FAIRMONT, W.Va. –– A very large version of the “Stars and Stripes” is now flying over Interstate 79 in Marion County.

To mark Flag Day on Saturday, the Marion County Patriot Memorial Flag — an American flag which is 30 feet by 50 feet — was raised on a 125-foot tall flagpole over the future Korean War Memorial at East Marion Park in Fairmont and officially dedicated.

The flagpole is nearly 38 meters to pay tribute to Korean War veterans since the no-combat zone between North Korea and South Korea is along the 38th parallel.  Because of that height, clearance for the installation of the flagpole had to be obtained from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The flagpole was manufactured at U.S. Flag and Flagpole Supply in Wimberly, Tx. and was delivered to Marion County in several sections in May. A crew from City Crane and Equipment of Morgantown erected it on a concrete base that is eight feet long, eight feet wide and 16 feet deep. The flag base is anchored to a former mineshaft located 50 feet underground.

The Marion County Patriot Memorial Flag is easily visible near the Downtown Fairmont exit of I-79 during the day and at night when its illuminated with LED lights.

The flag project, which was first started in 2011, was funded through donations to the Your Community Foundation and donations are still be accepted for the maintenance of the flag and the site.

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  • Kelly F.

    It's a stunning sight, truly beautiful!

  • Jim - Morgantown

    A beautiful attraction for all travelers on I 79. It is very impressive.

  • northforkfisher

    I'm proud to see that the flag is still flying high. To many people today forget to easily about the sacrifices the military made to keep them free.

  • Patriot East

    Congrats Marion County from the Eastern Panhandle. Keep the donations coming so you will be able to replace the flag for generations to come. Go Marion County.

  • Love the Flag

    Great job Marion County!

  • Ken Hackworth

    Thank you to the patriotic citizens of Marion County & the surrounding area! Long may she wave!