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West Virginia has sold 28,800 season tickets as of midweek, a year-to-date dropoff of about 8 percent from 2013.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia football season ticket sales are lagging behind the pace of recent years.

As of midweek the school had sold 28,800 season tickets, a nearly 8 percent dip from last summer’s year-to-date commitments, said associate athletics director Matt Wells.

Current sales are 10.4 percent off their previous four-year average:

2014:  28,800
2013:  31,300
2012:  35,000
2011:  31,500
2010:  30,700

Even after discounting the 2012 spike—which followed the Orange Bowl rout of Clemson and capitalized on WVU’s debut in the Big 12—the current sales are more than 7 percent off average since 2010.

Slumping sales are not a surprise considering the Mountaineers are coming off a 4-8 finish—their first losing season since 2001—and being picked among the bottom of the Big 12 again this season.

The current campaign recently concluded its priority period for Mountaineer Athletic Club donors to renew season tickets or add seats to their packages.

Now the remaining 10,000 season tickets are being opened to non-MAC members, Wells said. Some seats in the family and green zones are available at face value of $365 and don’t require a donation. Tickets near the goal line in the gold zone ($250) and the upper-level orange zone ($125) require a MAC gift.

“We’re a little behind on previous years’ sales,” said Wells, who noted the university’s online ticketing software allows fans to gain a perspective of the stadium view afforded by various seats. “We’re trying to make sure the process is customer-friendly in order to give our fans an accurate idea of exactly where there seats are at time of purchase.”

West Virginia plays six home games in 2014, highlighted by visits from Oklahoma (Sept. 20), Baylor (Oct. 18), TCU (Nov. 1) and a Thursday night matchup against Kansas State (Nov. 20).

Fans also can obtain mini-packages that include tickets to the Oklahoma, Baylor and K-State games, Wells said.

The school designated the Sept. 6 game against FCS member Towson for its “Family Day” promotion that offers four tickets and a $25 concessions voucher for $150.

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  • jay zoom

    maybe OLLIE needs to rent billboards across the state promoting season ticket sales then he can make up the cost he spent on advertising by ripping off the WVU faithful in the parking lots and at the concession stands which is what he is doing now. better yet let the jerk stew in his own juice his so called coach in waiting hasn't been what he expected/after he stabbed Stewart in the back for a 9-3 season (God rest his soul) as long as he's the A.D. and wait until next year Holgersen and one and done Huggins run the show and WVU is in the big 12 season ticket sales will continue decline your crying now as Holgersen would say wait until next year THANKS OLLIE

    • farm kid

      jay zoom, please stop posting, you are giving the university a bad reputation. your grammar and sentence structure is deplorable. you post like a third grader. you add nothing to the discourse, frankly you are a boor. it is the same old crap, fire luck, fire dana, fire huggie. your a one trick pony show. one question, what year did you graduated from wvu. my was 62.

      • rock solid

        @farm kid: How dare you even consider that JayZoom could have graduated from a university. It has been obvious ever since he posted that he is dumber than stump water. I doubt he ever graduated from kindergarten let alone any higher school experience. Jay zoom couldn't find his butt if you gave him a map and a two day head start.

    • wvurock

      Only counted one period in that whole post (except for abbreviations). It would sure be nice if people would brush up on their English skills before ranting incoherently.

      • roger

        Suck an egg

    • PIRATE

      Get a life man

    • J the C

      I thank him every day!

      • Greg

        As do I.

  • AJ

    For a 40 hour worker that barely pays the rent, car, insurance, groceries. etc. there's just no extra income laying around for something like season tickets even without the MAC donation. It's basically $60/game. I can think of 3-4 games this season that will sell considerably below face value on Stub Hub. Even the prices for the WVU at Maryland game on Stub Hub are selling for $8 RIGHT NOW. I will hold out for those ticket prices at MPS to come down.

    • J the C

      Our ticket prices have lagged for years. Maybe in the MAC, or the AAC.

    • Aaron

      Funny, when I searched Stub Hub, I saw no Maryland game tickets for $8.00. You sure you're not just fibbing as a means of trying to promote the agenda for the Anti-Luck's?

