MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia added its second offensive line commitment for the class of 2015 when tackle Colton McKivitz changed his pledge from Miami (Ohio) this weekend.

A Rivals two-star prospect, McKivitz is 6-foot-7, 265-pounder who projects to spend a redshirt year adding bulk. He also holds offers from Marshall, Akron, Kent State and Toledo.

McKivitz becomes the 13th overall commitment for West Virginia, whose class currently ranks 19th nationally by Rivals.

“McKivitz shows nice explosion off the line and has extremely long arms,” said Rivals senior writer Keenan Cummings, who first reported the commitment for “His high school film doesn’t show much pass protection but his physical attributes appear to be ideal for protecting the quarterbacks blind side.

“When it comes to run blocking, McKivitz is living on the second level. He is fluid in his transition from impact blocking at the point of attack while moving onto the next level to open the hole. His long arms keep defenders at bay and he has an extremely powerful first punch.”

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  • Stephen from Beckley

    Don Nehlen never had top 40 classes but he coached their A'ss off for 2 years and every 5th year he had a National Contender.

    Rich Rod didn't have a top 30 class his first 6 years at wvu he was taking high risk players Chris Henry & Pacman Jones were on the same wvu teams! Right when RR screwed the Michigan pooch he was getting 4 & 5 stars Noel Devine, Tahj Boyd, Terrell Pryor had wvu in his final 3 ....

    Doc Holiday recruiting for Bill Stewart got players like Tavon , Geno & Stedman. When holiday left for Marshall Stewart was a fish out of water brought in Kevin Millard... Holgerson has had to rely on transfers and learning on the fly freshmen. But holgerson has restocked the talent. Deep at RB & WR now 2 future stud and to compete at qb. Already one of the top secondaries in the big 12 the defense made monster strides in '13 and played well enough to win 8 games but qb play lost 8 games.

    2014 WVU climbs out of the fire and makes good on some paybacks

  • Hman

    It is how many stars you give the opponent ...and not the other ..whatever...that counts

  • Gerald Harman

    I've been astonished in the past by the unforecast success of WVU football. My beloved alma mater NEVER scores a 5-star and maybe just a couple of 4-stars and yet surprises the heck out of lots of highly ranked opponents. I can only attribute this to superior coaching and the ability to get the best out of 2 or 3-star recruits or even walk ons.

    • J the C


  • Sam

    The future is so bright at WVU we gotta wear shades!!! We're beating 'BAMA by at least a TD - MARK IT DOWN!!!

    • BH

      No disrespect Sam but I'm curious as to where all of your confidence comes from.

      • Sam

        Our running game + the fact 'BAMA is going with an untested QB + our new defensive coach = a win by at least 6 pts. MARK IT DOWN EER FANS!!!

        • notorious

          Our poor O-line - the tackles in particular - will hurt the run game.

          • Stephen from Beckley

            The guard tandem was picked as a top 10 combo in the preseason publications. The fact that WVU always always plays to the level of its opponents the Bama game willbe much much closer. Partly because Bama is overrated on it's laurels. And WVU was better than 4&8... Playing it's best against the big dogs of the B12 Ok state, OU, & Texas

  • 96Mountaineer

    How many stars did Pat White have? Where did Owen Schmidt start playing college ball? How many 4 stars turned out to be busts? Or mediocre at best? Let's check in with them in five years, and until we draw salaries for scouting ourselves keep the snarkiness to minimum...

    • DogEERS

      sure some 4 and 5 star kids turn out to be busts and 2 and 3 star kids turn out to be great but the schools that consistently get the 4 and 5 star players are the schools with NC trophies in their cases.

    • wow

      Yes sir, whatever you say sir. Can I go to the restroom please?

      • 96Mountaineer

        Yes, Wow, you may. Actually, as far as sports threads go, this one is pretty impressive in that the posters can make a point without being an ass. Yourself included, from your response below to Richard. So perhaps the tail end of my post was mostly unwarranted. But I stand by the front end of it. You had a valid point in your reply to Richard, but it only goes so far. If all WVU recruited and signed was kids who'd otherwise be mid-majors, you'd have a much stronger argument, but that's not the case.

  • Taylor

    Wonderful! Maybe another Sam Huff or Bruce Bosley.

