himself as even more conservative than the conservative Cantor. Brat also had support from the Tea Party.

First District Congressman David McKinley (R-W.Va.) said he was “shocked and stunned” by Cantor’s defeat. “It’s hard for me to grasp, someone of the stature and the substance and the character that he has, the impact that’s going to have (his loss) on the direction of this country,” he said.

Cantor was first elected in 2000. He quickly rose through the Republican House leadership ranks. Since 2011, he has served as House Majority Leader — the #2 position — and was viewed, by many, as a future replacement for House Speaker John Boehner.

His own internal polling reportedly showed he had a 30 percentage point lead over Brat heading into Tuesday’s primary.  Instead of being easily renominated, though, Cantor became the first sitting House Majority Leader to ever lose his party’s primary.

McKinley said Cantor was a businessman before being elected to the U.S. House and, he said, that may have cost him.

“He brought with him the skill of negotiating and he was trying to do that, but we have people, here in Washington, who will not compromise. It’s black or white,” McKinley said on Wednesday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

Brat ran as the anti-Cantor. His Twitter bio reads as follows: “I am running for Congress to be ERIC CANTOR’S TERM LIMIT. Free Markets, Constitution, Liberty. No more Crony Capitalism!”

He will face Democratic nominee Jack Trammell, also a professor at Randolph-Macon College, in the Nov. 4 general election.

Virginia’s 7th U.S. House district includes parts of Richmond, Va. and the Shenandoah Valley.

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  • bill

    He may have rose thru the ranks with in DC but his voters figured him out. Hopefully other states voters figure their problems out to. Way to go Virginia voters.

  • Richard

    Dave you should take Cantor's loss as a wake up call. We the people are tired of reaching across the isle all that has gotten us is the short end of the stick. The stick that the democrats keep beating us down with. We would rather you take the gloves off and fight for WV.

  • William Johnson

    McKinley proves he is more disconnected than Cantor.

  • gt7

    why did you not print my comment?

  • gt7

    I am dumbfounded when I read how shocked and stunned our Congressman was...I am amazed how far away and out of touch these people are from their own people who vote for them! Once they become accepted and part of the Establishment... they become worse.. And Ms. Johnson's add on "he had the support of the T-party.." That's all he had. He DID NOT HAVE the 5.4 (?) million that his opponent had!!! Mr. McKinley wonders about the direction of the country..now that Mr. Cantor lost... but did not worry before when he and the rest of the "in group" could not (and can not..) wait to facilitate the current policies that are destroying the country. Neither our other (D) Congressman with EPA ties (!) could wait...right? Now that the coal industry and coal plants are destined to disappear... by "facilitators" of both parties with destruction of this State.., now let's us worry about the country's direction. IT is just impossible for me to make myself believe that the frequency of the speed of the thoughts of these individuals is greater than God's, and in spite of that... they still can not grasp the condition this nation is in and the direction to where it is headed. Thank you.

  • DWL

    The EPA is the m0r0n's Gestapo. They need to be eliminated.

    Capito better take heed of the Cantor defeat. The bs the RINO's are "compromising" on is capitulation to the liberals. The m0r0n and his minions better start sliding to the right - A LOT!! The left (d)'s have screwed the government up to the point it needs SHUT DOWN.

  • Billy Boogie

    Mckinley says get rid of the EPA. So the corporations are free to poison us as they see fit

    • ViennaGuy

      - So the corporations are free to poison us as they see fit -

      Oh, really? Did you also forget that each state has its own department of environmental regulation?

  • J.Rod

    People are starting to get the picture and is tired of the no voting Republicans that have no plan at all.

    • Diaspora

      It was one local election in one district. For the most part, people are truly tired of the Tea Party and their dangerous, short-sighted and dramatized rhetoric. No trending here. Cantor was pandering to the TP crowd not so long ago. That is the price you pay when you try to sail only in favorable weather.

      • ViennaGuy

        As Tip O'Neill famously said, "All politics is local."

  • CH

    I belive the people are looking for someone other than bussness as usual politicans. I hope this will inspire others to get into the game. Most people you speak with say that you have to decide between dog or cat poop when you vote as they are fed up with both sides and have to hold your nose in the voting booth.

  • Bill MC

    Rep. McKinley’s comments now have me wondering about him. Is he really there as a conservative or is he also just a spend all you can spend, let anyone in, no principled RINO!

  • 50th rate

    A professor of Third World economics? He should have moved to WV and run for governor.

  • Buck

    Cantor, Boehner and other establishment Republicans need to go. You can clear up the water until you get the pigs out of the creek.

  • will

    Shape up, or ship out....

    That's the message.....

    • joeyo

      That is correct

  • joeyo

    Dear David, no need to be shocked unless you thought once in office you would become a lifetime sponge of the tax payers money. Your comments threw a red flag for when I go to the voting booth this Nov. No More Career Politicians in DC. Term limits are a coming.

  • joeyo

    Dear David, no need to be shocked unless you thought once in office you would become a lifetime sponge of the tax payers money. Your comments throw a red flag when I go to the voting both this Nov. No More Career Politicians in DC. Term limits are a coming.