WESTON, W. Va. — A Harrison County man accused in Lewis County of murdering an infant has entered a plea.

Christopher Sheppard plead guilty in court Thursday morning and a sentencing hearing has been set for August 14th.

A jury selection was supposed to start Monday, but instead Sheppard told the court he wanted to enter a guilty plea.

Originally, the baby was thought to have fallen out of a sink while Sheppard was watching the 14-month-old a few years ago, the baby then hit his head and later passed away.

However, the State Medical Examiner’s Office says an autopsy showed the baby’s death was caused by physical assault.

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  • northforkfisher

    Why these people try to cover up what happens, I don't understand because the autopsy always shows what really happened. If you get that upset watching a child, then call someone to help you. Never has taking anything out on a baby has solved anything.