  • Say What

    A 4-8 record does not lose fans. It just keeps them home watching the game on tv or listening on the radio. Or like me, multi-tasking with the FM.

    • Greg

      Anyone. Instead of fiddling with the FM just download the "Tune In Radio" app to you phone or tablet and you can listen to either a WVRC or IMG broadcast. Just pick out a station in any WV market and listen. If you live in Charles Town you can listen to a station in Charleston. You don't have to be able to see the radio station tower out of your window to listen any more. Times have changed and so has technology. "Grab you summer that!"

      • The bookman

        The streaming rights are separate from the broadcast rights. Broadcast stations were required to substitute programming into their online streaming content in place of the live broadcast.

      • kensgirl

        Not true. I tried using TuneIn AND the IHeart Radio apps last year and the games were never streaming on the stations that were supposed to be carrying them. If I was out of range of an actual, physical radio station I could get nothing.

  • Mister G!

    I thought college football today is all about TV and money. So shouldn't I just watch the games on TV and save lots of money? ...

  • Duane

    Every team has bandwagon fans, but WVU seems to have more than average. I needed an extra ticket to the Pitt game in 2007 and couldn't find one. It was the first and only time I don't remember seeing any scalpers. Lets add in the fact that a lot of fans leave early blocking the view of the ones staying to the end. I get really irritated when early leavers stop and watch the game from the stairs. I somewhat enjoy the games better without the bandwagoners. More room for me!

  • william

    Oliver Luck said, 34,500 was unacceptable when Bill Stewart was coach!
    Now 28,800
    What a sad time to be a Mountaineer fan wherever you may be!
    and yes,

    • Joe Schmoe

      it rare, William has a point. Also, Luck said Stew's 9-3 record was not good enough

    • william

      I can recall in the 80's when we had leaders at WVU that had CLASS and GREAT CHARACTER!
      Look at what we have now,
      and yes,
      I'M LOVIN' IT

  • DWL

    Who wants to watch the last place team and pay top dollar for the 3rd quarter empty seat?

  • Matt

    I agree with Sam, I have a generally special feeling about this season. I also agree Alabama goes down.

    • Sam

      Not only will we beat Bama (MARK IT DOWN!!!), I think we'll beat them by at LEAST a touchdown. MARK IT DOWN!!!

    • WVU1

      You are a "glass is spilling over" type of guy in general. Aren't you?

      • uncle phil


  • Aaron

    I can recall going to games in the 80's to stadiums that were generally 3/4ths full and can remember when there was less than 20,000 season tickets sold. Like it or not, WVU fans are generally fair weather and fickle in nature so to blame this on Luck or Holgorsen is snobhockery.

    Part of the problem is, WVU is down but part of it is, fans can now purchase tickets without MAC donations. They can also wait until we are closer to the season and 2 and 3 game ticket packages are put out. When LSU came to town, tickets from the LSU package to other games were a dime a dozen as fans gobbled up the mini packages.

    Regardless of what sales are right now, if WVU is winning, games will be sold out regardless of whether it's season tickets, mini packages or single game ticket sales. If WVU is losing, our fickle fans will stay home and cry, cry cry.

    It really is that simple.

    • william

      Look at these coach's now -
      They are a big EMBARRASSMENT!
      WVU will not get one cent of my money, until
      Dana "The Man in Black" Holgerson is gone
      Bob "Sweatsuit" Huggins is gone
      Oliver "TEX" Luck is gone
      and yes,
      I'M LOVIN' IT

    • WV Proud

      In case you haven't noticed genius, it is like that in every sport in every city across America. Why would someone drive 2 hours to watch anyone get their ass handed to them when you could have watched it on TV. Not to mention the fact that you blew $300 that day on food, gas and tickets. WVU has taken the average middle class person out of the equation. We cant afford to go to Morgantown anymore.

      • Aaron

        Gees man, if your going to cry, at least be specific about what your crying about. Is it every town in America or is it Morgantown?

