RED HOUSE HILL, W.Va. — A Putnam County farmer said nine of his cows were killed Tuesday evening during a lightning storm.

Photo courtesy WSAZ-TV

Lightning hit this tree, killing 9 calls in Putnam County Tuesday.

The storm moved through the Red House Hill area. The cows had gathered under a tree and lightning hit the tree, sending the current through the cows and to the ground.

The National Weather investigated several lightning strikes from Tuesday’s storm.

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  • Jonus Grumby

    That's udderly a shame.

  • Thecrow2123

    Ground-ed beef eh.

  • Pickle Barrel

    All sizzle and no steak.

  • WVproud

    Sad indeed.
    Must have been Obama's fault!

    • Plopaganda

      It's all part of his socialist commie liberal War on Beef. Just watch Fox News (and only Fox News) and you'll see.

      • Silas Lynch

        Ironically enough the loony-left side of the political fence claims cow flatulence is a major contributor to climate change causing this severe weather....

  • Melissa H.

    Awww. Too sad. Some bad luck for the farmer and those cows. :(

  • Lisa

    How sad. This is a huge loss to this farmer. I'm sure these cows had a value of $1000 each or more.

  • Independent View

    Is this too somehow Bush's fault?

    • Ut Oh

      Careful they will tell you that is exactly what it is. They have no shame or responsibility.

  • Dink

    I bet DWL (Dim Witted Loser) thinks the democrats had something to do with it .... Oh , I'm sorry ... I forgot I've renamed DWL ... Little Whiner Boy

  • Cigarman

    Are calls a bovine subspecies?

  • northforkfisher

    What type of animal is a call? It's sad that the farmer lost his 9 cows.

  • thornton

    That's a shame, it happens, but...I would also look for tractor tracks and drag marks....on general principles.

    • ViennaGuy

      Or crop circles. Can't forget the crop circles.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Lightning? Ha! How little you know, WVMetronews. If you knew ANYTHING, you would know it was aliens. Or Ancient Aliens perhaps? I don't know, therefore, aliens.