CHARLESTON, W.Va. — For the second week in a row West Virginia was hit by strong summer storms. A line of thunderstorms moved through central and southern counties Tuesday night and left behind significant power outages.

Appalachian Power was still reporting 52,000 customers without service at 8 a.m. Wednesday while Mon Power outages were around 5,800.

Cabell County was one of the hardest hit counties with more than 14,000 customers without electrical service followed by Kanawha County with 6,000 and Logan with 5,500. Mon Power listed Preston, Braxton and Gilmer counties with the most outages.

The storms brought winds in excess of 60 mph, knocking down trees in several communities. Heavy rain was also part of the system that flooded poor drainage areas.

The National Weather Service said more severe storms could be on the way for Wednesday afternoon and evening.

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  • Mike Fielding

    I lost power about 8pm on Tuesday evening. And did not have power restored until about 6:45 Wed. evening.
    I live on route 75 near Lavalette and the power lines run thru trees all alone RT 75 could they no take a couple days and fix this problem? I seems like every time the wind blows over 20mph we lose power, although most of the time its only for a seconds but that still causes problems for household appliances. I'm just thankful I have a back up generator .

  • WVGal

    I lived in Florida for 5 years and we have worse weather in WV than I ever encountered in Florida :-).

  • Tom

    All I had was an overblown storm warning alert and a little rain. phlbbbbtt!!

    • John

      Tom, You should be thankful thats all you got.

  • RogerD

    This is being caused by "global warming". We never had storms like this in the past.

    One can get away with saying this stuff to the young and to those with poor memories. It makes this scam just too darn easy.

    • northforkfisher

      Before jumping on the bandwagon, take a look at history. The earth go through cycles. I feel that we're about to have an ice age judging by past history. We have storms like this before I can remember the summer's being worst than now. I'm only 42 so it's not like it has been that long ago.

      • RogerD


        Please read my 2nd paragraph again. The first one was written in jest to illustrate how this global warming nonsense has won the hearts and minds of so many people. I, like you, can remember extreme weather in the past. I am NOT on any bandwagon with the global warming alarmists.