CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston has four new recruits on the force. Thursday, Mayor Danny Jones swore in the latest officers hired by the police department. They start their training at the West Virginia State Police Academy next week.

Charleston Deputy Chief Jason Beckett was on hand to greet the new officers. He said they are a welcome addition to the force.

“This will put us almost at full strength. I believe we’ll be at 162 and our full strength is at 163,” said Beckett.

This is the fourth time in the past few months Charleston P.D. has swore in new officers. Not only is the department losing veterans of the force, Beckett explained some of the past recruits just haven’t worked out. In the past four training classes, six hires have dropped out of the academy.

“You truly have to want to be a police officer in order to make it through!”

Beckett admitted it’s disappointing to hire recruits who they believe will be good officers, only to find out they can’t cut it.

“It’s a long process to get to this point before they’re hired. So once we get them here and get them up to the academy, we like to see them make it,” stressed Beckett.

If all four of the new hires make it through their academy training, they should be ready to hit the road, partnered with a senior officer, late this fall.

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  • Independent View

    Maybe the "dropouts" realize that they will not make a difference in the crime-ridden environment that is commonly referred to as Danny's Kingdom.
    Or work for a mayor that's more interested in social issues than preventing criminal activity. And, more interested in criminalizing law-abiding citizens with cc permits that stopping drug dealing,shootouts and murders on the streets of Charleston.

  • DWL

    6 wussies eliminated before they made it to the street. That's what the Hill is for. What I found interesting and very telling is the CPD Chief didn't even take the time to greet his new officers. He sent the flunky Dep Chief. Was the Chief suffering from a paper cut?

    • Larry

      I've heard the pepper spray gets a lot of them too.

  • thornton

    Could be the Marcellus job market.

  • Josh

    Why would he yell this comment, “You truly have to want to be a police officer in order to make it through!” in a normal conversation?

    Seems a bit psychotic.

    • Larry

      Where does it say he yelled it, an exclamation point just means he said it with emphasis, and enthusiasm.

  • Carla

    Maybe the physical part of the training is just to demanding now. Perhaps more emphasis should be placed on social issues.

  • P B and J

    To those who had dropped out: Way to cost the city (my taxt dollars) on that fail out you hacks.

    Those who cant make it, needs to be billed.

    • Sean

      Who do we bill for your failure to learn the English language?

    • zero tolerance

      Good thing spell check is still free and isnt eating up out taxt dollars...........

      • Cooter

        I'm taxt enough already. I needs to be taxt less.