CHARLESTON, W. Va. — It was announced in a press release Tuesday the state legislature will hold a three-day interim session in North Central West Virginia in August, providing lawmakers with greater insight into the unique qualities and factors feeding the region’s economic successes.

Legislators will arrive on Sunday, August 24, and begin attending meetings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Committees and their staff members – which are expected to total approximately 150 people – will visit sites that pertain to their study topics, such as growth businesses, projects under development, schools and/or health care facilities.

“I am extremely pleased at this opportunity to showcase North Central West Virginia,” said House Speaker Tim Miley, D-Harrison. “Rather than gathering in Charleston as is typical, legislators will hold many meetings, which are open to the public, at the Bridgeport Conference Center and other area locations. Just as importantly, lawmakers will also travel to a variety of sites along Interstate 79 and throughout Harrison, Marion and Monongalia counties to see how our businesses, local governments and communities are driving our economy.”

With more than 1,700 job openings within a 25-mile radius of Clarksburg and more than 2,200 within that distance of Morgantown, the area has a lot to offer, Miley noted.

“This visit is a great opportunity for legislators from throughout the state to gain a greater understanding of the workings of our community and region, from our navigation through the oil and gas boom here to the technology innovations and the growth around the FBI Center and West Virginia University,” he said. “We want legislators to see what we are doing here to create those jobs that can be applied in other regions of the state.”

House Majority Whip Mike Caputo said he is eager to connect people from Marion County with legislators from around the state.

“North Central West Virginia, in particular Marion County, is a great place to live, raise your family and do business,” Caputo said. “We look forward to showing off our home county and giving residents the opportunity to convey their views and concerns to lawmakers.”

Delegate Tony Barill noted that his district of Monongalia County includes one of the major population and economic growth areas in the country, and Morgantown is often ranked a top metropolitan area.

“We have some great experiences in terms of laying the groundwork for a successful business climate and responding to the specialized needs of our citizens that we would like to share with lawmakers from other parts of the state,” Barill said.

By traveling the state and reaching out to members of different communities, legislators are gaining a better perspective of the specific qualities of various corners of the state, Delegate Richard Iaquinta of Harrison County added.

“That experience better equips us as we consider legislation of both local and statewide importance,” he said. “On this visit, I think we as a legislative body, and as individual legislators, will get ideas of how to help all of West Virginia prosper as North Central West Virginia has.”

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  • Barry

    A few thoughts on this show. First, the information presented is somewhat skewed. While Monongalia and Harrison counties are growing, Marion County is losing population and business every year. Within just the last few months, we have seen two manufacturing companies announce that they are closing, as well as at least half dozen small businesses. Do they plan similar "tours" to other regions in the state? If not, why not? If so, at what cost?

    Also, it seems very "coincidental" that this "tour" is timed to happen just a few months before the election, in counties where Democrats hold the majority of seats, and they are afraid of losing some of them. There are twelve delegate seats on these three counties, 9 of which are currently held by Democrats.

  • Who Is Paying For This??

    I would Like Speaker Miley to submit to Metro News after this meeting up north the exact cost of taking this show on the road. And that is what it is; a SHOW !!

    Our Capitol and legislative body is in the current capitol city in Charleston, WV

    In all Fairness, if they can govern our State; They should be able to show us exactly what an interim meeting in Charleston cost the residents and what this road trip cost is after they complete their visit to North Central West Virginia.

  • jack

    Let's hold the interims at Speaker Miley's house so it doesn't cost the tax payers the cost of renting a location. Interims are 'free' if you will at the state capitol. I am sure when the Republicans take over the House, more cost saving measures will prevail.

  • indianboy

    Could someone tell me where the 1700 job openings within 25 miles of clarksburg are located? I find it difficult to believe we have that many open positions. More government exaggeration I think.

    • Julie

      If you go to it lists over 2,100 jobs for the Clarksburg area.

  • Be realistic

    Why isn't the current session extended? Just add two more weeks and be done with it. Everyone is in place so no additional travel, etc. However, we demand that this additional time result in more passed bills or meaningful committee discussion, etc. Sessions of late are a total waste of taxpayers money. Our governor is a horrible leader surrounded by cronies, wannabes, corrupt officials and incompetent lawyers and greedy union officials.

  • melvin

    You commenters must all be from Charleston and have the opportunity to attend the monthly meetings and speak to your leaders. I, for one, appreciate when those outside your center of the universe and, due to health, financial, or familial reasons cannot travel, are afforded that same opportunity!

    • Ken

      I agree. North Central West Virginia is doing much better than the other parts of the state and the other parts of the state need to see its progress to copy it.

      Charleston is not the only place in West Virginia that matters.

      • Aaron

        Just out of curiosity what is driving the economy is the 3 counties highlighted?

        • Ken

          The people. The majority of NCWV is made up of people that move forward and try new things. They aren't stuck in a woe-is-me mentality you see in the rest of the state.

  • Aaron

    Hey, it's only money. Our government takes it like its theirs but they spend it like it's ours.

    In all honesty, I think the people need to demand our legislature meet once every two years with no interim sessions allowed. They should spend one year passing bills for 2 years, come back the next year and work ONLY on privatizing as much of government as humanly possible and then go to 2 year sessions. Lobbyist should be outlawed as well as teacher/legislatures and term limits should be imposed. What a waste government is.

  • JMB

    Harrison County, perfect place to study government corruption. I'm sure the legislators will be able to pick up at least a few tips.

  • TB

    Waste of money, again!