BLUEFIELD, W.Va. — Police in Bluefield are looking for a bank robber who used a bicycle for a getaway Monday morning.

The suspect, dressed in all black including a mask, gloves and hoodie, pedaled up to the First Community Bank’s drive-thru at about 10 a.m., produced a gun and demanded money. The teller complied and the robber pedaled from the scene.

Bluefield police are asking anyone who saw the bicyclist around Federal Street and Bluefield Ave. to contact them with any information.

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  • wvnative

    Obviously (as DWL points out in nearly every news article), it's Obama's fault!

  • Jephre

    Aren't those drive-through windows made of bulletproof glass? The teller should have just given him the single-finger salute and called the cops.

  • thornton

    Bicycles, backhoes, monkeys and clowns.....I blame too much fluoride in the water.

  • just sayin

    OK, so the guy was on a bicycle, in the drive-thru, with a gun....could the person behind the window have ducked and gotten away ?? Sounds kinda fishy to me...just sayin

  • Tom

    I don't see how it is possible to rob a bank at a drive-thru window on a bicycle...gun or no gun.

  • DWL

    All Right! A bank robber after the m0r0n's and leftist liberal's hearts. A "green" ninja banker robber! (he may be able to qualify for a "green" energy grant from the "white" house) Did he wear his bicycle helmet?

  • william

    Gave money at Drive-thru window?

  • steve

    Gary, ban bicycles now?

    • Silas Lynch

      And Bankers

    • Randy

      You beat me to it.