HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Huntington Police made an arrest Tuesday afternoon in the shooting death of city teenager.  Dylan Stone, 19, of Huntington, is charged with gunning down Garrett Hatten, 19, in front of Hatten’s home on Jackson Ave. Monday night.

Witnesses said there were five to seven people who showed up at Hatten’s home and confronted the victim. A fight ensued and led to gunfire.

Hatten was a recent graduate of Huntington High School.

An hour and ten minutes earlier Police had been dispatched to 8th Ave. where a man was shot dead. . He was later identified as Eugene Wamsley, 33, of Detroit, MI.  Police have had very little information to help develop the case and witness information didn’t materialize a suspect.

Huntington has become a haven for violence often exported from the Motor City, but police say in the initial stages of the investigation there’s nothing to show this was a drug related incident. Neighbors who lived near the crime scene had a hard time buying it despite the lack of any drug-related evidence.

Police haven’t commented on a motive for either shooting, but say the two incidents are not connected.

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  • FungoJoseph

    Fry him. There is no soul showing in his eyes.

  • Truth

    Funny that the article says "Huntington police department arrested" but watching all of this happen at the apartment all I saw were u s marshals and Cabell Sheriffs.

  • munington

    Hey Mayor Williams how about hiring a new
    Chief Of Police? It seems ever since Holbrook's departure the crime has soared!
    It's like the wild wild west.

  • chasmo

    Well, will we ever get the DEATH PENALTY in WV ?? another POS living on YOUR AND MINE tax money .

    • Ironically

      ..if WV got the death penalty they would still be living for years on our dime due to years and years of delays and appeals.

      • Molon Labe

        As opposed to them living on our dime for years and years in "prison" watching TV, surfing Facebook and sitting on their a** eating Honey Buns?

        I would pay for death row without any complaints.

  • DWL

    Why aren't there 5-7 people charged with this murder as accessories before the fact if they showed up for the confrontation? They are as culpable and the trigger man.

    The other victim from Detroit. Who cares! Another waste of human space eliminated.

    • Jason412


      How did you come to the conclusion that one of the homicides deserved up to 7 people to be charged, while no one should care about the other as he was just a "waste of human space"?

  • Jason412

    Are the two pictures of the white guys supposed to be the same person? They sure don't look the same.

    • Jason412

      Never mind, I see the story was updated and the first picture is the suspect.