        • WV Proud

          Only one I hear crying Aaron is you. If our fan base sucks so bad. Jump ship. So sorry we are not all spoiled. I'm sure your dad makes a hefty contribution to the program.

    • mad hatter

      ur right bull pin, wvu fans only come out when we're winning, they are some of the worst fans in the nation,,,always have b een, again bull pin, you put wvu fans right where they belong.. low lifes/ , i totally agree with you, wvu fans are fickle, and fair weather, and don't deserve holgorsen or huggie bear, bless those two , we are lucky to have em,,, especially huggie bear, beer belly and all.

  • mad hatter

    there is a very good chance we'll be 0-4 at the start of the season, 1-3 at the very best.
    Sorry fellow eer fans and alum, but right now , we are shooting blanks, and until we get a recruiter who can b ring in a qb, we'll wallow at the bottom of the conf. in both bb and fb.
    It all starts at the top, so Luck , you hired these chumps and you gave them huge contracts, now when we play in front of 25000 fans for a fb game, you'll see just how poorly you have chosen you leaders.

    • Aaron

      How exactly is a qb going to help the basketball team made hater?

    • Darrell Jividen

      You are so wrong ! WV had to rebuild after stew with his small req. classes depleated our team. WV is rebuilt ! you will see it this year. Of course you will be mad because you hate WV. I will be happy because you are sad. this year we will have a winning season and next year will be even better.

      • notorius

        Why do you think this year will be better? 5 wins is this team's ceiling.

        2-10 or 3-9 isn't out of the question.

  • Guardian

    I recall Oliver Luck said results matter when he cleaned out the previous football staff. Well he is right - they damn well do matter. And he is learning that now the hard way. His boy hasn't deliver the results and his ticket sales are down to the point he's offering "blue light" specials. I would venture a guess that only Kansas in our conference faces similar ticket sales issues.

    • WVU1

      Tickets sales to events are suffering in alot of places, but I do agree that losing alot makes the situation far worse.

      As for Luck holding Red Bull to the same standard as Bill Stewart, good luck!

    • Fox News Guy

      Ticket sales for all sports are generally down all across the country. More and more people are opting to stay at home and watch their sporting events on their HD big screen TVs in the comfort of their living room. You can actually research that if it wouldn't put you out too much. But then again, why let the facts get in the way of a good story, right? That's our motto here at Fox News Channel!

      • TweedleDee

        You are right that it is going on in every sport and every venue and has been for awhile. The problem is that it was going on from 2008-2010, too. I bought my set up in 2007. No one wanted to hear that reasoning when the reduction in ticket sales occurred while Stewart was HC. Luck made it about Stewart. It wasn't fair then, not fair now. The truth is that the WVU Ath Dept has out-priced their fanbase and it's cheaper (here and everywhere else) to invest in a HDTV and invite your friends over.

  • polarbear

    I bet West Virginia Media Holdings has lost way more than 8% this past year. IMG, IMG, IMG, IMG

    • Ole Sasquatch

      I hope so. Way to commercialized for my taste.
      We need more spirit! Bring back the old radio set-up.

  • Sam

    Once the fans realize just how good we're going to be (WE'RE GOING TO BE BEAT 'BAMA, MARK IT DOWN!!!) sales will not only pick, they'll be better than 2012. Get your tix now Eer fans, this is going to be a historic year! We will not be denied a BCS game this year. MARK IT DOWN!!!

    • Eric

      Sam are you a betting man because Ill gladly put money on Alabama and im a huge mountaineers fan

      • AppiKid


    • Mark

      I think you are delusional ! But I I hope you are correct.

      • WVU1

        He isn't.

        • Sam

          Thank you for agreeing I'm not delusional - YOU KNOW WE'RE GOING TO BEAT BAMA BY AT LEAST A TD. MARK IT DOWN!!!

  • PanhandlePete

    I have bought season tickets and was a MAC donor from 2005 up until 2012. Until Oli Luck and Holgorsen are gone I will not be donating one more red cent. If I want to see a game in person bad enough I will buy a ticket at the ticket office or on eBay. Last year people were practically giving their tickets away online. Such a shame.

