LOGAN, W.Va. — A child custody dispute ended in death late Monday night in Logan County.

Troopers with the West Virginia State Police identified the victim as Matthew Dillon, 30, of Belfry, Ky. They said he was in a fight with Rex Hale at Hale’s house on Cassick Street in Logan at just before midnight Monday.

Hale was taken to a hospital for treatment. No charges have been filed.

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  • cathy

    rex hale is innocent this guy came in on him he got what he deserved if you cant protect yourself and kids then the justice system is breken

  • DL

    Ok smart asses. Can any of you tell me what happened here? I live out of state, but I knew Matt. How did this go down?

  • DWL

    No longer is their a "custody" issue it appears. Dillon's argument is now cold & stiff. Yet another that let his mouth overload his rear. Its all on a slab now.

  • Eric

    Sure are a lot of dead people all over WV today.