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West Virginia has sold 28,800 season tickets as of midweek, a year-to-date dropoff of about 8 percent from 2013.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia football season ticket sales are lagging behind the pace of recent years.

As of midweek the school had sold 28,800 season tickets, a nearly 8 percent dip from last summer’s year-to-date commitments, said associate athletics director Matt Wells.

Current sales are 10.4 percent off their previous four-year average:

2014:  28,800
2013:  31,300
2012:  35,000
2011:  31,500
2010:  30,700

Even after discounting the 2012 spike—which followed the Orange Bowl rout of Clemson and capitalized on WVU’s debut in the Big 12—the current sales are more than 7 percent off average since 2010.

Slumping sales are not a surprise considering the Mountaineers are coming off a 4-8 finish—their first losing season since 2001—and being picked among the bottom of the Big 12 again this season.

The current campaign recently concluded its priority period for Mountaineer Athletic Club donors to renew season tickets or add seats to their packages.

Now the remaining 10,000 season tickets are being opened to non-MAC members, Wells said. Some seats in the family and green zones are available at face value of $365 and don’t require a donation. Tickets near the goal line in the gold zone ($250) and the upper-level orange zone ($125) require a MAC gift.

“We’re a little behind on previous years’ sales,” said Wells, who noted the university’s online ticketing software allows fans to gain a perspective of the stadium view afforded by various seats. “We’re trying to make sure the process is customer-friendly in order to give our fans an accurate idea of exactly where there seats are at time of purchase.”

West Virginia plays six home games in 2014, highlighted by visits from Oklahoma (Sept. 20), Baylor (Oct. 18), TCU (Nov. 1) and a Thursday night matchup against Kansas State (Nov. 20).

Fans also can obtain mini-packages that include tickets to the Oklahoma, Baylor and K-State games, Wells said.

The school designated the Sept. 6 game against FCS member Towson for its “Family Day” promotion that offers four tickets and a $25 concessions voucher for $150.

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  • jman

    Its not Luck its Dana struggling to be a head coach which he may or may not get it together.WVU will be fine maybe not this year? But we can hang with the the big dogs just need a good leader on the sideline and on the field.

  • FungoJoe

    Season tickets down another 8% after being down over 10% the previous year.
    The product WVU and Holgorsen are putting forth isn't worth the price of admission, the $10 Ollie beers, the 2 1/2 - 3 hour trip, the gas money, the food money, and hotel if its a late start.
    With Ollie and the parking passes shenanigans, the numerous drunks falling over each other and their crass language, it just isn't an enjoyable family experience anymore to spend a whole Saturday following WVU football. Like myself and thousands of other WVU fans, we moved on. Thank you Dana.

    • AppiKid


  • Randy

    That translates into an 8% drop in Mountaineer fans with buyers remorse.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Who wants to buy expensive tickets just to see your team get their heads kicked in? No surprise here.

  • WVUalum1977

    Buying Mountaineer tickets is just like investing in the stock market. You want to buy when the prices are down- in this case, interest is waning after a 4-8 season and uncertainty around the coming season- and hold on to your investments as their value rises. All of the folks who are really trying to "show that Ollie" how dissatisfied they are with the current status of WVU football and basketball are enabling a great many fans to upgrade their seats. I have done so, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to purchase much better seats as fair weather fans decide to stay home.
    Yes, it is an expensive proposition to buy season tickets for many people, but no more so than at any other major college sporting venue. But please, let's stop with the "I work so hard for my money and I just can't afford to attend a WVU game." Too many ass clowns want to see WVU compete for national championships in football and basketball, while paying $10.00 or less for a ticket to a game. That is completely unrealistic. If you really want to show up only when your favorite team is winning most of its games and still pay next to nothing for admission, head on down to Huntington and support that team. They are experts at expecting to win national championships while getting in to the games for pennies.

  • don

    You guys who are talking about wv beating Alabama have been smoking too much crap. I am not looking forward to that first of many real a--kickings coming again this year and surely sympathise with Trickett's mother as she has to sit and watch her frail, lead footed, weak armed son get completely destroyed by a strong and far superior Alabama defense. This could be Trickett's one game of the year as he will be a boy among men.

  • susanf1218

    Well, well. Ticket sales are declining. Now THERE'S a surprise! Maybe this will get the attention of all the Luck lovers who think he has done such a great job because it is all about the money. Less ticket sales equals less money.

    • notorius

      Luck has done a good job. He just hired a bad football coach out of the gate. You really can't complain about anything else he has done. After the debacle that will be the 2014 football season, he'll have the chance to right that wrong.

