LOGAN, W.Va. — The ongoing federal investigation in the southern coalfields now appears to be focused on the political front.

MetroNews affiliate WVOW Radio in Logan has learned from multiple reliable sources that federal target letters have been received by up to four individuals here in Logan County.

Three of those reportedly are elected officials; the fourth is reported to be employed by the county.

A target letter is typically issued when an individual is the subject of a federal investigation and does not mean the named person has been charged with a crime at this time.

This comes on the heels of 10 federal informations that were filed two weeks ago in connection with a fraud and kickback scheme at the Mountain Laurel mining complex at Sharples.   It is not known if the two investigations are connected.

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  • Kupkake

    The Bigger issue is----
    WHEN WILL THE CORRUPTION BE STOPPED. Not just for the counties but for the Country as a Whole......

  • FungoJoseph

    The 3 elected officials are ALL registered democrats. The County official is a democrat activist. Maybe the State can re-name the regional jail in Logan, the Democrat Party HQ.

  • Fred

    15 comments, and nobody has asked, "who are the four individuals."

    But, we've had the usual "I bet they are democrats," and other assorted nonsense.

    Get to the point, Hoppy. Names.

    Jesus. It's like 3rd grade in here.

    • DWL

      Really doesn't matter who they are. We all know they are liberal, socialist, leftist, (d), democratic thieves and liars. Is there any other type?

    • Aaron

      My first thought was to type the question "Who are the 4 individuals" and then ask that was satisfactory but my knee jerk response was overridden by common sense as I understand the letters were sent to individuals who are potentially suspects in federal crimes, are part of an ongoing investigation and as such, the names will not be released until federal investigators release them.

      I'm sure that if Metro News could have gotten the names they would have but as seasoned reporters, they know that one of the exemptions to a FIOA request is "ongoing investigatin."

      I wonder how many 3rd graders know that?

      • Fred

        Uh. FOIA? Who said anything about foia? Did u even read the article, Aaron? It said they got the info from "multiple reliable sources." If "multiple reliable sources" know the letters exist, those same "multiple reliable sources" probably know who they went to.

        Pay attention Aaron.

        • Aaron

          It's one thing to say politicians are receiving target letters from a federal prosecutor as he will likely let that slip. It's quite another to release the names as that might upset him and make you guilty of a crime yourself resulting in you being investigated.

          Even a 3rd graders knows you don't tattle.

          As Gary says, Yessh.

          • Aaron

            What would metro news have to gain from printing the names versus what would they stand to lose. I realize that to compare the two takes some common sense and thus far, you've displayed none but come on Fred, even you should be able to figure that out.

            Wait, never mind. The fact that you originally posted requesting the names corrects that thought.

          • Fred

            Hmmm. According to Aaron, a federal prosecutor is "multiple reliable sources?"

            There's this book, Aaron. It's called a dictionary. Use it to look up the word "multiple." Even a third grader could handle that. Give it a try.

      • The bookman

        Idk, but I do know that at least one third grader just learned the hard way. Poor Fred!

  • tom m.

    come down to mcdowell county and clean it up also, starting at the county comission.

  • ViennaGuy

    Keep at it. Let's flush the corruption out as much as humanly possible. Corruption in government should never be tolerated, regardless of government level or government location.

  • Aaron

    I believe Logan is the heart of corruption in the southern coalfields thus it's hard to tell what Mr. Goodwin will turn up if he's willing to dig deep.

  • northforkfisher

    It's sad to see the extent they're going to damage the coal industry. I know there is bad seed in the management, but keep digging and the whole industry will fall to pieces. With this current administration, they'll used any means possible to destroy something they don't like.

    • Big Deal


      • The bookman

        I would agree, Big Deal, that this isn't the War on Coal in action. It is a continuation of Goodwin's effort to expunge political corruption from his district. I support his efforts, regardless of who is touched. Go get em Booth!

        • cutty77

          Booth wants to be Governor.

          • The bookman

            Has since I first met him in 1990. Is it a bad thing to set a goal and then work toward it? Politics aside, he is doing good work in Southern WV.

        • northforkfisher

          I know we need the purge, but you know as well as I do to much and most will pack up shop. If they do, what does that leave in the means of jobs and tax base.

          • Aaron

            I don't think the cleaning up the corruption in southern West Virginia is what is harming the coal industry. If anything, outside forces against the coal industry has diminished the power of the industry to the point that we now have federal investigators willing to butt heads with the industry, something that has been lacking since Sid Hatfield drew guns in downtown Matewan.

          • The bookman

            Arch Coal tipped off Goodwin regarding the pay to play scheme being perpetrated against its bottom line. The underground cash economy of Southern WV is the target, and the US Attorneys office and other federal and state agencies are methodically rooting it out. That will ultimately help the coal industry, not hurt it. Corruption here is fueling personal gain, not corporate gain.

  • DWL

    I'll bet every last one of them is a card carrying liberal, socialist, leftist, (d), democrat too. Need to expand it to the State house and mansion also.

    • Pat

      I bet you don't know the meaning of the word socialist.

      • DWL

        It's a good thing you had "copy & paste" 'cause you couldn't spell socialist, your that stupid.

        • proudlyconservative

          It's "you're," genius.

          • fence sitter

            Lolol. Burn!!!!

    • proudlyconservative

      *yawn* Get a life, troll. And while you're doing that, put your name on the ballot.

  • MT

    Go get EM!!

    WV has for to long been surpressed buy dishonest officials.

    • cutty77

      Your so right. Thats why were last in almost everything.Its still going on up at The State House to.