PRINCETON, W.Va. — A State Police trooper shot and killed a man late Thursday night who had just minutes earlier allegedly been in his driveway tampering with his personal vehicle and cruiser.

State Police detailed the Thursday night shooting in the Kegley area of Mercer County in a Friday morning news release.

Senior Trooper B.D. Gillespie, who is stationed at the Welch detachment, was sleeping when his wife began screaming that three men were in their driveway around their vehicles. Gillespie put on his uniform, got in his cruiser and began looking for them.

The new release said the trooper found the men about a quarter-mile from his house and began questioning the group. A short time later one of the men, identified as Timothy Hill, became “belligerent and refused to comply with lawful commands made in the interest of safety which included placing his hands behind his back for officer safety.”

The two other men then took off as Trooper Gillespie tried to arrest Hill on an obstruction charge. The news release said Hill’s combativeness increased and he began fighting with the trooper.

Gillespie sprayed Hill with pepper spray during the fight and hit him with a closed baton. Both of the men fell to the ground and Hill got on top of Trooper Gillespie. State Police said a neighbor witnessed the fight and came to help the trooper and all three men rolled into a deep ditch.

The news release said Hill tried to disarm Trooper Gillespie and then Gillespie got control of the gun and shot Hill twice. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

An investigation into the deadly shooting is underway.

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  • Ricky

    I don't understand how you can Initiate a conflict with unarmed people 1/4 of a mile away from your home and still have the right to be judge, juror, and executioner. All other citizens would have been instructed to call the police who would have shown in THEIR PATROL CARS WITH DASHBOARD CAMERAS which would have shown WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Did Gillespie even call in to report this before he went Dirty Harry on the boys? But don't try to question the trooper, because we all know there's no such thing as a crooked cop with a grudge.

    • Jonus Grumby

      Read the article again. You might understand it better.

      • Judge Jimmy

        Dear Jonas:

        Do you mean the article with limited information that was no doubt the WVSP version of the events? We all know that the WVSP never lie or abuse their authority don't we? Well except for the "Trooper of the Year" in Mingo County.

  • me

    I long for the days to return when criminals and troublemakers no longer have more rights and advantages of us law abiding employed taxpayers. When a police officer stops one for questioning, you obey. Period ! When one resists and tries to disarm police officer, he then is free game and police officer is defending himself. Let someone come to my home, invade and help themselves to my property, they better be able to run 2200 feet per second, cause that is the speed of the bullet that will be chasing them.

    • RR


  • David

    18 year old Timmy was a good kid and even though he has had a few encounters with police in the past he has always cooperated. Trooper B.D. Gillespie has had a personal grudge against Timmy for years and had told him that he was gonna get him when he turned 18. and what a coincidence he kept his word, Tim turned 18 three weeks ago and had been standing in his usual nightly spot since his add medicine made it hard to sleep. No witnesses saw what Tim did to provoke the officer to pepper spray and beat him, nor did anyone besides the officer see Tim attempt to disarm the officer who has been described by neighbors as a Bully with a badge other than the officer. Stop demonizing someone that had been harassed for years by this officer and stop praising the heroic actions of a psycho hiding behind a badge. Tim was one of my friends, I couldn't get him upset if I tried, he was respectful of everyone and very slow to anger. I think this officer is lying to justify his murder, this isn't the first time he is being investigated for suspicious "self defense" but I hope it is the last time. If the investigation puts a lie to anything he said then I'll be encouraging Tim's parents to seek civil and criminal charges against this arrogant scum hiding behind a badge he shouldn't be allowed to carry.

    Killed a boy for daring to take a walk late at night. He makes me sick

    • Hillbilly

      Poor little Timmy got just what he deserved .

    • Jonus Grumby

      If you were any kind of a friend you would have kept him off of other people's property in the middle of the night. It probably would have saved his life.

      • me

        oh Im sure those kids were not up to anything bad.. SMH

    • BR

      You DO realize, of course, that the entire (and tiresome....."oh he really is a good kid, blah, blah, blah) story gets OLD.
      I bet there are MILLIONS of 18 year-olds in this country that have never been arrested or had"encounters with police" - whatever that means - ONCE!!
      Those that stay out of trouble, Davie, are good kids.

