GALLIPOLIS FERRY, W.Va. — A grieving Mason County mother went before members of the state legislature Monday pleading for a new law to prevent another tragedy. Brenda Nott lost her daughter Sarah back in March in an auto accident along Route 2 in Gallipolis Ferry.

Sarah was leaving the Par Mar convenience store on Route 2 but her mother said her view of the road was completely blocked by three trucks parked alongside the edge of the road.

Sarah lost her life due to large Frontier Communication trucks and a semi-truck parked left-ways,” she tearfully told the committee.

The 21-year-old inched her car out enough to see around the trucks, that’s when she spotted the tractor trailer barreling down Route 2 towards her. She tried to zip across the road in order to avoid being hit, but the truck crashed into the driver’s side door of the vehicle. The Marshall University honor student was killed.

Nott told the the Joint Committee on Infrastructure her daughter never had a chance because the drivers of the trucks parked alongside the road left no way for Sarah to see around the vehicles. She said there is a state law in place that prohibits vehicles from parking that close to the roadway but no one seems to know about it or enforce it.

There’s no signs, no warnings, no nothing to tell people not to do that!”

Sarah Nott was the only person cited in the accident.

My dead daughter was cited for failure to yield. She couldn’t see but she got the ticket!”

Brenda and her husband Randy started a petition drive to change the law and create new signage to clearly mark out where you can’t park.

We thought painting a line across the parking lots, marking that boarder and writing ‘No Parking’ to get their attention,” she explained.

The petition has 1,300 signatures. But Nott doesn’t believe it will be enough to prevent another tragedy like the one that claimed her daughter. She urged members of the committee to consider changing the current law.

That’s what one state trooper suggested, a new law to make it so specific, plain and simple and easy to understand,” said Nott.

She requested the committee consider passing legislation called Sarah’s Law to address the problem. Committee Chair Margaret Stagger, D-Fayette County, suggested Nott work with senators Mitch Carmichael and Mike Hall, who both represent Mason County, to come up with a document that could be taken up by the legislature at a later date.


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  • Judge Jimmy

    What if the Frontier trucks were involved in a repair at the time? They would have to be at the side of the rode to make a repair. I am very familiar with that stretch of highway and there would be nowhere else for the trucks to go. I am very sorry for this family's loss but the young lady could have moved her vehicle in a better position to see the highway and not decided to zip across the road. Her poor decision making and driving skills led to her death.

  • DWL

    Just another "feel good" un-needed law to clutter the books. Were the trucks legally parked and if so, the girl failed to yield so she is the one at fault. This is nothing more than an attempt to reassign blame for stupidity and their daughter's carelessness.

    • Bill

      You are 100% correct.

    • Abram

      I have always believed that God knows what is in a mans heart. He also provided us with speech so that humans could recognize idiots as well.

      • DWL

        Well Abe, did you think that up yourself? It's such a shame that you, an idiot, can be identified by your lack of linguistic skills and hillbilly identity. Keep trying. One of these days you might be able to wean yourself from mommy.

  • Shadow

    Unfortunately, laws do not help when common sense is not applied. WV doesn't have many places where trucks or RVs can get off the road for any reason.

  • Bio2012

    If there is in fact a law prohibiting trucks from parking that close, I'm confused as to why those drivers who parked there are not being charged? A good lawyer needs to be involved. Very sorry for your loss.

  • Randy

    First i am very sorry for the family's loss. I also think some people posting comments don't understand the details from the story. Something I have seen many times is at shopping plazas there is landscaping at the entrances. Often shrubs and hedges block the view of oncoming traffic making it very dangerous. You would think the powers that be(store managers, plaza owners, or who ever) would see the danger and see that's it's fixed, but it doesn't happen. Last September I told a Whitehall police officer about a very dangerous hole at the edge of the road between Muriale's and Wood's Boat House. Even though it was on Fairmont's side of the line, he radioed the state road and in an hour there was an orange road pylon over the ditch. It is now June 16. The hole is still there. The pylon spent half the winter in the hole buried in a snow berm. Sometimes you wonder why people try to have some laws passed. It doesn't seem necessary. Well if common sense would prevail, it wouldn't be necessary.

  • knows

    i fell very sorry for their loss but.....what about signs saying use common sense. go the other direction 1/2 mile up road or whatever is necessary and turn around. 5 or 10 mins late beats the hell out of getting killed

  • Voter

    It states that she saw the truck but zipped in front across the road? If she saw the truck, why not wait until it passed and then try to zip across? These semi trucks can not stop on a dime.

    • Jon

      Perhaps she was already too far out in the road and in the path of the oncoming truck.

      • Randy

        That's the part of the story that half the people who comment seem to miss. And as to people who are saying nasty things to the family, she didn't die committing a crime and then have the family crying foul. She died in a tragic accident. Her parents are trying to prevent others from the same fate and the're not trying to take away anyone's rights in the process.

  • Fred

    Did the trooper who suggested the new law explain why he wasn't enforcing the old law?

  • Sad

    The same thing happened in Petersburg a few years ago. The lady could not see around several trucks at a welding shop. The very next day the State Road had a crew putting up Do Not Park signs. They signed off enough of an area that people could see to pull out. Diane Parish lost her life, but many others have been saved by the signs. My sympathies to this family.

  • joeyjojo

    same thing happened to me. A gas co. truck was parked right up against the side of the road. No way to see around it. Thankfully it happened in town and the SUV was moving slowly enough that no one was hurt.

    Good luck to the Notts. They're going to need it. Every co. that operates large trucks will be lobbying against it. They don't care how many die, they just don't want to be held responsible for it.