UNION, W.Va. — An Alderson woman convicted of conspiring to kill her husband received a text message from her lover that read “Time to hunt.”

A Monroe County jury deliberated only a half-hour Wednesday in finding Amber Richardson guilty of both accessory to murder and conspiracy.

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Amber Richardson, shown testifying in Monroe County Court, was found guilty of accessory to murder and conspiracy in the killing of her husband, Danny Ray Richardson.

She was sentenced to life in prison with an additional one to five years on the conspiracy conviction. The judge offered no recommendation of mercy.

Prosecutors alleged Richardson and Joshua Hubbard conspired to kill Danny Ray Richardson in June 2013. His body was found in a shallow grave and revealed two gunshot wounds.

Richardson testified she only wanted a divorce from her husband, but was pushed further by Hubbard. She said she ultimately did what he told her to do, providing clothes and a sleeping bag for him to use in hiding the body.

The defense rested following Amber Richardson’s testimony.

Amber’s father, James Nichols, told the court he doubted his daughter’s story claiming Danny Ray had simply left. Nichols asked his other daughter to file a missing person report, sensing something was amiss.

Nichols said he knew his son-in-law would never leave the three children Amber and Danny Ray had together.

The jury also saw photos of the husband’s body in decay with a bullet wound in the back of his head. The state medical examiner confirmed bullet wounds to head and left arm, along with facial bruising and scalp lacerations.

The prosecution also showed text messages it claimed proved Amber plotted to kill her husband.

The chilling message that stood out most to the prosecution— “Time to hunt.”—allegedly was sent by Hubbard to Amber before the murder.

Hubbard is scheduled to go on trial for murder later in the year.

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  • Moco man

    We do need the Death Penalty. It could be overhauled to cut out years and years of appeals.......and in a case such as this, that is rather obvious, take her out in the am and pop her.......done.

    • northforkfisher

      That's right there's no reason for the appeal process to take so long. Allowing them to set on death row pondering their execution date is a cruel punishment driving some to madness. We believe in swift justice why not swift reviews of an appeal.

  • Randy

    What these people did was horrible, there's no doubt but to call for the death penalty in this state needs to be reconsidered.

    First of all, the main cause for things like this is moral decay. This country has really went down the tubes in this department. No form of punishment is strong enough to combat this. It must be established in our children from the time they are very young.

    Second. In every state that has the death penalty there are higher rates of crime punishable by it. It always goes up once the death penalty is enacted.

    Third. The cost to execute someone is higher than keeping them locked up. Literally millions are spent on each one by the time they are executed with the legal costs and the execution itself.

    Lastly there is the issue of killing people that are actually innocent. It has happened many times and would have happened many, many more times if not for that group that take on cases they find compelling. So far several hundred have had their convictions overturned due to them. I don't feel even one innocent can be put to death and still justify that punishment. It will happen here if the death penalty comes back. How would you like it to be you.

    • Charlestonian

      I don't think it is several hundred; 177 or something like that which, like you said, one is too many.

  • northforkfisher

    I'm like chasmo why must we pay to house, feed, and most of the time college educate these bad bloods. Before any one has anything to say, if this was my kid I would say put them out of our misery. To think of this instead of a divorce is just plain mean.

  • chasmo

    Will we ever get the DEATH PENALTY ?? I hate my hard earned tax money being spent to keep this POS alive .

    • realist

      Read up on how much extra it costs to keep someone on death row.

      • Freddie

        You only keep them on death row for one day!!