    • uncle phil

      I agree Pete. Not giving the University our money is the only way to voice our displeasure, and it surely speaks louder than complaining.

      Open Letter to Oliver Luck: Mr. Luck, do you want my money? Do you want me to open my wallet and hand you the cash that I have worked so hard for? Well then, give me something more than a Big 12 cellar-dweller. Give me something more than a national embarrassment. Give me something more than the worst defense we've ever seen at WVU. Give me something more than lousy quarterback play and a coach who's gimmicky system no longer works.

      Until you prove that you deserve MY money, I'm not giving it to you.

      • AppiKid

        I totally agree! This coach is making HOW much? And the AD is making HOW much! I earn my money and they should too!

    • J the C

      Hit the road, Pete!

    • Flatlander Frank

      Panhandler, one of the reasons WVU is in the Big 12 is they get really good TV ratings. I beg of you and all of the rest of you fair weather fans who threaten not to buy tickets and stay home and watch on TV. Be men of your word and do so! Please buy products from our sponsors while you're at it too. You guys are the back bone of the WVU fan base. So please, please, please. Stay at home and never darken the gates of Mountaineer Field or the Coliseum again.

    • Jimmy

      I heard that Pete. Ever since Olivar luck took over I won't even turn on my tv to watch Wheela Fortune or nuthing. He done ruint all of it far as Im concerned. Once he started sellin beers in the stadeum I tolt my old lady to stop buyin beer at the store because I WILL NOT support somethng he supports. Heres what they need to do. Fire Luck and Hulgerson and bring back Pastilong and Nahlen, both are still around right? Leave the big twelve and start playing closer teams like Marshall and Ohio so I can go to the dadgum away games. They can be indapendant because dont none of that conference stuff matter anyway. Have noon games and stop playin all that loud hippity hoop music. Keep out the drunks and change back the uniforms.

      I just want to make all AD decisions, call plays, pick opponents, uniforms, time of day, weather and sit in the stadium all by myself so no one bothers me. Until then, I WILL NOT support this program.

      Is that to much to ask? I think not!

      • Future past

        1970's called. They want their irrelevant team back!

      • J the C

        Sorry Jimmy, that was directed at guardian. Very funny post!

      • J the C

        You too, Jimmy!

      • Greg

        Too funny! Jimmy, You are to be commended for this one as it truly a MetroNews Hall of Fame post.

    • Mitch

      @ PanhandlePete,

      If it weren't for Oliver Luck, we would be PLAYING in the MAC. You can leave if you want, the rest of us will be staying.

      • roger

        You are an ass noway you are from West Virginia. Luck has done nothing for the school any other person would have mot done. His biggest problem is he has no guts.

        • Aaron

          I'll bet he former baseball and wrestling coaches would disagree with that assessment.

      • John c

        Exactly right!!!! All these haters better be thanking Oliver luck for keeping wvu in the big leagues. If it weren't for luk we would be in that American conference or what ever it's called and watching our football program go down the toilet.. Why people hate on luck I have no clue but he saved wvu football like it or not....

      • Guardian

        Wrong. WVU would have been in one of the major conferences - in spite of Luck. They can leave out a Cincy or a UConn or a South Florida - but there is no way WVU is not among the majors.

        • Big Hooptie

          Keep in mind 3 things:

          1. College athletics is a business. A highly competitive business.

          2. While WVU is a good football program, the tv viewers are low outside of the state. Therefore, their attraction to a conference from a financial perspective is not a great as a Pitt for example.

          3. It's not always about success. It's about potential as that potential is what earns money from TV. If we had 10mil people in the state, it would be a different story.

          • Aaron

            Pitt has less support both in stadium and on television than WVU. The biggest reason the ACC took them was their academics. In truth, they belong in the Big 10.

