CHARLESTON, W.Va. —  U.S. Senator Joe Manchin relived his six years as governor in a ceremony at the state capitol Friday. The Division of Culture and History unveiled the archives of the 34th governor of the State of West Virginia.

“It’s just a flood of memories! It was a job of joy. Now I know why I was so eager to work everyday,” said Manchin.

There were thousands of documents to sort through and organize and more than 420,000 photographic images to catalog. What’s special about the collection is it’s all going online.

“This is going to help me as much as it is people who want to find out what we did do and in what time period,” explained the senator.

Director of Archives and History Joe Geiger went through the website with Manchin showing him how everything was organized. There will also be hard copies of many of the documents and photos kept in the state achieves.

Manchin reminisced about his time in office while watching a slide presentation of some of the highlights of his administration. From his first inauguration in 2004 to his last day on the job in 2010, just about every major event was caught on film.

There were images of Manchin taking the oath of office, the governor signing bills into law and him comforting the families during the Sago Mine disaster.

“You look at some of the challenges we had but boy we had a lot of ups too. Really it was just the people,” said Manchin who could name just about everyone in the photos that popped up on the screen.

Manchin said the archives are his legacy to the state.

“You always want to leave a little history and I think that was this does for people to look and take it to the next level. So everybody that comes after, the next generation and the generation after that should always want to rise to a different level.”

Manchin’s archives aren’t up on the website just yet. That will happen in the next few weeks. You can access it by logging on to the Division of Culture and History’s website at

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  • thornotn

    When comments are closed or erased, it reflects poorly on all involved, or on all employees...and, it implies that a WonderLead has become de riguer on the jobsite.

  • Hop'sHip

    Senators Manchin and Rockefeller should insist that articles here about them be closed to comments. I think you can do that, at least I think others have.

    • Wowbagger


      You are the last person I would expect to want to muzzle people.

      Joe and his buddy Earl Ray are the culmination of 80 years of virtual, stupid one party rule and should be recognized for their contribution to our current problems.

      • Hop'sHip

        Bagger: I should have realized that there would be concrete people like you that would miss the tongue-in-cheek aspect of my comment. I am not for muzzling anyone. I thought it would be apparent it should be interpreted as it was intended - as a jibe at someone who thought it was fine to accuse someone of being corrupt and then using their unique position here to block any opposing points of view. Someone who could have been a Senator.

    • Randy

      They can insist all they want, but that is a total violation of the first amendment. If metro news chooses to go along with that, it's their network.I doubt it's been done before, but if it has, it shouldn't have been.

      • Hop'sHip

        Not a violation of the 1rst Amendment because they are not the government, they are the anti-government. But otherwise I agree it violates the spirit of the 1rst Amendment. And it has happened. What we don't know is who commanded that it do so. That is what is great about being in the private sector. You don't have to deal with those sunshine laws. (Note to Bagger: This is more sarcasm)

  • fmrstate employee

    Also he was the worst thing that ever happened to a public employee

    • The truth

      I agree, you can lay at his feet the crisis many state agencies face do to his policies of starving out the regular state employee. You have agencies that are on the verge of collapse due to no reward for dedicated staff or a chance for a raise. You do not have to look no farther then the mental hospitals. Judge Bloom is getting ready to court order fixes. Tomlin is just as bad. Manchin made sure his inner circle cronies were well paid and rewarded.

  • fmrstate employee

    Joes only problem is the people in Washington
    just don't know who he is,they just don't get it,how very important he is.Sure he's coming back he
    likes being a big fish in a smaller pond.He likes to get in front of the camera and "find common ground" "have everyone sit at the table" "form a task force" "commission a study" then do whatever he wants. when has anyone ever heard of the results of these B.S.studies

  • Richard

    We the people of West Virginia are looking forward to the day without jumping joe holding any office.

  • thornton

    The fruition of the Past trumps the frustration of the Present.

  • Randy

    Manchin looks back. When I saw the headline I thought it was a defensive move from when uncle A. James was still alive.

  • Bill

    Thanks Joe for all you do and have done!

  • Justin

    Joe is one of the biggest mistakes we have ever made. I hope he never gets another job in West Virginia since he has helped destroy it.

  • Leonid

    What a freaking joke. Manchin was there to serve himself as governor and to have that famous "stepping stone" from Secretary of State to Governor to US Senator. He served himself real well. If that's what makes a good politician, well, WV sure had the best.

  • cutty77

    Joe is coming back to run for his Old Job. As soon as he can,mark it down. Joe Hates Washington.

    • susanf1218

      Oh Dear God, please NO!! He has done enough damage to this state and especially to the public employees. I hope that he finds himself unwelcome, should he run for governor again. But, sadly, West Virginians tend to have short memories, esp. w/politicians who have a D as their political affiliation.

  • mikeyd

    who wants to relive the manchin era, I dont he was a joke he done nothing for the working people but cause them heartache when he gave brickstreet millons and millions of wv taxpayers money to screw the working people when they got hurt and some do get hurt. joe is for family and friends only, any way to make them a buck is all he is for. everyone knows he is two faced as can be He said he was against double dippin but not when it comes to his family it is ok for them remember the free master degree . I will remember it on election day, when i help vote his sorry butt out of office say it aint so joe , cause we all know the true JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good Old MoJo

    Six years of ripping off working WV people. From taking money from big corporations, buying his daughter degree at WVU, appointing all his friends in high level positions, giving his wife a job and selling out the teachers pensions. Lots of good memories for who?