CHARLESTON, W.Va. —  He was surrounded by friends and family when he was wheeled out of CAMC General Hospital Friday morning. Eight weeks after bouncer Jimmy Beasley was shot 12 times he was able to go home for the first time. Dozens of supporters were lined up to cheer him on.

Beasley was walking two women from The Cellar in downtown Charleston to their cars on a night in late-April when George Sawyer and Tasheem Collins allegedly ambushed him. Beasley was rushed to the hospital where he underwent hours of surgery.

Police later determined Sawyer and Collins had been tossed out of The Cellar by Beasley earlier in the evening.

Beasley’s wife Donna, told MetroNews he’s made an amazing recovery.

“He has progressed wonderfully. He’s talking. He just hasn’t passed a swallow test. He still can’t put weight on his right leg but he can go without the boot on his left. He’s getting a little more use out of his left hand which he had no use of,” Donna Beasley said Friday.

She added since the shooting they’ve heard from hundreds of people, some they know, some they don’t. But everyone has wished Beasley a speedy recovery.

“Even my dad said, ‘You never knew how many people knew Jimmy until this happened.’ It’s just been amazing,” Donna said. “People from out of state that we don’t even know, (we’ve gotten) support from them. I think it’s just the tragedy and the senselessness of what happened that just really brought a lot of people together in the community.”

On hand to help escort the Beasley’s home were a dozen bikers who own or frequent bars in Charleston and know Beasley from his job. Ronald Carpenter was one of them.

“The recovery he’s come through, it’s truly a blessing! Prayers do matter. Prayers do matter,” said Carpenter.

Those friends helped Beasley out of his wheelchair and into the couple’s minivan. As they pulled out of the hospital, a police car and the bikers followed in a procession.

“You know, I think Jimmy is going to have a whole lot more friends watching his back now,” according to Carpenter. “Evidently he has friends above that’s watching his back.”

Beasley still has a long recovery ahead of him. But his wife said being at home will speed that on. She stressed her husband wants to speak to the reporters once he’s fully healed.

Both Collins and Sawyer are charged with malicious wounding.

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  • Hillbilly

    I just wonder what kind of gun was used , what ever it was , I don't want one .

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Slow news day.

  • Fred

    I couldn't help but notice that some of the bikers were wearing 'King Kerosin' clothing. Take a look at their website. King Kerosin is a company that glorifies crime, murder, robbery, and violence against police.

    • Jason412

      I looked at their website. I see nothing at all that suggests glorifying crimes against the police.

      • Fred

        So the murder and robbery are OK?

        • Jason412

          Of course not, we should arrest everyone involved with that company because they certainly have no right to express themselves.

          But seriously, I'm not seeing murder and robbery either. Maybe you could provide a link, but what I see consists of what I would consider stereotypical biker clothing. Skulls, women, slogans, Harley's. I

          I'm definitely not seeing anything that would justify running warrant and child support checks on them while in a public place in the middle of the day escorting a victim of a horrendous crime.

  • Fred

    I couldn't help but notice that some of the bikers were wearing 'King Kerosin' clothing. Take a look at their website. King Kerosin is a company that glorifies crime, porn, murder, robbery, and violence against police.

  • Fred

    Let's check all the 'supporters' for warrants and past due child support.

    • Jason412

      Yeah let's do that. Let's treat the friends of a crime victim like they are the ones who deserve to be in jail. Lord knows there aren't enough criminals actually committing crimes at this very moment in Charleston.

  • How bout this?

    How about we let Mr. Beasley shoot each of them 6 shots each and see if the live. Malicious Wounding, what a bunch of crap! I'm telling you the days of old need to return when the punishment fits the crime. They tried to take a life because they were tossed from a bar! These guys are serve Absolutely no earthly purpose. Eliminate them and move on.

  • Tim C

    I wish Mr. Beasley a speedy and full recovery. It certainly was a miracle he survived. What I want to know is why weren't the 2 deadbeats that perpetuated this heinous crime charged with attempted murder? I mean....shot 12 times, and only charged with malicious wounding? Give me a break!

  • Shocked

    Very fortunate man, I saw a photo of him and it appears he was shot through both earlobes, very lucky to be alive.

    • Aubrey

      You are hilarious ... Hope no one ever attempts to murder your family member and then have strangers make fun of their appearance on the internet.

  • Renee

    Praise God! Good news and glory given to our Sovereign Lord by his friends. Tears of joy and relief for Mr Beasley, prayers for further healing and restoration!
    Gun laws being brought into this not surprising! Whatever the weapon, it's the people and their intent, no law will stop that. In the future, unfortunately, innocent people may benefit from a weapon at their side to protect themselves and others from people with no regard for human life!

  • David

    No it wouldn't have Gary...

    Criminals don't obey laws or bans.

    Nitwit !

  • Roger

    Wow! Some good news for a change. This man sure must have had the Good Lord looking out for him. So glad to hear that he is recovering and can
    go home...

  • Gary Karstens

    Good luck to this man. A ban on these instruments of death would have prevented such an ugly incident. YEESH!

    • Jim

      Silly goose, banning guns will never prevent criminals from having them.

      Wish I had the answer though.

    • arp

      Chicago, D.C. and New York all ban guns. They have the highest gun murder rates in the nation. Conversely, states like Wyoming have liberal gun laws yet very low gun crime rate.

      • Jason412

        I'm not backing up Gary K, but Wyoming has a population of just over 500k and a density of 5.85 people per square mile, Chicago has almost 2.7 million and a density of over 11,000 people per square mile. I'm not sure comparing one of the most densely populated cities in the country to the least densely populated state is a good comparison. DC had less than a hundred murders last year if I recall correctly.

        The "most dangerous cities" listed by the FBI Detroit, Flint, Camden, have not banned guns and have closer population density to the cities you mentioned. A city like Flint had 1 gun murder for every 1,613 residents. Detroit having 54 muders per 100k people while Chicago had 18k per 100k. Baltimore, Philly, and Memphis also all have higher per capita murders than Chicago and have not banned guns. Those would be more accurate cities to use for a comparison.

        • Jason412

          That should have said Chicago had 18 per 100k, not 18k per 100k

    • Webb

      So when a motor vehicle accident results in the death of someone, do you think we should get rid of vehicles as well?

      Keep drinkin the Kool-Aid!

  • eric

    Malicious wounding??? Can someone please explain why it wasn't attempted murder

    • Will

      Have to agree with Eric.

      • untamedshrew60

        It is my understanding that, at least in this state, malicious wounding actually carries a more severe penalty than attempted murder. maybe someone can explain that to me.