CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Board of Education is set to interview candidates for the state superintendent of schools in meetings Thursday and Friday in Charleston.

The board narrowed the list of candidates last week in a meeting with the firm it hired to help in the nationwide search, Ray and Associates, Inc. Sixty-four people submitted applications from 43 states.

“We were surprised to find that the majority of candidates applied because of West Virginia’s location and size,” state School Board President Gayle Manchin told MetroNews following the meeting at Stonewall Resort.

Manchin has previously said the board hopes to hire a new superintendent by July 1. Current Superintendent Jim Phares is retiring. Phares gave his last report to the board at its regular monthly meeting Wednesday.

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  • Gary Karstens

    Jane Claymore please!!!!!!

  • Voter

    Those people on that panel scare me.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Whomever is selected, you can bet that he or she is well-versed in multi-syllabic education jargon that would give a gardener a bumper crop of tomatoes.

    I smelled WVDE scratch-and-sniff memos reinventing the wheel for thirty-four plus years--and looked what we have reaped.

  • Herman

    Hate to lose Dr. Phares, great man, I fear he went out because of not liking what's going on.

    • wvu999

      Is that a serious comment?
      You have to know he is there bc he used to be the superintendent of Marion County. Same county the last two wvboe presidents are from. He was a place holder when they fired Marple until Gayle and Joe found someone who will do what they say.

      Dr Phares was padding his retirement with this position.

      • cutty77

        Great answer.The Truth will set you free.

  • wvu999

    Major requirement for this position is kissing Joe and Gayle's pinkie ring.

  • Katydids

    No classroom experience necessary in WV. A degree in basket weaving is adequate....any ole degree will do.

    Oh, BTW, I like your red power suit, Gayle!

  • dr dng

    Ok, so how many are they interviewing?
    How many are in our out of state?
    How many have classroom experience in this century?