CHARLESTON, W.Va.– An official with the West Virginia Republican Party has filed an ethics complaint against a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates.

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Del. Jeff Eldridge

The complaint claims Del. Jeff Eldridge used his legislative mailing privileges to protect his seat. State GOP consultant Rob Cornelius said Eldridge sent this year’s legislative updates only to Hurricane residents. That part of Putnam County makes up 25 percent of the 22nd District that Eldridge represents.

Eldridge did poorly in Putnam County in the 2012 election.

Eldridge has said he’s lived in the other counties in his district and residents know him. He said he’s gotten positive feedback about his letters to Putnam County residents.

Del. Eldridge is running for reelection this fall.

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  • mandy

    Someone look into the number of absentee votes he got in the 2010 primary election.
    He has ran with dogs in the past, has to have fleas.

  • Rob C.

    I think it is great that I file ethics complaints, make copies of them, send them to the media and you all eat it up.

    Just like I want you too.

    I had to file them before the ethics committee said the delegates did nothing wrong but at least I get my mail piece.

    Thank you all for buying it.

    WV GOP

    • Rob Cornelius

      If you're going to try to comment as me, you could at least bother to have proper grammar and spelling. Dismal effort.

      Praying for Tim Miley and his unethical caucus.

      • Rob C.

        Imposter Rob Cornelius,

        While you may pretend to slither like me, you are not me.

        WV GOP

  • Curly Joe

    Our nation has lost the dignity and honor that it has taken almost 250 years to build.
    Our president has made it his mission to surround himself with people in key positions who are dumber than he is. When Eric Holder sat back in the 2008 elections as black panthers, armed with billy clubs at a Philadelphia voting precinct, intimidated voters, I knew it was a new disgusting ball game in our country. Then look at Hillary, Kerry, Hagel and all other appointments the president has made. Shameful dullards...political hacks. It is painfully obvious that this man has a chip on his shoulder and is sacrificng our country for his warped political agenda. He simply doesn't care.

    • MountaineerDrew

      Holder would not have been the AG in 2008, Bush was president

      • Curly Joe

        Well, whenever it was. The message doesn't change. It happened and was ignored by Holder.

    • IgnoranceReigns

      I find it funny that the very same type of comments were used in other circles to describe the last great Republican president - George W. Bush.

  • DWL

    The words "Ethics" & "democrats" can not be used in the same sentence as the two are incompatible. This list of exhibits grows with yet another of the m0r0n's followers, corrupt liberal Jeff Eldridge (d). His orange jumpsuit awaits.

    • Aaron

      Just out of curiosity, how is your rant any different than the liberals who say the same thing about Republicans?

    • IgnoranceReigns

      Let the Republican spin machine whirl on WV Metro News (the FoxNews of WV).

      • Wv true

        Only good democrat news is on cnn and msnbc ... You are ignorant.

  • The bookman

    Mr. Eldridge, I think you just incriminated yourself. The purpose of the mailing privilege is to distribute information to your constituents, not introduce yourself to voters who are unfamiliar with you. Are we to assume that because the voters in the counties not receiving the letters know you, that they are informed about the legislative session? Your statement is a direct admission that the overriding purpose was to communicate with a specific constituent base that may not know who you are, or politicking.

    As for the IRS head, and his hearing today, it is astonishing to hear how the IRS can lose documentation, yet I must keep years worth receipts to prove the validity of my schedule C in the event of an audit.

    • Aaron

      I agree that this gentleman incriminated himself. As such what do you think then newly revised committee would do with him? Is there a possibility he can be removed from the general election?

      • The bookman

        Nope. Nothing happens. Maybe a minor reprimand and a "I wasn't aware I was doing anything wrong!" Typical!

        • Lynn

          Either you are ignorant of the law or are partaking in partisan sludge.

          You can update people on bills, anyone in your district. You can pick an area that doesn't see you often to get that legislative updates.

          You just can't send out "vote for me" ads.

          Unless that happened, NOTHING wrong occurred.

          In fact, ethics rules prohibit partisan ethics filings by political parties.

          If anyone broke the law, it's the republican operatives doing it. They should have found a regular person. In fact, all filings,are sealed. How is the press getting them is the bigger legal question.

