CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston police detectives are dealing with a very violent and highly unusual crime.

Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper said it happened Wednesday evening around 7:00 at an apartment on 4th Ave. in North Charleston when Robert Kennedy, 54, and Lloyd Daniels, 72, heard a knock at their door.

“When they looked out the door, a man wearing a hat that said ‘POLICE’ on it announced they were the police and they had a warrant. They entered the home and knocked the (men) to the ground and used what are called zip-ties to tie their hands,” Cooper said.

The suspects then threw a blanket over Kennedy and Daniels heads so they couldn’t see what was happening. The ransacked the apartment and took 60 Oxycontin pills, $4,500 in cash and a food stamp card. On the way out the two men were spotted.

“A witness saw the suspect leaving the scene. It appeared suspicious to them because the (suspects) were carrying what appeared to be a pillowcase full of something,” said Cooper. “That witness went to check on the victims because something just didn’t seem right. He found them in that condition and was able to cut them free.”

Police believe the suspects got away in a white Impala. Cooper said the victims didn’t appear to know the suspects.

Cooper said in his 20 years on the force this is one of a handful of cases he’s handled involving suspects pretending to be police.

“This is a rare type of occurrence. Clearly it heightens our concern because they’ve identified themselves as police officers, they’ve impersonated police officers. That’s always dangerous.”

Cooper said when in doubt about the identity of someone claiming to be a police officer, ask to see their badge and identification. The detective stressed a real officer will not have a problem showing you.

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  • Renee

    "No problem" does not imply politeness! These days, people are ruthless, no regard for human life or others rights, no respect for "us taxpayers". Why should they be polite if someone just broke the law? Many of the offenders being thugs who would not blink before hurting you. Why should they be polite? Smh? I'm sure depending on the situation, some of them are..these officers put their lives on the line every day to protect and serve, taxpayer or not, to protect and serve you! Have some respect!

  • WV Common Tater

    Sounds like one of those no knock searches that the Police love and also the bad guys.

  • Big T

    Crooks know that the easiest mark to rob is a dope dealer. Because they will not tell in fear of implicating themselves. Anyone who is stupid enough to be dealing drugs, (like I think this guy was) and calling the cops after he was robbed,deserves what he gets.

  • Wondering

    I wonder if the food stamp card was his or some parent selling their card for drugs instead of food for their children.

  • DWL

    Boy, you just can't trust those drug dealers and thieves. But it begs to ask - Are you sure they were impersonators? Not the first time one's hand has been caught in the cookie jar.

  • Voter

    This is why the state has a tax shortfall. Too many able bodies sitting at the house selling drugs and collecting welfare. With both the drug money and welfare benefits they probably pull down quite a wad.

    • dragonsking


  • johnny

    Sounds like welfare fraud to me. That much cash and still on food stamps.

  • william

    This doesn't add up,
    4,500 cash 60 Pills = DRUG DEALERS!
    Inside job, they knew what was in that home!

  • The bookman

    Going to be additional details on this one...60 OxyContin pills, $4500 in cold cash, and a food stamp card. Doesn't add up to legit.

  • BH

    "A real officer will not have a problem showing you" ( his ID and badge). I suspect a lot of officers would resent you asking and would let you know it in a not so professional manner.

    • Big T

      I feel this guy was into something that he felt a cop could be at his door at anytime.

    • Jason412


      Absolutely the truth. Anyone, especially younger people, who have ever asked for a badge number could confirm that the response is rarely "well certainly, here's my badge and ID, Mr. Taxpaying citizen"

      I would imagine the response would be even more profane if the cops were at your door with a warrant and you shouted out the door "Let me see your badge and ID"