CALVIN, W.Va. — The West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board made an unprecedented move this week when it seized control of the Nicholas County Solid Waste Authority including the day-to-day operations of the Nicholas County Landfill.

“There was a complete lack of internal controls in place,” SWMB Executive Director Mark Holstine said in a news release. “If allowed to continue down this path, there would be huge financial problems and those could lead to environmental ones at the landfill.”

Holstine is now overseeing the operation. He was on site Friday managing the 13 employees who work for the Nicholas County Solid Waste Authority. It marked the first time the state board has taken control of a county authority in its 38-year history.

The state Solid Waste Management Board first began looking at the Nicholas County operation in 2011 but the board said things have gotten worse not better. The operation was most recently $300,000 in the red. Back in 2006 it had a positive balance of $238,000. Its assets have dropped 20 percent in the last few years.

Holstine said the record keeping has been poor. He said it appears the garbage collection service has 700 customers but he can’t be sure.

The Nicholas County landfill is located in the community of Calvin.

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  • Nicholas County

    Not to mention they built a ball field as a write off , that none of the kids can use. Paid good money to build it just to use it as a write off. What a joke.

  • Kenneth A. Culp, CPA

    The Nicholas County Commission, who appoints two of the Landfill's board members, takes no responsibility for this Board or any other Board they appoint. This means these Boards are not accountable to anyone. No wonder they waste so much taxpayer money!

  • NC citizen

    They should have voted for Steve Callaghan...those county commissioners are worthless!

  • DWL

    GARBAGE! Now here's a subject the State actually knows how to produce. Being operated by liberal democrats, trash & BS are their largest byproduct!

  • Nicholas

    Larry bradfod had in the cookie jar

  • Reality chech

    Hey metro news, dig a little deeper here. More to this story....sitting board member suing landfill, sitting board member selling insurance to landfill, until last week all bailed ship. Dig deeper, lots of smoke here.....

  • Elkins Resident

    Yes, Mike Taylor and Denise Campbell had their hands in the cookie jar. The taxpayers paid for this one. While Taylor, Campbell, Hartman, Virgil and Barnes. Laughed all the way to the bank.

  • David

    Folks you really have to be bad to lose money in garbage. Not good at all.

  • Independent View

    Never fear--taxpayers will come to the rescue of another grossly mismanaged county landfill as they did with the Elkins/Randolph County Landfill. It was in the red to the tune of 2.5 million and obviously could not afford to pay the closure costs.
    Not to fear, local politicians contacted their legislative representatives and had them introduce a bill for the state to pick up the tab. To nobody's surprise, the legislature passed the bill during the 11th hour flurry of bill passing.
    The only surprise was there was actually a bill in the legislature to bailout the ERC landfill.
    Following sticking the WV taxpayers with this tab, the Mayor of Elkins, city council members, the Randolph County Commissioners were all high fiving each other.
    The sad epilogue is that WV taxpayers were stuck bailing out a system that they received no benefit from and were not responsible for its mismanagement. Further, NOBODY has or will be held accountable for the gross mismanagement that created and perpetrated this fiasco on WV taxpayers!

  • Jim - Morgantown

    If you think the Nicholas County SWA has mismanaged the landfill wait until the WV SWMB takes over. The last and only landfill operated by the state of WV was Monongalia County and it wasn't what you'd call a model operation.