OMAR, W.Va. — A Logan County teenager was killed over the weekend in an ATV accident. It happened Sunday night near Omar.

Tyler Frye, 14, had just completed 8th grade at Logan Middle School where he played on the basketball team.

Frye’s father is a trooper with the West Virginia State Police.

Collins Funeral Home in Switzer is handling the funeral arrangements.

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  • Shadow

    Is there any one of us that at times wonder how we survived the teen age years? I wonder all the time and think how lucky I was.

  • Peyton Ilderton

    Tyler was a very nice kid and will always be into heart

  • Peyton Ilderton

    He was a nice kid and I will have him in my heart always

  • Genie K

    do not consider this a bad time to tell others that they are taking their lives in their hands..never go out my yourself and not have back up and many and many of these young kids FLY on these things..No way to stop safely. I sit on my porch and watch these young ppl fly up and down the street to jump higher and make it fun and not worry about the dangers they put themselves in when they could not possibly keep from hurting themselves or the younger children who ride their bikes or scooters in a safe fashion and is the 4 or 5th person who has been hurt and it is only the beginning of summer. :(

  • zero tolerance

    Tyler's mom, Tammy, is a Flight Nurse for Health Net Aeromedical Services & an RN at Logan Regional ER

    No one should ever have to endure the loss of a child. Please have some respect for other regardless of how the accident happened.

    • Genie K

      sorry that zero tolerance feels this a bad time to teach our children how to ride safely and keep yourself and your friends safe. I hate it also. It makes everyone unhappy when a young person loses his life when something had to go horribly wrong. Same another one's life and help educated the kids are to ride safely. Very sad for this young man and his family. I too have cried my heart out because of such a sad situation. No disrespect, just saying what his father has probably told him a 1000 times.

  • Tiarra Gibson

    I just want to ball my eyes out to know that one of the kids that went to school with me is now gone it just is too much for me and I this all of Logan to handle. One thing is for sure is that Tyler will be missed and will never be forgotten in mine and all of Logan middle schools eyes

    • GRIFF

      Tiarra , right now you may feel this way, but this will pass. You & Logan county will move on. Was he on a atv rated for an older operator????

  • northforkfisher

    So sad to hear about this, my youngest son is thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

  • millie bailes

    I feel so sorry for this family such a senseless loss. They are both responsible parents and would never endanger their child. But Children will be children and they think they are invincible and immortal. Please say a prayer for this family for such a great loss. I know the the mother and she would have give her life to save his as well as his father. Please be considerate when posting. Thank you


    if atv's would be used as the safety rule states they would be not accidents!! problem is when you try to drive & do thing they were not intended to do & speed is the cause of injury & death. Sorry for the family's loss losing a child is the worst possible thing may they trust god to carry them through this difficult time!

  • Gary Karstens

    ATVs ATVs ATVs


    When will someone ban these senseless instruments of death?

    • wow

      Gary, why don't you go to Logan and stand on a corner with a name tag on, that would get you off this site for good. Lots of mine shafts there for you.

    • Independent View

      Gary Karstens, your comments are always ridiculous, however, this is over the top and pathetic.

    • Harpers Ferry

      Seriously? Do human kind a favor a go take a long walk on a short pier. A kid is dead and you feel it necessary to make a comment like that. You are the type of people that give gun rights advocates a bad name. I really hope you don't have kids. Grow up!!!!