      Not druggie young adults messing around with private property, that then want to fight with law enforcement.
      Got what he deserved.
      Truth hurts.

    • Eastern Panhandle

      Great job Senior Trooper! Another menace and drain on society removed from the roster. My condolences to his family. But what else can you say. If you can't sleep due to medicine and illness, you certainly don't gang up with two idiot friends and mess around in a troopers driveway and with his vehicles.

    • Sad for all

      Your story is full of BS. Why were they in the troopers driveway? Sorry for the mans death, but he obviously asked for it. Where is his coward friends that ran?

      • Bob

        I didn't realize that I can use deadly force on a person for being in my driveway.

        • Hillbilly

          Sure can , come in my driveway and see what happens .

        • me

          read. deadly force when he tried to disarm him. please read all anf not just what you want

        • Jonus Grumby

          Try reading the article. He tried to disarm the trooper. He got what he deserved.

          • Bob

            Sounds to me like your bias is overriding common sense, either your a trooper or an X. Who says the kid was trying to disarm the trooper, maybe the kid was putting a ass whipping on him, I hope the real a truthful story comes out for both the kids family and the trooper. I also agree the troop has the right to defend himself, but so did the kid!!

      • Fairy Tales

        How do you know they were in the troopers driveway?...Oh yea the TROOPER or his WIFE said they were ... Hey I have a great deal on a bridge I'd like to sell you

        • Jonus Grumby

          And how many times have YOU been arrested?

    • sam

      Taking a walk, yeah it goes....

  • Justin

    Excellent job Trooper. Men and women like you are who keep us law biding citizens safe.

    • bs

      Keep you safe? You live in a fairy land pal. As always it is a one sided official story about how a brave cop had no other choice but to shoot and kill. Isn't it funny how the story is always the same? And people like you just buy that story hook line and sinker. What isn't told is what cops may have done to provoke a reaction like maybe that kid feared for his life because of verbal or physical threats he made? I have known enough cops in my life to know that if many weren't cops they would be in prison. If I ever have trouble, they are the last people I would call.

      • Jonus Grumby

        One less derelict on the streets to annoy law abiding citizens. Happy ending in my book.

  • sam

    going, going gone! another drug addict, welfare rat who will be remembered as a flag waving, god fearing, good citizen, outstanding father, outstanding husband, outstanding son and a wheelbarrow full of lies. Should have been home with his family and not out looking for trouble. Good job Trooper!

  • Josh

    Sounds like Darwinism!!!

  • DWL

    Sounds like the other two were a tad more smarter than the one in the ditch.

  • Roger

    Its a good thing that the other two ran off, because if all of them had resisted and attacked the trooper, he very possibly could have been killed. If you do a stupid trick like trying to disarm any law enforcement officer, you're just asking to end up in the morgue as this individual did. Too bad this had to end this way, but if the three had cooperated with the trooper, chances are that they might have walked away after answering his questions. The trooper was armed as he should have been and thats why he's armed, for self defense and the defense of others. Thanks to this neighbor who came to the aid of this trooper.

  • mikeyd

    he was not on duty he should be charged he should have called the cops like everyone else does he went after them in anger

    • Jonus Grumby

      Did you expect the trooper to invite them in for tea and crumpets while he called 911? Wise up.

    • Justin

      Your an idiot he is a law enforcement officer. He'll the should give him a medal for doing his job nod serving this great state.

      • Fairy Tales

        And that makes him a god? Who do you think you are? My guess is you are a cop. Just because you violate people's civil rights all day long doesn't mean you can silence people on this forum pal. They should arrest that s o b make him post bail and stand trial like anyone else in that situation. The only witness to this entire episode other than the neighbor witnessing the fight, is the cop and his wife...and everyone knows how much cops lie..

      • bs

        In his mind he isn't law enforcement officer - he thinks he is a god! And you are a two IQ point imbecil. My guess is you are civil rights violating jack a$$ cop. They need to arrest that sob and throw him in a cell until he makes bail and taken to trial like any other two bit hack thug.

