CHARLESTON, W.Va. — There were tears from one side of the courtroom, angry shouts from the other as Kelsey Legg was sentenced Tuesday in Kanawha County Circuit Court in the death of Kareem Hunter.

And the drama didn’t end there.

Outside the Kanawha County Judicial Annex members of the Legg and Hunter families got into a fight that ended with police making two arrests.

Back in March, Legg pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact to first-degree murder and attempting to aid and abet another person in concealing a dead body. As part of the plea, she agreed to help prosecutors in the cases against Miguel Quinones and Deverson Patterson, both charged with Hunter’s murder.

Tuesday Legg went before Judge Paul Zakaib. She told the judge she was sorry for her part in Kareem’s death and that she wished she was dead as well. Hunter’s mother read a victim’s impact statement stating Legg deserved no leniency. She accused Legg of luring her son to the defendant’s home in Marmet, watching while two men murdered him and then helping dispose of the body. Hunter was found in a shallow grave in Raleigh County about two weeks after he disappeared. Legg refused to look at Mrs. Hunter or any of the victim’s family gathered in the courtroom.

Legg’s attorney sought leniency but the judge gave her the maximum. She was sentenced up to five years on the charge of accessory after the fact and 1-3 years to aiding and abetting. She received 262 days of credit for time served. That means she could be out in as little as two and a half years or spend up to 8 years in prison.

Legg’s family broke into sobs as the judge read the sentence. The victim’s family looked stunned.

When assistant prosecutor Dan Holstein went to talk to the Hunter family about the plea deal, Hunter’s sister shouted at him.

No! She helped them kill my brother and you just gave her a pat on the wrist! Nothing, you didn’t do nothing! No man, get off of me!”

The sister was told by deputies to leave the courtroom. Other family members were also visibly upset and tried to understand why Legg wasn’t sentenced to more time behind bars.

After the courtroom was cleared, the two families converged outside the judicial annex where words led to physical confrontations and deputies had to intervene.

Deputies arrested Anthony Bryant, 36, of Charleston, on one count of battery. He allegedly pushed a 54-year-old woman to the pavement causing a head injury. Deputies also charged Terry Lee Phillips, 57, of Charleston with obstructing a police officer.

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  • Point On

    The POINT of the entire situation would be:
    1.) You can lure a person to a location in which you know they will be murdered, aide in hiding that person's body, and continue to hang with the murderers and get TWO and a HALF YEARS, period! wonder crap hit the fan!

    • cutty77

      And will only serve 1/3rd of the time.

  • thornton

    I never cared for non-traditional colors applied to fire hydrants.

    • Billy Bob

      Canadian bacon has to be one of the most under rated pizza toppings. It is delicious.

  • Jasper

    Either just plain bad reporting (again) or just too lazy to not proof the story....both terrible....and a current picture of reporting in the country today!

  • Mike

    Why are all of the WV deputies fat as hell? They couldn't run one city block without being exhausted.

    • Mac

      Hey Mike! Why don't you go sign-up to become a Deputy and see if you could even WALK a city block. Meanwhile, don't criticize a man without walking in his shoes! During the time that Rome was THE power in the known world, a Roman soldier could legally require any one to carry his pack for a mile, Jesus suggested you carry it a second mile as a sacrifice, gift or to have a greater understanding of the others lot. We're lucky to have West Virginians who are willing to uphold the laws of our state and provide safety for all of us. Next time you see an officer of the law, how about thanking him or her for their service. It will make that officer's day and at the same time cleanse your soul.

      • Harpers Ferry

        Right on, Mac! You are SO right! Who are we, the little peasants, to criticize the police. Cops have earned the right, in their duty to protect us, to do what they want, when they want, be overweight and out-of-shape. From my own experience in Iraq, twice, I would have had no problem with my battle buddy being out-of-shape and overweight. Because, like you said, who am I to criticize? I hadn't walked a mile in his shoes. It's only my life, and the lives of those in my platoon/company he may be responsible for when push comes to shove .

        • Gob

          The folks in this pictures are bailiffs, landing a job that doesn't require them to be on patrol. I would imagine most people who have a job where they are still most of the day have a problem with weight.

          • Harpers Ferry

            If they took their job seriously, they would probably work out after their shift is done. My job doesn't require for me to be in shape, yet I still workout after work so I might be able to play with my grand kids instead of having to work my way through Walmart on a motorized cart or, worse yet, be six feet under due to a heart attack. To each his own, I guess.

      • Cigarman

        Or buy them a salad.....with light dressing.

  • JimNCharleston

    You know you guys could provide video. You show video of Skippy interviewing Kanawha County knuckle heads like Carper & Jones about boring news, if you can shoot pics, then video could be shot.

    All I got
    Jim N FL

  • Harpers Ferry

    Family feud? Please! Call me when the History Channel makes a mini-series about this. Until then, this is just a little spat.

  • any major dude

    All that was missing was Jerry Springer.

  • Gary

    There seems to be no prosecutors and judges in WV. Everything is plea bargained. In Grant County; hardly no one goes to jail.

  • wbk

    The body was found in the Harper Heights area of Raleigh County.

  • arp

    "Fued"?? Who writes your headlines??

    These daily typos and misspellings are an embarrassment to the WVU School of Journalism!

    • Joe

      Picture # 2 caption, "Jennifer Smith/MetroNews Kelsey Legg wouldn't Legg at Kareem Hunter's family members during her sentencing Tuesday in Kanawha County Circuit Court".

    • Brian

      As serious as this report is, I'm inclined to agree with arp. There are more and more typos on this site that go uncorrected. Anyone reviewing their work (reading a final draft) would find all of these mistakes. Show some professionalism (yes I had to spell check that one but at least it occurred to me to do so)

    • Lisa

      They misspelled "hostpital" in a headline earlier. And, I believe Mr. Hunter's body was found in Raleigh County, not Fayette.

      • wow

        where in this article does it say he was found in Fayette county

        • Jason412


          It was edited and corrected to say Raleigh County.

      • Jason412

        The typo's don't bother me as much as the fact Lisa is correct, earlier Metronews articles indicate the body was found in Raleigh County. That's quite a discrepancy.