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This year’s winners in the MVB West Virginia Scholar Program are (from left) John Goellner from Morgantown, second runner-up; Kathryn Quillen from Vienna, grand prize winner; and Ashley Walker from Clarksburg, first runner-up.

BUCKHANNON, W.Va. — The captain of the Parkersburg High School volleyball team says she would like to help the Big Reds win a state championship during the coming school year before she graduates and moves on to college.

Worries about how she’ll pay for college will not be a distraction for Kathryn Quillen from Vienna during her senior year.  That’s because she is the grand prize winner of this year’s MVB Bank West Virginia Scholar Program and will receive a full, four year scholarship to West Virginia Wesleyan in Buckhannon valued at $125,000.

“I didn’t think I had any chance,” said Quillen who joined the ten other finalists at West Virginia Wesleyan on Wednesday where the winners of the MVB Bank West Virginia Scholar Program were announced during a luncheon.

“It was absolutely breathtaking.  I had no idea that I would win it.  I didn’t even know what to think.  I’m still shaking,” she told MetroNews shortly after the announcement.

In addition to leading the volleyball team, Quillen is a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is also part of the Parkersburg High School Chamber Choir.  Her parents own and operate an interior design company in Vienna and she has two younger sisters.


“Coming from a family of three girls, we’re going to have to pay for three people to go to college, so it’s just going to be a huge opportunity now (for my family),” Quillen said of the scholarship.

She said she plans to major in pre-medicine at West Virginia Wesleyan and, after that, study either cardiology or dermatology.  Her goal is to one day practice in the Mountain State.  “I just love the scenery and anywhere I go, when you come back to West Virginia, it’s just so more beautiful than any other place,” Quillen said.

Quillen’s scholarship includes full tuition and fees along with room and board starting with the Fall 2015 semester.

The second prize was a four-year, $5,000 scholarship at West Virginia Wesleyan and it went to Ashley Walker from Liberty High School in Clarksburg.  The third prize was a four-year, $2,500 scholarship at West Virginia Wesleyan and it went to John Goellner from Trinity Christian High School in Morgantown.

The MVB Bank West Virginia Scholar Program is now in its sixth year.  It’s open, each year, to every high school junior in West Virginia.

In addition to MVB Bank, West Virginia Wesleyan and MetroNews, the sponsors for the 2014 West Virginia Scholar Program are the West Virginia Forestry Association, the West Virginia Hospital Association, the West Virginia Home Builders Association and Friends of Coal.

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  • Concerned Mary

    Whatever happened to the Duffy Girl last time I saw the voting results she was leading by several hundred votes. But she did not even get second or third.

    That said my daughter was accepted there with a full scholarship (before this contest was started) but she chose to go to Tulane in Lousiana instead. Full Scholarship there as well.

  • Cynthia Goellner

    I can tell you that while the financial gift bestowed my son is much appreciated- the HONOR of this selection far outweighs the prize. This recognition of his achievements and desire to excel is worth more than the dollar amount to our family. We THANK WV Wesleyan and MVB Bank, The Hospital Association, The Home Builders Association, The Forestry Association, West Virginia Coal Association, and WV Metro News for their support and recognition of all of these fine students. It's a wonderful award if you receive $125,000.00 or $125.00. We are overwhelmed with their generosity and WV Wesleyan's future commitment to these students futures. Do not underestimate how important a simple recognition for a job well done can effect a young persons outlook and desire to succeed. WV Metro News advertises this scholarship as a possibility to "change a life". INDEED-regardless of a dollar amount. IT WILL!
    THANK YOU WV METRO NEWS, WV WESLEYAN, and the sponsors.

  • Chris1529

    How is it that the winner receives $125,000 while second and third only receive $5,000 and $2500 respectfully. It would seem that second and third deserve more than tha.

    The second and third place money is barely a drop in the bucket to go to WV Wesleyan.
    How many of the second and third place winners ever to to Wesleyan? Unless you garnered alot of other scholarships, those would be useless in Buckhannon.

    • Independent View

      Why the negative comments Chris? Do the math because you have stated it incorrectly. Instead of just $5k for second, it's 5k per year for four years=$20k; third place instead of your statement that it's just 2.5k, it's 2.5k for four years=10k
      Secondly, as a WV Wesleyan Alum, I can assure you and others that these three will receive a top-notch education, maybe the best available in WV.
      Third, in regards to the other two winners, when I was attending Wesleyan I would have welcomed 20k over four years or even 10k over four years! And, there is also a liberal work study program at Wesleyan.
      So, Chris, just be happy for these three fine examples of WV's youth and future leaders.

      • Chris1529

        My apologies. I was not aware that the money was for each year, but that is still only a small fraction of the cost to go to Wesleyan. There are alot of schools in the surrounding states that don't cost that much money to go to.

        • Richard Weeks

          Wesleyan does all it can to make its education affordable, particularly, but not exclusively, for students with strong records of achievement. Wherever one applies to college, it is best not to make a decision until after the financial aid package has been awarded. Then compare value (quality) with price.

  • Vinman

    Congratulations Katie! Well deserved!

  • Shadow

    + 1

  • DP

    Congratulations Kathryn!!! It sounds like you're a wonderful young lady and it's great that you are planning to make WV home after finishing college! Best of luck to you!!!

    Ashley and John-Congratulations to both of you two also!!!

  • Renee