        Why don't you make something of yourself instead of being a criminal in cop costume. Creep

    • Randy

      That comment is about as clueless as it gets. Of course I haven't seen if Gary Karstens has posted yet.

    • Pattycake

      If you read the story closely it says the 3 men had been in his driveway tampering with his personal vehicle and cruiser. So if they were tampering with State property then that alone is illegal and he was doing his job.

      Would make me wonder what they were doing to the cruiser. Sabotage??

      • Fairy Tales

        If you read the story closely, the cop and his wife say they were in his driveway tampering with the vehicles ... How about this - or the cop was out riding around saw people he didn't like and wanted to harass / violate their civil rights, got into an altercation with a rebellious teenager and walla. A quick call to the wife and the alibi is complete. Only a quick internal rubber stamp review by his police buddies and its a done deal

    • Roger

      A state trooper is on call 24 hours a day is the immediate need arises.

      • mikeyd

        just wait and watch the lawyers go after that

      • Roger

        Sorry for the typo...should read if the need arises...

  • Justsayin

    Trooper Gillespie owes his life to the neighbor who came out to help. Without him, it's very like the Trooper would have been the one who got shot.

  • Super Cop

    Seems as if these cops should be able to defend themselves. They always have to shot someone. That is ok. What was the idiot neighbor doing getting involved. Nothing like spraying him. Then beating him. Finally shooting him. What a tough guy.

    • Justin

      I got news for ya there is a thing called self defense people like you are the problem with this country.

      • bs

        Exactly - that is precisely what that teenage may have been doing - defending himself from a out of control self appointed god-cop. This whole story stinks .... a one sided account from the cop and his wife. Sad thing is this will probably be swept under the carpet by the police state judge /jury/executioner all in one system.

        That is one REAL problem of this country

      • Wow

        Justo-cop who do you think you are? I know as a two bit jack booted thug criminal cop you violate peoples civil rights all day but in this forum you are not the god and cannot shut people up while hiding behind your badge. Because you barely got out of high school and slept through a couple weeks of training at the Dunbar a$$ hole factory only barely elevates you above vermin on the intelligence scale.

        Why don't you grow a couple .... and one of them hopefully a brain and you won't be dismantled so often.

    • Randy

      Stupider than mikeyd. You are very ignorant. The news account of the story looks like the trooper did the right thing and was justified in shooting the man. Every time I see a comment like yours, I wonder if you are just a total dumbass or a guy who hates cops cause your a criminal. Very glad the trooper is safe and I hope the other two get caught and face serious charges. The criminal acts of all three led to the one guys death.

      • bs

        Every time I see a comment like yours I realize that ignorance is probably more than just inbred. You believe everything you read in the newspaper don't you? And tell us where did you get your education?

        • Jonus Grumby

          So, how many times HAVE you been arrested?

      • mikeyd

        not stupid, just telling the truth he went after them in anger, wrong thing to do no i dont hate cops just have a open mind things are not always as they seem , wait till the lfamily hires people to do their own investigation , can you say lawsuit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • scarlet

          I don't care if he did go after them in anger; had he dispatched out they woukd not have found them and they might have been breaking in your car/home. When people are out that late and brazen enough to break into a cruiser or home where a trooper resides then they are up to no good. I just wished the other two had not got away. Evidently you have not been vandalized. I have! Great work Trooper !!!

    • DWL

      Shame it wasn't you opposing the Trooper! Then we'd be laughing at your rear laying in the ditch.

    • hailey

      Super Idiot alert

      • bs

        Starting on the crack pipe this early in the day I see

  • 2XLPatriot

    Yeah, that's a good idea....First of all, fighting with a Trooper and then grabbing his gun? How did that work out for ya?....Not too good!

  • mook

    GOOD going! No pratice required @ paper targets! Saved us tax payers money. They were up to no good to start with.

  • Rob

    Prayers and thoughts with you Trooper Gillespie.

  • john

    Good going, Trooper! Too bad you didn't need to dispatch all three of them.

    • North Central WV Lady

      Good Job, Trooper Gillespie. Thank you for your service !