          The ONLY WAY this should be in the paper is if there was a violations ruled openly. Not just frivolous charges.

          • The bookman


            Members of a party, even in leadership or consultants, are citizens as well. Official capacity would be hard to ascertain, and the ethics commission would have to discern if it was a partisan action or citizen action.

            But the law I requested was the law you claimed I lacked specific knowledge or was simply being partisan. The applied rule to this situation in my mind relates to using public resources for personal gain, which can be found in the Governmental Ethics Act. You haven't provided the enlightenment that you have claimed to possess. I'm still waiting.

            My hope is that enough negative press results from such activity that the revocation of these privileges occur, at a significant savings to the taxpayer. If the purpose is to disseminate legislative activity, there are better ways to achieve it.

          • Lynn

            ยง6B-2-4. ... "No political party or officer, employee or agent of a political party acting in his or her official capacity may file a complaint for a violation of this chapter with the commission."

            Nothing in this section prohibits a private citizen, acting in that capacity, from filing a verified complaint with the commission under this section. Within fourteen days after the receipt of a complaint, the Executive Director shall refer the complaint to the Review Board created pursuant to section two-a of this article.

            The Republican Party is playing with the rules obviously. That should bother you.

          • The bookman

            And actually ethics rules state ANY citizen may file a complaint, and that would extend to partisan Republicans or Democrats. Frivolous claims can carry punitive reimbursement to the commission and to those individuals disparaged by the complaint, and the suspension of future rights to bring a complaint before the commission. The sum total of the entire affair demonstrates the complete waste of taxpayer dollars, both in providing the privilege and the requisite investigation of abuse.

          • The bookman

            Really? Well maybe you could cite the code for us regarding the parameters and restrictions of the Legislature's mailing privileges. Does it really state "vote for me" ads are the only restriction? How do you define "see them often?" Does he have regular forums and town hall meetings in the other portions of his district that serve to inform his constituents? If not, why not send a letter to everyone that he hasn't run into at Kroger?

            It is clearly the use of taxpayer funds to improve his recognition in an area he has little exposure. And he openly admits as much. The entire privilege should be shelved for the entire legislature, as it is an inefficient and antiquated method of informational distribution.

            As for the ethics complaint being leaked to the public, that is a separate issue and should be followed back to seek the source. But that issue has nothing to do with Mr Eldridge. That is a deflection away from his offense, and a school yard tactic at that.

  • DP

    I watched ALL of the hearing today and it was an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE!!! I've finally concluded that 90% of Congressional Dems are ROTTEN TO THE CORE!!! This is probably the biggest scandal (hard to choose, there are so many ones in this MOST DECEITFUL Administration ever) since Watergate. The Main Stream/Lap Dog Media covered the Watergate hearings to the absolute hilt, yet they are not even paying lip service to the IRS Scandal!!!

    The newest IRS Commissioner is a punk, disgustingly arrogant and frankly, like everyone else involved in this scandal, an unbelievably POOR LIAR!!! How long can this 100% INCOMPETENT POTUS and his INEPT Administration keep getting away with all of their lying and stonewalling??? How laughable that this Administration was going to be the most transparent ever as Obummer promised-What a FRIGGING JOKE and WHAT A FRIGGING SHAME!!!!!

    Gary Karstens-You are an IDIOT!!! You obviously are delusional, on drugs, or just completely out of it!!!!!

  • Gary Karstens

    Thank you Mr. Eldridge for keeping the working people informed.

    I watched the House Republicans today try to grill IRS Chairman John Koskinen on one of their witch hunts. Koskinen was professional and handled these Republicans to the floor.

    Mean old Republicans!!!!!

    • Aaron

      Hence my comment on the other post Bookman about this not being an actual individual. Statements like this are not meant to do anything other than be extreme and ignorant.

    • Pickle Barrel

      Get a grip on reality. Asking relevant questions about destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice is hardly a "witch hunt."

    • thornton

      I felt sorry for Koskinen......he barely had the strength to hold his hand higher than his belt while he was being sworn in.
      One of those tells that truth was not on tap to be told.