MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — We’re less than 40 days before the start of West Virginia’s preseason football camp as MetroNews reveals our picks for Top 10 Most Pivotal Players for 2014. We continue with a defender who ranked No. 2 nationally with five forced fumbles:

Position: Buck linebacker
Class: Senior
Measurables: 6-2, 230

The transfer from Georgia Military College showed why SEC recruiters pursued him out of St. Matthews, S.C., creating turnovers and finishing second on the team with four sacks. Because most of those impact plays came during the first five games, Golson’s charge this fall will be to finish the season with the same verve he starts it.

Sufficient in pass coverage and able to hold up against the run, he’s an every-down defender and West Virginia’s most athletic linebacker. He’s also physically mature, given that he’s five years removed from high school, having spent a year at Fork Union Prep.

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  • Jim

    Mr. Golson ....Hope you have a great year. If given the opportunity to slam the door on a QB - have fun, but please don't just stand there admiring your work if the ball pops out. There was a chance for a Jadaveon Clowney type sports clip if you had also picked up that OU fumble.

  • Sam

    One of the most underrated defensive players in the BIG XII. The coaches are expecting to be more of a leader - who will lead us to a win against 'BAMA. We will be coming away from the Georgia Dome with a W, I guarantee it - MARK IT DOWN. MARK IT DOWN. MARK IT DOWN!!!

  • any major dude

    I look for good things from Brandon in 2014. I feel he should make up for any lack of size with quickness, speed and experience. I too would prefer a decent backup so he can go the whole season at full strength. I agree we must stop the run. We can't break into the top 100 without stopping the run.

  • mad hatter

    i really only get excited when someone points out that our defense is vastly improved, And until then, we will be cellar dwellers in the conf.

  • soldier one

    bull pin, you're always right , aren't you

  • FNP

    Alabama is a proven winner but the have their flaws just like every other team. Their D only had 22 sacks and 11 INT's last year. If WVU can run the ball effectively and dump the ball in the flats, then Alabama will be in for a fight. Am I saying we will win? No but i'm saying we can.

    • notorious

      Nick Saban v Dana Holgorsen.

      Its not even fair. With Hogly we are bringing a butter knife to a gun fight.

      • J the C

        Where was your last coaching gig?

        • notorious

          No experience necessary to realize that this is an epic coaching mismatch. Saban has 3 national titles. Dana has 6....B12 conference wins.

          • GoEers

            then why bother to read the articles and post your negative hateul crap about WVU...if you don't like WVU then go read and post about someone else...everyone on here is getting tired of you

      • FNP

        Holgorsen knows he's not expected to win this game and that plays in WVU's favor. They will throw everything at Bama and you'll see a different WVU team out there this year. The fire and enthusiasm is back!


    He is one of our best players on the field for WVU, is he a leader on the field and off the field, I don't know?

    I do know this Nick Sabin is going to attack him with the run because he is under size; and Good Ole West Virginia People / Nick Sabin will want to test the mental toughness of this kid and the whole "D" ... How well will WVU's mental toughness stand as a unit? we all know that is where Alabama is going to attack WVU... Pound them...Pound them...and pound them... I hope Golson's back up is big and strong and is built to stop the run, and he see's a lot of minutes in the game.... I love Golson but I am not sold on him as every down player, maybe against a pass happy team.... (play as a unit)

    Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!Mountaineeeeeers!!!!

    • Ole Sasquatch

      I can't help but notice that Alabama over the last 3 years has had one of the best offensive lines I've ever seen. Those are horses up front. Your comments are correct and Holgorsen is probably having nightmares about them - rightfully so.
      But still it is entirely possible we can win.

    • El Supremo

      Dito!! With an inexperienced Bama QB, the Tide will run the ball again and again. The WV interior line is going to feel like they were hit by a steam roller. I doubt they can stand up to the pounding of an excellent SEC offensive line for more than two quarters.

      Auburn and Oklahoma beat Alabama by running the perimeter (watch the game films again). Does West Virginia have the speed to get outside?

      • Kevin

        same system (3-3-5 stack) seemed to hold up fine against SEC lines in the past. UGA in Sugar Bowl, twice against Miss St and we split games with Auburn. The lines didn't exactly get manhandled against LSU the 2 times we played them either. Yes, we lost those 2, but we were not dominated at the line.....

        • farm kid

          that game was played in Baton Rouge and WVU should have won the game. good ole boy stewart got out coached. the game in Morgantown LSU's number 7 beat us by himself. that kid put on a great show, too bad his head is messed up.

        • notorious

          They ran all over us in Morgantown. Not so much in Baton Rouge. Chris Neild was really, really good. That defense had NFL players all over the place.