WASHINGTON, D.C. — .Three West Virginia mayors made a trip to the White House last week to talk about technology and helping inventors make their mark. It was the first Makers Faire held by President Barack Obama. He invited 25 mayors from around the country that are already putting together innovative projects or are in the planning stages.

Ranson Mayor Bill Hamill said he was honored to be invited. His town is currently working on a maker incubator.

“People are encouraged to work together, come up with programs, finding innovative solutions to current problems and/or innovative technology to become a maker of sorts,” explained Hamill. “Let’s get back to the basics of making things in America.”

Hamill said the city isn’t doing it alone. This takes teamwork.

“We’re partnering with the local American public university system to encourage cooperation between would-be inventors,” explained Hamill.

The Faire was all about showing off some of the latest high tech gadgets. The President even tried a few out. The goal is to find uses for those inventions and then produce them right here in the U.S. employing American workers.

Hamill described Ranson’s high tech project.

“We’re looking forward to creating an incubator facility where the technology will be utilized and made available to person who need the technology to do the things in their mind that they want to do but don’t have the resources.”

Also attending the Market Faire were the mayors of Charles Town and Morgantown.

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  • Buck

    Gary, did you keep a straight face while typing that or spit out your kool-aid? You should never use the words leadership, vision and Obama in the same sentence.

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    What a JOKE! If the m0r0n touches it - it shall die!

  • Gary Karstens

    I agree Terri. I compliment the vision and leadership of our President Barrack Obama for allowing this consortium of vision.

  • Terri Hamrick

    This is what we need! Both parties working together, for the better of our State and Country. For all the citizens!

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      Taxpayers DUH!!!!