FAYETTEVILLE, W.Va. — A Fayette County teacher has been fined $200 plus court costs for smacking two students. Kathleen Wade avoided jail time after being convicted in May of two misdemeanor counts of battery.

Wade was a kindergarten teacher when she hit one student in the head and struck another student on his ears back in May 2013. The Fayette County Board of Education suspended her.

During trial testimony, Wade said — looking back — she understood she did not handle the separate situations properly.

Wade was fined $100 and court costs for each battery conviction during her sentencing hearing on Monday afternoon.

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  • arp

    Several of my era's teachers would have spent years in the penitentiary, had this been policy back then! Corporal punishment was more common than not, and we turned out just fine. In fact, most kids got another paddling at home if their parents heard about the teacher having to discipline them.

  • lee

    A teacher should never strike a child about the head , but their butt's should be fair game.

    • Jonus Grumby

      Best comment so far.

  • On her side

    Im in her corner....she didnt swing and hit these kids, she tapped them. The reason why this country is going down the tubes is because lack of parenting. Teachers are now left to educate (pooprly I may add) and RAISE the kids because their parent(s) wont do so.

    If she would have tapped my kid, I would have thanked her for putting her in line.

    • Really

      If you would thank someone for abusing your child, I truly hope you're not a parent. And if you are, you're not much of one.

    • Really

      How do you claim to know that she "didn't swing" at these kids? Were you there to witness the batteries? I'm speaking as a parent of a child she bruised in the ribs in 2012. She got away with this for years until these two incidents.

    • Hillbilly


  • Fred

    Just think how many students she abused over the years who were afraid to tell an adult.

  • Mike

    NEA,PPH,AARP All full of idiots and fools.

  • DWL

    She goes back to wok in August. The rewards of being a NEA union member and the judge being a liberal democrat also. Don't you feel safe when the liberals run the show?

    • You are Immature

      There is no vaccine for stupidity.

      • DWL

        You're very correct that there is no vaccine for your ignorance and "immaturity" as you are living(?) proof that you're stupid! You and your kind are proof the gene pool needs cleaned. I'll bet you even married your sister, the 'tard.

        • Mason County Contrarian

          I don't understand how Metro News can maintain any credibility when this type of remark is posted by their moderators.

          • Jason412


            I believe the Metronews moderation system is based on keywords, such as the standard obscenities and other things like URL's, and is only subject to moderation if one of those keyword's flags a post to be reviewed.

            I could be wrong on that, but that would be my guess as someone who has posted a lot of links that were moderated and never approved but after adding spaces to the links they would post immediately.

          • Mason County Contrarian

            Thank you, Jason.

    • N8qqd

      She has retired.

      • DWL

        With full benefits no doubt. They should be stripped from her and only the money she contributed be provided to her. She's not entitled to the retirement. She violated the terms of her employment. Rewarding BAD behavior!

        • bman

          You are an idiot. I endured many spankings with a paddle when I was in school and I learned discipline, respect and how to act like a man. I will end with one quote "spare the rod, spoil the child"

          Teachers deserve the right to do what poor parents like you are afraid to do. Wonder how your kids are making out in this world.

        • jds

          It is very evident you have not ever been around children for any length of time. If possible, may you have a large family.