CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia American Water Company officials said water tests at their Kanawha Valley treatment plant revealed no presence of MCHM after Friday’s overflow at Freedom Industries.

The testing came after a deluge of rain caused Freedom to suffer another spill of stormwater runoff into the Elk River.

Six samples of raw water were taken from the river and tested at the water company’s lab between 5:45 p.m. and 10 p.m. All results were negative.

“Two back-to-back storm water overflows at the Freedom Industries site are completely unacceptable, and although water quality was not impacted, such events only serve to erode customer confidence in the water supply,” said Jeff McIntyre, president of West Virginia American Water.

“On behalf of our customers, we urge those managing this site to improve their containment system and take additional steps to prevent such incidents.”

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  • saltwatertaffee

    You've got to be kidding me. It'd be safer to consume a gallon of buzzard puke at this point. You'd think they'd at least make an 'effort' to contain runoff after all the negative publicity they've endured. A 'don't care' mentality. They've already been granted permission, and probably received the proceeds, by the bankruptcy judge to obtain the multi-million dollar loan.

  • Susan W. Linden

    We have no confidence in WVAW because they delayed telling us what had happened. We have no confidence because they lied to people about where they got the water in the tankers that they implied came from safe, out of area sources. When on fact it was discovered that they got the water from their own contaminated water system.

    Why would any of us ever trust them again?

    Neither myself, my husband or my chinchilla have consumed any of the WVAW sourced water since they FINALLY told us two days later that our water was contaminated. We buy Deer Park bottled water for us. Yet we have to pay for water we are not using because they charge everyone a minimum fee. That is the same as robbery.

    • jss

      Why trust the DEP? They fell down on the job again. Do they not have inspectors?