        • ViennaGuy

          - Wrong. WVU would have been in one of the major conferences - in spite of Luck. -

          OK, so which conference would it have been? Remember, the ACC said we weren't good enough(and yet they accepted P*TT with open arms, go figure), the SEC rejected us because we didn't have a big enough media market, the Big 10 wouldn't even look at us(but they will be welcoming a new doormat in Rutgers), and the Big East was in the midst of total meltdown. Would we have been in the Mountain West? PAC-12? Sun Belt? C-USA(yikes!)?


        • Alum

          Are you now living in CO and puffing on a legal commodity hat is now available out there? You would have to be in order to believe what you posted.

        • Jim slade

          I disagree. The big 12 picking up Louisville over us made better sense in a lot of ways: geographically closer, larger TV market, premier basketball venue, strong monetary support and pretty darn good teams. If u of l had gone to the big 12 the ACC picks Uconn over WVU

          conn over us.

        • Aaron

          I disagree. Even if four super conferences are formed consisting of 16 teams each, I'm not so sure WV has a seat at the table. First, UT, TT, OK and OK State will go to the Pac 12. Kansas and Iowa State, as the only AAU member institutions available will go to the Big 10 maxing them at 16.

          The ACC only has room for 1 more as Notre Dame will likely be forced to join in football if realignment does result in 4 such conferences and if the ACC only has one spot left, I think they go with UCONN and their basketball over either WVU or Cincinnati. That leaves 2 spots in the SEC and besides WVU, Kansas State, Baylor, TCU, Cincinnati, South Florida, and BYU (a stretch but they’re still out there) are all available. I can easily see the ACC pushing into Texas and taking the two private schools or choosing Cincinnati and South Florida over WVU.

          Like it or not, Luck’s leadership and foresight of getting WVU into the Big 12 was huge. When future realignment happens again, it will take more of that leadership to land WVU in one of the conferences and remaining relevant in college athletics.

          • Aaron

            "Why are you assuming the big twelve is not one of the four remaining conferences and the ACC dissolves. "

            Because they've been the most pro-active conference to date. Also, it's more conceivalble that the Big 12 based in the Heartland will split with some teams going west and others going east than an eastern conference splitting.

            I guess the ACC could dissolve though, particularly if the Big 10 went after Duke and UNC leaving the Big 12 to swallow Clemson, Fla State and their choice of 4 more.

            Perhaps if Maryland wins their suit and the Big 10 gets pro-active as well, who knows what could happen. Man, wouldn't that be sweet.

          • MyView

            Why are you assuming the big twelve is not one of the four remaining conferences and the ACC dissolves. We know that both Clemson and FSU will jump ship the first chance given. Plus we have seen first hand the affects on a conference with a Notre Dame playing in all sports except football

          • Aaron

            Bull Pin. Capitalization is proper so please get it right as I'm a stickler for grammar.

          • Future past

            That's exactly what I've been saying for five years now! I'm glad someone else sees it

          • mad hatter

            bull pin, you hit the nail squarely on the head, or as you say, i concur.

      • richard

        i'm with you Mitch!!!! i'll be sticking with them.....i think we are going to be better than everyone thinks.......just need some good QB play.

        • notorious

          There isn't a good QB on the team. That, and both lines are weak and lack depth.

          Trickett is the best of a sad lot.

          • Aaron

            While it's neither here nor there, the sad lot of bad QB's threw for the 5th most yards in WVU history last year, the offensive averaged over 400 yards and 26.3 points per game.

            Trickett has skills or he would not have been on the team at Fl State competing for playing time as was the case prior to transferring to WVU. That was validated in his leading the Mountaineers in their upset over 11th ranked OK State in which he was 24-50, 309 yards and a TD and 2 INT's.

            For the year, he was 123-233, 1605 yards with 7 TD's and 7 INT's. Jeff Hostetler had similar stats in his first year at WVU when he was 127-264, 1798 yards 10 TD's and 45 INT's.

            WVU can win with this sad lot if the entire team plays up to potential. A strong running game and a great defense can make even a mundane QB look like an NFL candidate.

  • Greg

    Que the haters.

    • Aaron

      The anti's aren't haters, most are spewing the company line, saying what they are told to say. It would be nice if whoever was pulling the strings could come up with some new material.