RIDGELEY, W.Va. — Frankfort quarterback Gage Shaffer’s recent offer from, and ensuing commitment to, Maryland came almost out of nowhere for the rising senior.

Earlier this month, the 6-foot-7, 210-pound Shaffer showed up for a camp in College Park just hoping to gain some recognition – he left with his first scholarship offer firmly in place and college decision complete.

“He was just going over there to their one-day camp to work on his skills and just try to improve,” said Frankfort coach Kevin Whiteman. “If he was seen, that was good, but basically it was a day to go down and try to get better.”

But a couple of hours into the camp, Whiteman received a call from Maryland coach Randy Edsall.

“He said that he had my quarterback there and that he liked what he was seeing,” Whiteman said. “He just asked me some basic questions about Gage – what kind of person he was and what kind of family he came from. He said he would call me back with more questions later that night or the next day.

“But not even an hour-and-a-half went by and he called me back, telling me that he offered Gage a full-scholarship to Maryland,” Whiteman continued. “I talked to Gage and his father after that and I think they were still stunned about it. It was kind of a shock to all of us – not that Gage isn’t a good quarterback. We had just never talked to Maryland about him before.”

Shaffer’s height, arm-strength and accuracy stood out the most to Edsall – something that helped him grab Frankfort’s starting quarterback job halfway through his freshman year.

“He’s a competitor and if he makes a mistake, he wants the ball back in his hands immediately,” Whiteman said. “When he comes off of the sideline, he’s upset with himself, but doesn’t get flustered. He has an ability to stay calm and composed – he’s not one to bail. He’s back in there for the challenge.”

As far as other interest, Whiteman had received contacts on Shaffer from Shepherd and Yale.He threw for

“I knew he was going to get some type of an offer eventually, but I just didn’t know it would be this soon,” Whiteman said. “I thought maybe he would have to play his senior year out and then it would work. He’s been to camps at West Virginia, but I’ve never heard anything from them – which has kind of surprised me.”

Shaffer gives Whiteman and Frankfort a solid core piece to the upcoming season, alongside other key returnees in running backs Brady Watson and Noah Bible. As for Maryland, Shaffer is one of nine commitments in Maryland’s current 2015 recruiting class – he’s the only quarterback so far.

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  • Rick55

    I too like the recruiting of Pratt, I've been watching the kid since he played for Charleston Western, a nice talent with speed but in systems designed for running QBs (including at Capitol).
    I have high hopes for Crest, because I think that dual-threat QBs can be a devastating weapon in the college game. I'm not comparing Crest with Pat White yet, or saying that pure passers can't be great. Its just that I've seen the dual threat QBs be so effective.

  • Derek

    Looks like number 22 needs some looking into. Holds needs to bring him in. He has that speed thing going on.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Frankfort puts out college recruits often for a double AA school. They had a QB playing with Virginia Tech not too long ago.
    As for Edsall we know he is a very conservative type of coach (like Nehlen) and I expect will do a good job, just as he did with Conn. getting them in the Orange Bowl - I believe it was - just a few years ago. Solid kicking game, good running game, solid defense and very few mistakes. He proves the old style of football still has a place and is strong on his players being of solid character.

  • Kevin

    Congrats!! Keep up the good work and prove them all wrong!!

  • Herman

    I am glad to see Spring Mills got a head start on everyone a week early at the under armour 7 on 7, guess rules don't apply to them since they are new


  • Aaron

    I did a little research on him last week. I'm not sure why it wasn't mentioned that Maryland is also in the running, and presumably has the inside track on 4 star QB Kai Locksley. Young Mr. Locksley has narrowed his list to Oregon State, Alabama, Auburn, Florida State and Maryland.

    Wait, what? You mean even though he's been offered by no less than 20 national programs and has narrowed his list that includes the last 3 teams to win the National Championship and perennial QB University Oregon State, Maryland is on the list?

    How can that be, you might ask?

    Perhaps it is because Maryland's offensive coordinator and young Mr. Locksley's lead recruiter is his dad, Mike Locksley.

    Congratulations to Young Mr. Shaffer and by all means, take the full ride to an outstanding University (even if their athletic department is one of the worst in the nation) and enjoy your time with the Terrapins and regardless of how many snaps you take in college, get your degree.

  • Greg

    Congrats on the commitment to Maryland! That's awesome.

  • the flying dutchman

    in an unrelated story, wvu continues its search for its quarterback of the future.

    • GoEers

      Here is an article from WVMetronews about WVU's QB for the future. It was from last week. WVU also has 4 start QB William Crest in Morgantown now and available for practice in August.

      You should check your facts before making uneducated posts.

      • GoEers

        link to the article is below:


  • ffejbboc

    Good luck to the young man. In the case of WVU not offering a scholarship, I think they are just moving away from the big pocket passers to more of a nimble sort of guy. A passer who can run. That's why they offered the kid from Capital already. Nothing against Gage.

  • jay zoom

    way to go GAGE in a couple of years you can come to Morgantown and kick WVU's butt if Ollie and wait until next year Holgersen are still around. and have the grapes to play Maryland in your tenure. good luck at Maryland

    • scott

      "Thanks Jay"

    • rld

      4 years from now he will be at Shepherd

      • squad


  • John

    Hope he likes the new coach at MD once Edsall gets fired after this season.