Kanawha County Office of Emergency Services
Emergency crews including diving teams were on the Kanawha River Tuesday looking for a possible drowning victim.

DUNBAR, W.Va. — A man is feared drowned in the Kanawha River.

Emergency crews began their search at shortly before noon Tuesday near the Dunbar Toll Bridge after reports of a man apparently going under the water after trying to swim across the river between Dunbar and South Charleston.

The search was halted at just before 4:30 Tuesday afternoon.


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  • crissy

    Why hasn't anything else been mentioned on the news about this

  • DWL

    Has he bobbed up yet?

  • LEE


  • kristenjillbradley-lambert

    He is so important of a man to me, although he don't really feel the same towards me.. I'd do almost anything to save this man. He means the world to ME.

  • kristenjillbradley-lambert

    please bring him to safety a.s.a.p. He is very lovd by me, Kristen jill Bradley-lambert, of bob white, wv in boone county. I just hope everything is fine and well.

  • kristenjillbradley-lambert

    This is VERY DEVASTATING for me. I am so scared that it is someone whom I care for dearly, like a brother, Tony Lambert. Please HELP

  • Jephre

    The bridge in Dunbar hasn't collected tolls since 1983.

  • DWL

    Don't swallow or drink the water! That stuff will kill ya!