      • Jonus Grumby

        For starters, Luck *h1t all over Bill Stewart. Yeah, a reall class act you got there.

  • cutty77

    Fans wanted WVU to Play Big Time Football,and Basketball. Guess what it takes Big Time Money to do that. WV is a very poor State. We have less than 2 million people,and its hard to find 60,000 people that can afford these prices. But thats the way thing are nowadays in old West By God Virginia.

    • william

      Big time football?
      That's why WVU has to schedule CUPCAKE teams Towson and Georgia State
      So sad that they are SCARED, and must play these very weak teams just to get two wins
      Very sad time to be a Mountaineer fan wherever you may be
      I'M LOVIN' IT

  • Jeff

    I stopped buying tickets when the (donation) extortion fee went into effect. Stop calling it a donation when its required. Only the MD's and LLC's can afford to go now. It was a family christmas present to ourselves to spend time together.

    • Mister Man


      • Jonus Grumby

        Jeff is right. I bailed after that went into effect as well.

  • Adam

    I've always questioned the legality of making a fan pay a "donation" to purchase season tickets. A donation has tax implications. If you are required to donate in order to purchase, then it is not a donation, it is just an increased cost of the ticket. I know most of the programs do the same thing, but you would think the IRS would have already busted this scheme.

  • Peach State Fan

    Our we on track to win a national championship in football or basketball?

  • Steve

    Some asked if we would be happy playing UConn and Cincy? Yes. I miss the regional rivalries. It was a big part of what got the fans fired up.

    • uncle phil

      I agree.

      I'd much rather play UConn and Cincy over Kansas and TCU. In fact, the Big 12 hasn't grown on me. Sure, being terrible and at the bottom of the conference year after year probably has something to do with it. But overall, I have no emotional connection with these teams. The whole thing just doesn't feel right.

      Other than playing Texas and Oklahoma, give me Rutgers, Cincy, UConn, and the rest of them over the Big 12 teams any day.

      • Ole Sasquatch

        Uncle Phil and Steve agree with Ole Sasquatch - It's called bring back the SPIRIT!
        What the hell are we doing way out there anyway?
        When did WV ever make money a priority?
        WVU is moving away from the heart of WV.
        Take your money and choke on it, I say.

      • Mister Man


        • susanf1218

          Just to clarify - I agree with Uncle Phil, NOT Mister Man.

      • susanf1218

        Agree with you 100%!

  • Rick55

    Season ticket sales are an indication of fans' expectations for 2014. If we win games, the fans will come.

    Does this make them fair weather fans? You could argue that being a fan of the University team is different than being a fan of a pro team. After all, the players are at least nominally students, and truly amateurs beyond whatever scholarship they may be earning. You could also argue that teams in all all sports start with a baseline of season ticket sales and draw more fans if they win games.

    With Trickett, QB play and offense in general wasn't half bad but the defense was all bad. I'm sure you would agree, Aaron, that vast improvement in this area is required in 2014.

  • AppiKid

    I have been a Mountaineer fan for 30 years! Every game day I got up and was excited to watch or listen to my team! Some games were televised on stations I didn't have to pay for, but always I could listen to the game on the radio! Not anymore! I can hardly find my teams games even on the radio! I would say to those that have the money to buy tickets and cable tv don't complain! But for those of us who can't, we can't even listen to the games anymore on the radio! It is about the dollar! And I am sad to say, I am know longer interested!

    • kensgirl

      Agree with you about that PATHETIC radio deal. When I got the list last year, I immediately checked TuneIn and IHeartRadio to find the stations to make sure I could listen wherever I happened to be, only to find that NONE of them streamed the games on game day. When I sent an e-mail of complaint, I got a message back saying I could SUBSCRIBE to a radio service for $79/year, or else I could dial in to a PHONE NUMBER to listen to the game broadcast. So pregame, game, postgame - about 6 hours total a week, and I can dial in on my cell phone if I want to! DUMBEST THING EVER!!!! And more pathetic money-grubbing to take away what SHOULD be free to us.

      • AppiKid

        Some of the proudest memories I have are watching or listening to my Mountaineers prove all wrong! This university has lost that! I am put out with it! I don't have a lot of money, but this team was my pride! Gone

  • WV Hillbilly

    So, what "perk" or reward will those of us who pony up the donations receive? I'll answer that......not a damn thing! Nothing for our loyalty and still worthless, high priced parking. If you're not a partier who wants to tailgate and get stupid and all you want is to park your vehicle reasonably close, you're screwed. It isn't happening!