PRINCETON, W.Va. — A State Police trooper shot and killed a man late Thursday night who had just minutes earlier allegedly been in his driveway tampering with his personal vehicle and cruiser.

State Police detailed the Thursday night shooting in the Kegley area of Mercer County in a Friday morning news release.

Senior Trooper B.D. Gillespie, who is stationed at the Welch detachment, was sleeping when his wife began screaming that three men were in their driveway around their vehicles. Gillespie put on his uniform, got in his cruiser and began looking for them.

The new release said the trooper found the men about a quarter-mile from his house and began questioning the group. A short time later one of the men, identified as Timothy Hill, became “belligerent and refused to comply with lawful commands made in the interest of safety which included placing his hands behind his back for officer safety.”

The two other men then took off as Trooper Gillespie tried to arrest Hill on an obstruction charge. The news release said Hill’s combativeness increased and he began fighting with the trooper.

Gillespie sprayed Hill with pepper spray during the fight and hit him with a closed baton. Both of the men fell to the ground and Hill got on top of Trooper Gillespie. State Police said a neighbor witnessed the fight and came to help the trooper and all three men rolled into a deep ditch.

The news release said Hill tried to disarm Trooper Gillespie and then Gillespie got control of the gun and shot Hill twice. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

An investigation into the deadly shooting is underway.

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  • Stay open minded

    Say kids were in your driveway, they left and you got in your car and found them, ended up killing one of them. You would go to jail for murder and everyone would be against you. Just because he is a cop how is it okay to end an 18 year old's life, weather or not he was fighting. Cops are trained to handle situations without them resulting in a shooting. Is anyone going to pay attention that they cop had been arresting the same kid for bogus charges months prior?
    It's ridiculous that just because he was a cop it is okay to kill someone.
    You have to love our justice system as well as our society.

  • Hope

    I'm sick of this justice for Timmy. Officer Gillespie, i thank God you are still alive. I've never met a bad officer. You did what you had to do. :-)

  • Vet

    The "man" he killed was 18 years old and just out of high school. You hear all sorts of things after a tragedy like this, like previous bad blood between them. I heard the "man" was shot in the back of the head but I find that hard to believe. But if he was, I think the "investigation" will still call it a righteous shooting.


    Job well done, by the Trooper and the neighbor that came to his assistance . GREAT DAMM JOB GUYS, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK , TO ALL LAWMEN

    • kayla

      how dare you! he didn't do anything but yet you agree to an 18 year old being shot, you are awful

    • Big Tim means Fat Tim

      Timbo, I see you found the caps button on your instrument. Good job for that! Now see if you can pull your head out of what you are sitting on an form an opinion for yourself.

  • Hillbilly

    Man , these comments really separate the Liberal Democrats from the Conservitive Republicans . No wonder this country can't function . LOL

    • Big Tim means Fat Tim

      No, these comments suggest that you are offering bulk ammunition for sale online. Which could be construed as an act of terrorism. You, HillBilly just broke the law that you are so passionate to uphold as long as it requires nothing but sitting on your butt, which is likely made larger by copious amounts of food stamps and discounted little Debbie cakes. So as your butt gets bigger and your brain gets smaller, maybe you should consider a personnel journal instead of posting online.

  • Hillbilly

    Officer Gillespie , if you need your ammo supply refreshed , please contact me and I will buy you all you want .

  • really?

    For all you guys that support the cop. Calm down the welfare is not watching! You will still receive your food stamps if you disagree! Have fun on your I phones. And please turn on auto correct.

    • RR

      Just comply with lawful orders.

  • concerned citizen

    Yes you could say the good guy won. Say that when it is your child.

  • concerned citizen

    At what point did his wife call 911?

    • Hillbilly

      He was 911 !

      • bad boy bad boy whatcha gonna do

        HillBilly, go watch another episode of Cops,Judge Judy,Walker Texas Ranger or whatever else it takes to distract you from the fact that the only difference you make in peoples lives is for amusement purposes.

      • Randy

        It couldn't be put plainer to these anti cop dolts(and this has nothing to do with bad cops which are out there). Officer Gillespie IS 911! When you go into cardiac arrest because of your heroin addiction and you live thirty miles out in the mountains, don't call the EMT who is your neighbor. Call 911! Maybe their 45 minutes on windy roads will give you time to reflect on life choices.

        • really Randy?

          Randy he is not 911. He should have called for back up because there were 3 of them. And if the article is accurate, 1 of them got the best of him and was able to overpower him and Gillespie needed assistance from a neighbor. If as you say, " he is 911" I hope you feel comfortable and safe. But since food stamps have little cash value, you should be.

  • weak cops

    Wow! Cops should not be very proud today. They should feel ashamed at their weakness. "Fraction of a second to make a decision" is the same our troops get but they have been charged with murder for less.

    • Kitty Litter

      The good guy won. Next.

  • physically fit

    What was the troopers height and weight in comparison to the teenager he shot? If he was blinded by mace,beaten with a club and laying in a culvert filled with water wouldn't it stand to reason that he was grabbing at anything to pull himself from the water?

    • Hillbilly

      The punk got what he deserved . One less person on the taxpayer gravy train . LOL

    • Kitty Litter

      Where does it say the ditch was full of water? Yeah, I know we've gotten rain lately, but not all culverts/ditches retain water.

      • Watch the news

        It was in the report and shown on the news broadcast that covered it.

  • rules of engagement

    It will be once the investigation is complete. To be honest I no longer have a lot of respect for the state troopers if they need the help of a citizen after a teenager has been pepper sprayed and beaten. Any state Troopers reading this, you guys are weak. Try getting out of your car on occasion and doing some physical training beyond writing tickets.

    • Mike

      You my fried are a total idiot. I doubt anyone has any respect for a sorry piece of trash like you. I bet your police record is as long as you are stupid. Try having a job yourdelf. I would bet you live in a government paid house,get a free cell phone and let everyone else pay your bills. Your nothing but trash. Hope one day you try and kick a troopers butt. They will destroy scum like you. A little coward.

      • Mike sucks

        Mike, if you are an overweight cop and this is your cry for attention, just join a gym. Because apparently if you go for a walk after dark, you are on drugs and will be murdered by other out of shape cops with prostitue/ addict wives.

  • me

    Justice served

  • observer

    It seems the kids were not in a big hurry if the trooper had time to awaken, get dressed in his class a uniform and then catch them 1/4 of a mile away. Everyone seems to assume that since it was that late Timothy must have been on drugs, applying that logic the troopers wife must have been on drugs and or selling herself to be hanging out in her driveway at that time. The trooper would then have to be briefed by his addict/prostitute wife on who "tampered" with the vehicles, get dressed and then pursue the individuals. Once he regained control of his firearm, the threat should have been over and deadly force would not have to be used.

    • Kitty Litter

      Most who of those I know who have an axe to grind with law enforcement have arrest records.

      • observer

        you said most but not all. it sounds like you need to make better friends.

  • WestByGod

    It appears that this fella got what was coming to him. I don't recall ever getting into a scurmish w an officer.......EVER.