CHEAT LAKE, W.Va. — West Virginia state police said a potential bank robber took a less-than-subtle approach Friday morning when he used a backhoe to rip out a drive-thru ATM.

Troopers responded to a burglar alarm at the Huntington Bank on Cheat Road just after 6:30 a.m. and found the ATM ripped out of the bank and the backhoe nearby.

Troopers believe the suspect went to an adjacent parking lot where the owner stores heavy machinery and found the backhoe with the keys inside. The suspect drove the backhoe over to the bank and used the boom to rip the ATM from the bank’s wall.

All of the suspect’s efforts were for naught. No money was taken from the ATM.

State police are still searching for the suspect.

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  • DWL

    Suspect(s) - unemployed union laborers who voted for the m0r0n and now are unable to find work due to the failed economic plan of the liberals. That narrows it down to several million freeloaders.

    • Uncle Unctuous

      I admire your tireless dedication to tiresomeness.

  • Pickle Barrel

    Looks like the perp "cased" the place.

  • Mr.P

    The guy that robbed the United Bank in Star City more than once,does have talent he also knows how to operate a backhoe too,lol.

  • Gary Karstoned

    Mean ole' backhoe! Obama and Natalie Tennant have a plan to prevent these kind of things. Clutchless semi auto backhoes and bulldozers for the masses and what do we get? Yeesh!!!! I have to go change my Depends. I just saw a front end loader and it scared my brains out.

  • william

    Damn backhoe always are causing problems.
    I've never seen a hoe not cause problems, JUST ASK MY WIFE!

  • Boom?

    The article says he used the boom to rip open the ATM. He should have used the bucket.

  • thornton

    Perhaps the backhoe operator was a victim of the flawed and failed Obama Stimulus boondoggle....he simply was wanting to showcase his skills.

  • Voter

    Not all banks were involved in th e 2008 housing bubble. It was mostly due to government loan programs (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac) giving loans to folks that simply could not afford to payback and then sold to investors such as the larger banks. Thanks to all of the regulations now, just try to get a home equity loan now.

  • don't blame

    People please....backhoes don't steal....people steal. Leave the backhoe out of this.

  • ViennaGuy

    While I don't condone bank robbery, I do have to give the would-be thieves props for original thinking.

  • Good Job

    Anyone that rips off a bank I salute them. Theses banks screwed everyone over in 2008. Anyone arrest the retard you left the keys in the backhoe.

  • Face Palm

    Yes, because so many children are slaughtered at school by madmen with backhoes, and so many others are killed and maimed when they play with their parents' backhoes that haven't been properly secured.

  • Matt

    Well I, for one, have never liked backhoes. ...and then you give 'em guns!?!?

  • 2XLPatriot

    Too many backhoes in the hands of too many citizens. These things are dangerous and should not be so easily accessed by the average person. Ban all backhoes. Only contractors should own backhoes.

    See? It sounds just as stupid when people start the same crap about guns.

    • Satchmo

      Just put up a "Back-ho Free Zone" sign. Problem solved.

    • Jeremy

      Good one, +1