BECKLEY, W.Va. — WorkForce West Virginia is teaming up with the United Mine Workers of America to host two informational meetings this week to help displaced miners find new jobs.

Back in 2012, WorkForce received $1.8 million from the U.S. Department of Labor to help retrain displaced miners and their family members. Earlier this year, they got an additional grant worth $5.6 million. That is enough to help retrain 700.

Amber Jackson, with WorkForce, said the meetings will connect miners with those who can help them.

“There will be partners there, state agencies, to provide information on services available to dislocated coal miners as well as the United Mine Workers that will be on site to answer any question in regards to the National Emergency Grant,” according to Jackson.

The first meeting is set for Tuesday at the Raleigh County Convention Center at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. The second is set for Wednesday at Chief Logan State Park at the same times.

Jackson said it’s important that miners and their families know they have options. The grant will pay out up to $5,000 to go back to school to get a diploma, certificate or license.

“We have had huge success with retraining dislocated coal miners and coal miners being able to attain employment in different career fields such as electrical engineering. We’ve had certified nurses assistants. We’ve had medical assistants. We’ve had phlebotomists. We’ve had all sorts of different training where they were able to complete the training and get a job in that field,” stressed Jackson.

Those who attend the meetings don’t need to bring a resume or any other documentation. Jackson said the purpose of the event is to let miner’s know what their options are, who to contact and the types of training they might be best suited for.

“It’s been a very successful program and there’s more money to help more people.”

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  • DWL

    What happen to the UMWA's help? Did they spend all their money to keep the m0r0n in office? Such a shame these uneducated miners were so mislead and lied to by their union and liberal democratic politicians, who have abandon them like human waste. That's what happens when you blindly follow and m0r0n and his minions. Yep, the m0r0n Gestapo is killing the black gold!

  • Richard M. Roche

    I think this is an outstanding opportunity ,
    "however" it is only part of what needs to happen. West Virginia must lure good paying jobs the equivilent of Coal Mining into the southern end of the state. I believe there needs to be a task force set up to market southern West Virgina to the world with the intention of drawing major business into the souther part of the state. The railroad infrastructue already exist , improved roadways and highways are well underway. All we need is strong marketing.

  • Hillbilly

    Nurses assistants. Medical assistants. Phlebotomists.. Not exactly what ex-miners fit into, and not exactly in demand in Boone or Logan counties either.

  • Fred

    Hi folks, the natural gas industry is hiring. In Ritchie and Doddridge counties there are companies desperate for truck drivers at $19 per hour plus benefits. Don't fall for the WorkForce Welfare trap, programs like that are only a temporary band-aid and cause further dependency on govt programs.


    well now just what are you going to give training for? there are no company's to work for west va has been at the low end for jobs for like the rest of this country is going down the tubes what about all the jobs the half breed in Washington was going to create when he got in office??? i'll tell you where they are no where his goal is to destroy this country!!!

  • knows

    what we will really need in a few years when the new emissions law kicks in if it does will be electric. they can make all the fantasy land laws they want but see the sh#% storm that happens when we have brown outs or no electric at all. businesses won't be able to run consistently and economy will go to hell

  • The bookman

    If there isn't funds set aside to relocate them to a job, then no training will be of benefit to a dislocated miner in Wharton or Holden or Jeffrey. Hope is a good thing, but Hope with a plan us what we need for these folks. Don't waste a few million dollars making yourself feel as though you've done someone a favor. Follow it through to the end, and secure a job for a dislocated worker. A phlebotomist in Bim? Really ?

  • Krafty Wurker

    This sounds like one of those deals that creates jobs for academics & union officers, but, no jobs for miners/workers. Even if the intentions are good, West Virginia needs real jobs, not more federal programs!