CHARLESTON, W.Va. — You may have noticed the change in recent months where the Kanawha Valley Community and Technical College and Bridgemont Community and Technical College have joined forces and are now Bridgevalley CTC. State CTC Chancellor Jim Skidmore updated state lawmakers Monday on the recent merger that operates the campuses in South Charleston and Montgomery under one umbrella.

“They now have education offerings, 65 certificates and associate degrees under one institution,” Skidmore said. “They cover health, engineering, technology, applied technology, business and so forth.”

Skidmore said the accrediting body, the Higher Learning Commission, has given its initial okay. He said the HLC will do an on-site visit in October. He said there’s also another significant step that will come soon.

“July 1 they are going to combine their finances and that’s the last thing that needs to be consolidated. Everything else is under one name now,” Skidmore said.

Skidmore said it looks like the merger will save at least $350,000 in its first year.

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  • sammy

    Jo Harris is so proud she saved the state $350,000, but has she done the math to see what the name change actually cost the state? Probably not. We only hear the "rosy" side of the story! I would like to see the final cost in terms of the brand name it exceeds the $350K cost savings!

  • geo

    Really? This is the same scenario that was used when West Virginia Institute of Technology was merged with WVU. Let's save the state a lot of money! Now what do you have? An institution that has been strangled and starved to death by WVU and is no longer worthy of attending. But by God, we saved the state money. NOT. TECH is now dependent upon the state for its survival. I would like to meet the geniuses behind these decisions!

    • Mr. Bayless

      Brooks McCabe told me to!

    • William the Great

      The geniuses are easily located. Just take a trip to the State Capitol in Charleston, West Virginia.

      There, you will find the geniuses, the elected officials, who were presiding and continue to preside in the House and Senate Chambers, both located on the second floor of the State Capitol--unless they have been relocated to Dow to save money.

  • sammy

    A savings of $350,000. Now, tell me how much it cost to rebrand both institutions. Signage, letterhead, business cards, forms, directional signs on the interstate, etc. I am sure that cost exceeds $350,000. Good decision? You tell me.

    • Vanessa

      Think that the V is capitalized in BridgeValley? At least, that's what the signage indicates.

    • William the Great

      And how much had the State Legislature dumped into the establishment of Dow to accommodate this merger before the proclaimed $350,000 savings? And how much will the State Legislature continue to dump into the establishment of Dow to accommodate this merger after the proclaimed $350.000 savings?

  • Aaron

    With an average graduation rate of 10%, are either of them successful?