CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Higher Education Policy Commission allowed Fairmont State University, Marshall University, West Liberty University and West Virginia University to boost in-state undergrad tuition by more than the 5 percent allowed without the commission’s approval.

Among the rate hikes requiring a vote were Fairmont State’s 6.6 percent increase, Marshall University’s 9.1 percent increase within the School of Pharmacy program, West Liberty’s 9.1 percent increase within the Nursing program and WVU’s 7.8 percent increase.

Among all four-year schools, the rates would increase by an average of 5.44 percent, or $320, raising the total per-semester cost to $6,211 for out-of-state students and $3,106 for in-state students.

While the vote was unanimous, there were concerns raised about the overall trend of increasing tuition.

“At some point, are we not going to price ourselves out of the market, even though we’re one of the lowest states in tuition and fees?” commissioner David Hendrickson asked. “I know we have to do it. I’m not criticizing any institution.”

Members of the commission met Monday with administrators from the four institutions, hearing that decreases in state and federal funding created a shortfall. The panel felt the arguments were compelling enough.

“I think at the end of the day, it’s not 100 percent on the schools to say they’re putting [tuition costs] on the backs of the students,” commissioner Kathy Eddy said. “I think it is probably more to say that the state of West Virginia is putting it on the backs of the students.”

Hendrickson said he worried about the availability of higher education.

“It just seems like the people who need the education the most and the ones who can’t afford it the most are the ones that pay the biggest price.”

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  • David


    You need to learn how WVU funds it's athletes ...

  • B

    A 5% increase for in-state tuition? In the meantime, the state allows the institution to spend 100's of millions of dollars on athletics!!! There are countless West Virginia students who can't afford to attend WVU or who will have enormous debt following graduation, yet there is plenty of money for the countless coaches and scholarships for student athletes on both the football and basketball teams. It seems that the university needs to get it's priorities straight. WVU has a lot to offer as a state school. Let's use some of that money to hire some quality professors and offer some real financial support to our in- state students. By the way, how many basketball coaches does it take to coach a basketball team. Sometimes I look over there and see more coaches than players!!

    • Cut Marshall's cash

      No need to fund a program that will never be able to have access to the highest level of college sports anymore.

    • Dog 4 WVU

      B, your comments may sound right but you are not. I agree with you to hire and pay for better and more quality professor's, this would be a GREAT thing. The money spent on the coaches and scholarships given to the athletes at WVU are paid for by the Mountaineer Athletic Club and boosters. All the scholorships are paid to the school. This is not common, AT ALL. This is because the state does not fund the university like everyone else and puts WVU at a disadvantage compared to its competitors.
      Get your facts correct before you climb the white horse.

  • TruthTeller

    Sure keep raising the prices but keep giving foreigners free rides!!! Thanks to OBOZO there are not any jobs for college grads to begin with.