MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A man who was just trying to help what he thought was a stranded motorist early Wednesday morning ended up robbed and in the hospital.

State Police said Dallas Scott Shaffer, 18, is facing charges after the attack on Route 119 in Monongalia County. Troopers said Shaffer’s vehicle had allegedly broken down along the road when David Epsztein stopped to see if he could help. Epsztein told troopers Shaffer was using an aluminum baseball bat as a crow bar, looking for a set of jumper cables under a large load of scrap metal he was hauling.

Epsztein offered his cell phone and jumper cables. Shaffer used Epsztein’s phone and thanked him for the help. However, as Epsztein walked away, Shaffer allegedly hit Epsztein in the head with the bat and demanded his wallet. Troopers said Shaffer hit Epsztein at least three times before stealing his wallet and cell phone. He fled the scene and was eventually apprehended on Interstate 79.

Epsztein was taken to Ruby Memorial Hospital for head injuries.

Shaffer has been charged with malicious wounding, armed robbery and being a fugitive from justice in Marion County.

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  • Mr.P

    What a lowlife,they ought to put him under the jail and throw the key away.

  • me

    And hes going have a failure to appear charge when they let this POS out on bond and hes doesn't show up for his court date

    • Tommy

      Bond was set at $100,000, he did not get bailed out.

  • Hillbilly

    No good deed goes unpunished !!

  • DP

    David-Sounds like you are a real decent guy and I sure hope you are not injured too severely-get well soon!

    Shaffer-You LOWLIFE SCUMBAG-I hope you get the ABSOLUTE MAX and are Used and Abused EVERY NIGHT of your incarceration you POS!!!!

  • becki ro

    The fact that he is only be charged with malicious wounding is ridiculous. That is attempted murder! Get well soon David.

    • Tommy

      David is my best friend. Thankfully he is OK, and was released yesterday with a severe concussion.

      He is a great guy and never deserved this, not that anyone does.

      Mr. Shaffer is being held without bail after attempting to flee the state. He is a convicted felon already and was charged with malicious wounding. He is done.

    • courtesy patrolman

      FYI...the malicious wounding charge carries a stiffer penalty than attempted murder.

  • willieboy

    mike, little william is not a tough guy, he has a water pistol that he plays with in his moms basement in huntington

  • Mike

    Real tough guy, William. That punk would have probably taken your two buddies away from you and beat you like a rented mule.

    • Renee

      LOL Mike! Now I have my morning smoothie on my keyboard

  • william

    I never go anywhere around Morgantown without my TWO BUDDIES -
    Go ahead, MAKE MY DAY!

  • mook

    coutesy patrol is not the focus here! It is the scumsucker who hit the good guy who stopped to help. Maybe two or three rounds with a bat used on him or his arms broke and his jaw would help him understand how things work!

  • Renee


  • JS

    This is why I call the police when I see someone who I think is broke down. I DO NOT STOP ANYMORE. Too many crazy people out there that want to cause you harm. I hope Mr Epsztein has a speedy recovery and the thug spends many years of his useless life in prison.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    If I were the judge there would be a lot of extra hell to pay for this criminal.

    • Every Day Story

      Agree, Ole Sasquatch! Unfortunately, it will be the typical suspended jail time, one-year unsupervised probation, maybe a $100 fine, and back off into society to do it again. Yup, we are the "Land of the Free"... free to murder, steal/rob, rape, etc., etc., etc. with little to no jail time!! Good ol' Justice System!

      • Tommy

        This is Malicious wounding, and he is a convicted Felon. He is toast.

        The victim is my best friend. He suffered a severe concussion and was released yesterday from the hospital.

        Luckily Mr. Shaffer swings like a girl.

  • Hillbilly

    Unfortunately, this is exactly why most people will not stop to help you if you break down on the road any more. I don''t either, and I don't blame people for not stopping.

    • Jim

      I agree. I no longer stop to help anyone because you never know who is going to be the one bad person to take your life. It is not worth taking the chance to be nice anymore.

  • tom m.

    in their office making six figure salaries.

  • DWL

    Where was the "courtesy patrol"?

    • Davey

      The Courtesy Patrol isn't allowed more than a mile off route of major road ways, I-79, etc. unless instructed otherwise by the dispatchers from down in Welch, in McDowell County.

    • zero tolerance

      Courtesy Patrol operates on Interstates and highways designated as "limited access" such as US 50 (4 lane Sections only). US 119 in Morgantown is only a 2 lane Road in that area.