MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — We’re less than 40 days before the start of West Virginia’s preseason football camp as MetroNews reveals our picks for Top 10 Most Pivotal Players for 2014. We continue with a long-armed, barrel-chested senior who could become the key to the Mountaineers’ pass rush:

Position: Defensive end
Class: Senior
Measurables: 6-4, 294

Former defensive coordinator Keith Patterson and defensive line coach Erik Slaughter grew wide-eyed discussing Hyman’s physique before last season. After registering 14 sacks at Hinds (Miss.) Community College, the transfer had the build, brawn and burst to be a transformative player.

One year later, he’s still looking for his first sack at West Virginia and managed only 3.5 tackles for loss in 12 games. One of those was a memorable third-down goal-line stop against Oklahoma State—the brand of disruptive play new D-line coach Tom Bradley expects more of in 2014.

After Will Clarke graduated and Kyle Rose moved inside to tackle, Hyman must be more consistent in technique and effort to emerge as the team’s dominant end.

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  • Harvey Wippleman

    I say it is time for a fresh start, forget Holgerson and Rich Rod. Bring in Pat White as the new Head Football Coach and to replace Bobby Huggins.......... Jared West.

  • any major dude

    Big joe, WVU out-recruited Florida State, Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and other big boys for the services of Dravon Henry. Happy to keep you up on WVU recruiting, since I figure you were awful busy learning how to ride your bike without the training wheels.

    • Cwk328

      First of all, idk about the rest of the schools, but WVU did not "out recruit" Ohio State for Henry. 247 sports has him listed as the 164th best prospect in the nation- Ohio State gets walk-ons ranked higher than that. And, Luke Fickell was his recruiter from OSU, not their heaviest hitter anymore. If they wanted him they'd have put Urban, Larry Johnson or Tom Herman on him...Ohio State gets who they want...All that being said, Henry I think will be a good player for the 'eers and will bring some much needed speed and athleticism. I think he contributes heavily as a freshman and sophomore, especially against Baylor who screwed him over in recruiting

  • Big Larry

    Its time to bring back Rich "Show me the Money" Rodriguez....He belongs here...

    Is Bob Huggins ever going to win any championships? NO of course not...but he belongs here.

    Would Rich Rodriguez ever win any championships? Yes...Of course he can...he belongs here.

    Did he sell us out? YES

    Did he let all the fans down? YES

    Is he only interested in fame & fortune? YES

    But he belongs here and he is the only one who can put the pieces back together after the total meltdown and collapse that everyone knows is evident this coming season...under Dana "The Man in Black" Holgorsen...

    Sorry...but it is what it is and the sooner we accept the fact the happier we will all become.

    Bring back Rich "Show me the Money" Rodriguez and we will all once again start to enjoy WVU Football...

    He belongs here...

    • Ole Sasquatch

      Yes Big Larry, I'm open to this - depending on how this season goes. I just can't forget about those top 5 days, beating Georgia, having ESPN talk about us all the time, all the time in the spotlight, laying on the couch Saturday afternoons thinking this was Hog Heaven. I am willing to let Capitalist mistakes be forgotten.

  • Big joe

    I'm glad we rare able to recruit against the bigs boys , like Utah , duke and more of those big boys.

  • Jay

    This is good stuff, Mr. Taylor. Getting me primed for Mountaineer football!

  • Sam

    I like what I'm seeing more & more every day. We beat 'BAMA by 6 - at least. MARK IT DOWN!!!


    It is time for this player and this whole team to come together and fight for one another and the State of West Virginia; We want this team to fight for us... I don't know how to measure the heart of a player and I guess know does but this guy looks like he could be a great player for WVU just like many players this year team but the "KEY" is how well will these kids play as a unit. Dontrill Hyman might be the most important piece to this years team...
    Let's GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!Mountaineeeeeeers!!!!

  • Benjamin Dover

    Why does any of this matter? We will have two wins (possibly three) this season, and next year doesn't look much better - as a matter of fact, it looks as bad or worse. We aren't relevant anymore. How did it come to this?

    • FNP

      Hey Ben Dover....its fans like you that bring negativity and pessimism to every season. I would rather see you stay home, turn the tv and computer off and shut the F up!

      • J the C

        FNP, Bendover is not a fan. PERIOD.

      • notorious

        There isn't much to be positive about. This program has been in flux ever since Rich Rod left. A lot of people were not happy with Bill Stewart how he was hired. Luck got - and deserved - criticism for how Stewart was dismissed and for how Holgorsen was hired.

        This is team lacks consistent QB play, it is weak on both lines, and is suspect in pass coverage. We have skilled receivers and backs, but bad O-line and QB play render them useless.

        The program needs a fresh start. It had to implode to ne rebuilt. Luck will have to realize the error he made and pony up some dough to get Holgorsen out.

        • Grae

          Holy cow we had TWO bad seasons after a BCS bowl win and now all of you are taking about how bad this program is. That's ignorant. Start being more optimistic.

        • J the C

          Nah, way off base. We've made a difficult move to a tough conference which is going to pay off bigtime. It is a very difficult transition, rendered more so by years of neglect under Pastilong. ?Facilities, ticket prices, pass-outs, the list goes on forever. Our fans have been spoiled by our association with the Big Least, which had been dying for years. It hadn't merited a automatic bowl bid for years, but got it and we benefitted.

          • Rick S.

            Just remember, that in on-the-field head-to-head competition, Big East teams had a decidedly winning record against Big 12 teams. And most of the few wins the Big 12 had were by Colorado and Nebraska, who are no longer in the Big 12.

    • Capt. Obvious

      So you can predict 2015 before you know who is on our team in 2015? Amazing! Going thru life looking at a half empty glass when you have the option of looking at a half full glass demonstrates a level of enlightenment that is seldom seen in these parts.

  • Rick55

    Like Orlosky, this is a young man with experience, a bit underwhelming performer last year. But with another off season of prep and practice, and an ideal body for the position, he should be a solid contributor to the D line in 2014.

  • william

    Only way to FIX this Big Mess -
    Fire Dana 'The Man in Black' Holgerson
    Counting down the days till he is gone
    Holgerson doesn't want to be in Morgantown
    Never a true Mountaineer, and never will be a Mountaineer

    • farm kid

      William, William you do not understand how coaches think. fire dana today it will take over 6 million to hire a good coach. most important good coaches will see wvu as a bad job. pitt is a good example graham left after about 8 months on the job. good coaches did not want that job. listen coaches talk to each other, it is a closed frat house. as far as "man in black" huggy bear did that since he arrived .

    • Andy

      Never a true Mountaineer...just like you?

    • Capt. Obvious

      If you are actually counting (that would be funny to watch), how many days does Dana have left? Feel free to use your 12 toes when counting, Willy!

  • Wvu4me

    Sounds good. WVU let's go all the way, state champs 2014 bayyybeeee!

    • Andy

      I think by default we will be state My goals are slightly higher.