LEWISBURG, W.Va. — A current and former Greenbrier County commissioner entered not guilty pleas during their arraignments Thursday in Greenbrier County Circuit Court.

Current Commission President Karen Lobban and former president Betty Crookshanks were indicted earlier this month on misdemeanor charges connected to the alleged misappropriation of the hotel-motel tax.

Both pleaded not guilty Thursday and had pretrial hearings scheduled for Sept. 15.

Commissioner Lobban told a reporter from WVVA-TV Thursday the charges were a witch hunt. Former commissioner Crookshanks previously told MetroNews she did not violate the law.

At question is a $1.3 million allocation of revenues from the hotel-motel tax for a swimming pool project in Lewisburg at the New River Community and Technical College.

“I’m rather surprised because we followed the advice of our prosecuting attorney who said, in a letter that we received in 2010 when we made the agreement with the college, that he saw no law that would prevent us from renovating the pool and the property of the college,” Crookshanks previously told MetroNews.

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  • DWL

    I love the picture! It even shows their voting constituency's residents in the foreground. Just more corrupt liberal, leftist, (d)'s, democrats.

  • Fred

    Still not as bad as Bridgeports Mayor selling drugs!!!!!

  • Wirerowe

    This entire charade is almost Mingo Countyesque. Both of the commissioners have already lost their day in the court with the Greenbrier County voters.The maximum fine with a guilty finding is $100. This a disgrace. The charge was timed to beat Commissioner Lobban in the primary or general election and to exert political revenge against Commissioner Crookshanks, The prosecuting attorney ,the county's lawyer said it was okay, the two commissioners acted on that advice. The third commissioner who is very conservative fiscally and opposed to expanded government spending opposed it..Using the courts for political revenge and humiliation is a new low for Greenbrier County,

  • C. F. T.

    Personalities, factions of persons with various agendas, history of County politics, those who are in and/or out of power, etc. etc. have created this mess, so regardless of all of the finger pointing, hopefully the FACTS of the case and the Law are used to settle the allegations.
    1. Upon the advice of Council did the vote of the Commissioners occur (yes I do see Lobbans claim within this article), 2. What does the Law state? and 3. Is it or is it not true that other County Commissions in WV have also appropriated hotel/motel tax monies similarly?

  • cb

    It is funny that the other 1 person on the commission objected that money could be spent that way and that it should be spent that way. These two geniuses controlled the commission for years by way of the 2/3 vote and I am glad to see it caught up with them.