CHARLESTON, W. Va. — The West Virginia Municipal Home Rule Board met via conference call on Friday, June 13 where it was unanimously decided to schedule five regional meetings to hear presentations from the 23 cities.

The meetings will allow each city to make a 60 minute presentation, outlining why they should be one of the 16 selected to join the pilot program.

There will also be a 30 minute section allowing residents of each city to lobby for or against the program.

“We want the public’s opinion on this, we want the cities’ outline on this,” Board Member Patsy Trecost said. “We feel that by giving a regionalized meeting, we can judge all cities equally.”

The schedule is as follows:

For Bluefield, Lewisburg, Oak Hill and Princeton
July 7, 8:00 a.m.
Beckley City Hall

For Dunbar, Milton, Nitro, Spencer, South Charleston and St. Albans
August 4, 8:00 a.m.
WV Economic Development Authority, Charleston

For Moundsville, Parkersburg, Vienna and Weirton
August 11, 8:00 a.m.
Wheeling City Hall

For Buckhannon, Clarksburg, Fairmont, Morgantown and Shinnston
August 25, 8:00 a.m.
Bridgeport City Hall

For Bath (Berkeley Springs), Charles Town, Martinsburg and Ranson
September 8, 8:00 a.m.
Holliday Inn, Martinsburg

At the completion of the meetings, the Board will reconvene to make their final decision on the 16 new cities to be selected for the pilot program.

The meeting schedule and a copy of each city’s application are available on the Board’s official website.

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  • In da stickes

    A better question Aaron is why the board doesn't simply approve all 23 with out all the rigamarole. If the municipality doesn't live up to it's madates, pull the home rule. A good example is our nation's capital. They have home rule but the feds have the final say if they veer out of bounds.

    • ViennaGuy

      The Legislature is reluctant to give some of its power to the cities. There are people in Charleston who have long thought, and who continue to think, that one-size-fits-all is the best way to go.

      • The bookman

        Why the magical "16?" They should have set forth criteria for approval, given a deadline for application, and let the chips fall where they may. Aaron's right on this I think. Waste of money and an excuse to politic in five venues in an election year.

  • Aaron

    So we have 5 meetings that require a minimum of 34.5 hours of presentations and public input over 5 locations throughout the state before the 7 Board Members can decide on which of the 23 receive the 16 slots.

    I would be curious as to the cost in making these decisions.