  • All in

    I heard he also had offers from more schools including Virginia, is now listed at 280 weight and played on a state ranked basketball team as starting center. There is more to this kid than the few facts here. Stars are arbitrary...

  • Big Fan

    It's amazing how we keep getting these guys that are being recruited by smaller schools and still be ranked in the top 20. Maybe some people know more about recruiting than most of you commenting on here. I will take these 2 and 3 star guys with a chip on his shoulder than a 4 or 5 star kid that thinks he's owed something. Recruiting is all guess work I think your trying to find someone that at some point in his 4 or 5 years at your school can someday be a contributing factor in the program.

    • Fact check dot com

      The class is ranked due to the volume of commits it currently possesses, while the average rating is low compared to other school who just happen to currently have less commits. They will finish around 35th.

  • Earl

    I'm a huge eer' fan but I agree with the first comment from Wow. We have been recruiting guys that are only getting attention from smaller schools in basketball and football. We seem to be headed in the wrong direction over the last few years. Hopefully I am wrong. Go eers!

    • hailey

      Jovante Durante and Kendrell Mcfadden disagree ... they have offers from ALL the big programs. I do respect your postion but some of the commits are highly coveted

    • notorious

      There are a lot of people trying to convince themselves that our recruiting has been better under Holgorsen. The past two commits, along with the rankings of his classes suggest otherwise.

      2015 will bring new hope, and a new coach if Ollie swallows his pride and admits his mistake.

      • J the C

        Then why is our 2015 class ranked in the top 20 nationally? Just asking.

        • notorious

          Its June. Signing day is a long ways off. In April this class was top 5. Two months later it's almost out of the top 20.

          WVU was the only BCS school that offered the last three commits. Follow the trends. When all is said and done, this class will probably rank between 35-40. Which is where we usually end up.

          • farm kid

            notorious, in Stewarts three years WVU never saw 35 as a recruiting ranking. the truth be told, Hogs inherited one QB, and about 65 scholarship players. stewart had scholarships taken from WVU because "ole" stew was penalized by NCAA. now thew team has seven QBS and eighty five players on scholarships.

          • Allin

            This commit has another BCS offer from Virginia. Last I heard, they were still BCS.

  • Wow

    Glad to see we can go toe to toe with MAC and
    C-USA for future players. If we keep this up, some day we might get to play in the GMAC bowl.

    • richard

      hey WOW, if i remember correctly and i believe i'm right.....the MAC had the number 1 pick in the NFL draft for 2 years in a row a couple years back. and i'm sure they were in the same classification as this young man as far as stars go. 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 stars----what matters is where you are as a senior in college.

      • wow

        Richard, some players will pan out, but on average if you recruit mid major players that is what you are going to get. I just think we are going after a lot of long shots, I hope they all turn into future pro players but I don't think they will. Just calling it as I see it. I'm a WVU fan too, just not blinded by it.

      • rick

        yes, you are right richard. and they were offensive lineman too.

        • Joe

          Pennington, Leftwich, Moss

          • wvu fan in Buffalo

            Anybody else from you rich 100 year history? Crickets! I didn't think so. Zing!!!

        • rick

          i know one was eric fisher.

  • FNP

    A redshirt year and some learning will do well for this young man.

  • Todd in WV

    B12+WVU=no ring, no bowl and one less couch!!! LOL

    • J the C


    • Jabo

      10/29/1911 WVU 17 MU 15
      10/03/1914 WVU 20 MU 0
      11/06/1915 WVU 92 MU 6
      10/20/1923 WVU 81 MU 0
      08/30/1997 WVU 42 MU 31
      09/02/2006 WVU 42 MU 10
      09/08/2007 WVU 48 MU 23
      09/27/2008 WVU 27 MU 3
      10/17/2009 WVU 24 MU 7
      09/10/2010 WVU 24 MU 21
      09/04/2011 WVU 34 MU 13
      09/10/2012 WVU 69 MU 34

      • Justin

        WVU 10, MU 0

        Total Score: 520-163

        The Mountaineers have outscored the Herd by 357 points.

        Just stating facts!

      • Jeremy

        Lol 0-10 thundering turds

      • Kevin

        Enough said!

  • WVU fan in Boston

    Who wouldn't choose a B12 school over CUSA or MAC.

    • in da stickes

      WVU fan +1
      Todd -1