CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The West Virginia Board of Education has named a new superintendent of schools, but again, not a permanent one.

With Dr. James Phares’ planned retirement coming June 30, the board voted Tuesday to employ Deputy Superintendent Charles Heinlein as State Superintendent beginning July 1, until the search process is completed and a permanent State Superintendent is hired.

The reason for giving the official title to Heinlein is because, under current state law, it is illegal for the state to not have a superintendent or have an interim superintendent.

Heinlein will be the second superintendent to serve on a temporary basis. In 2012, after the firing of Jorea Marple, the board searched for a temporary replacement and reached out to Phares, then-current Superintendent of Randolph County Schools to fill the void while a national search was conducted. Phares began serving in the position on January 2, 2013.

The national search is still ongoing but progress has been made.

Ray and Associates, Inc–the search brought in to assist—said it engaged with 248 individuals regarding the position.

From that pool, some 64 candidates spanning 43 states submitted applications.

Tuesday, the board engaged in interviews with three state superintendent candidates. No decisions were made at the close of the session today. However, according to a press release, when a decision is made, the board will share the information with the public.

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  • Katydids

    In South Carolina, superintendents are elected by the voters! Time to eliminate the corrupt state board of education members in WV!

  • sammy

    I would personally go all out on a fundraising effort to pay the state boe to hire Carolyn Long! WV Tech needs immediate resuscitation from the strangulation from WVU and Carolyn. I would pack her house, pack her car, and move her to Charleston myself! Please Gayle....hire her! Your husband loves her and the governor loves her. This is a no brainer!

    • Melvina

      But what would poor ole Tech do if Carolyn left? Her connections with Manchin, Tomblin, and WVU have done wonders for the Montgomery campus.

      Under her administration, Tech has attained, not one, but two porta potties on Martin Field, a 90-plus year old football field that is now history.

  • Debbie

    I wonder if there are anymore Manchin relatives that need a job???? SMH!

  • Mister G!

    Everyone associated with the state board of education is a corrupt joke. No wonder The Street just named this place the stupidest state ...

  • Charles D

    You wonder why WV is a joke to the rest of the country. The cronie system in place.

  • Bill

    This is a way to increase the retirement check.

  • MyView

    Wait and see which puppet or member of the Manchin family gets this job

  • wvu999

    Since we are now rating schools we should also be rating the state boe. Obviously these puppets get a F.

    They should be elected just like the 5 member county BOEs across the state.

    • Tom

      Unless I am missing something, the state BOE basically answers only to the person who appoints them. What a system!!!!!!!!!

      And the public wants to blame teacher unions for the problems in education????????

      • Big Jim

        The teachers have to teach what the State Dept. mandates. For the most part the State Department personnel/County Administrators are washed out teachers who couldn't hack it in the classroom or are Manchin family disciples.

  • any major dude

    A year and a half and counting...