WHARTON, W.Va. — Patriot Coal confirmed Wednesday that it has laid off a total 75 workers at two of its mining complexes in Boone County.

Patriot issued a 60-day WARN notice April 23 and said at the time at least 50 people would lose their jobs at the Wells complex in Wharton and the Corridor G complex near Danville.

A company spokesperson confirmed Wednesday 60 workers have been laid off at Wells and 15 at Corridor G.

Patriot president and CEO Ben Hatfield told MetroNews back in April both the metallurgical and thermal coal markets continued to be challenging.

“We’re working hard frankly to minimize the number (of layoffs),” he said. “We’re struggling with mines at those locations that are simply operating at cost levels that exceed the prices that we can get at the marketplace. They are literally consuming cash.”


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  • Fred

    Curious at the 'future of coal'? Take a look at wood.

  • DP

    JTC-What you have said makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!!! First you claim you lost your coal mining job in 1986 due to President Regan. Later, apologizing for the current Clown in Chief, you make the statement "the president is not relevant in these situations, it is called capitalism."

    So is the president relevant or is he not relative to the economy? I strongly advise you take a VERY BASIC economic class! Sadly though, you (and ALL the other Yellow Dog Dems) won't and will continue to vote the straight Dem ticket. Yes, Dem control of WV for the past 80+ years certainly has been wonderful for WV, hasn't it JTC!!!

  • steve

    Thanks Obama!

  • DWL

    You can thank your job lose to the m0r0n your union helped put in office and the fact you continue to vote for liberals, democrats, (d)’s because they do so much for you!

    The m0r0n's Gestapo gets you again. Your vote has consequences.

    • I'm honest at least

      You really should explain your hatred for Union workers, democrats and liberals. 99% of your comments have no basis. The only thing I see is a miserable person with a chip on your shoulder about everyone and everything that you don't agree with. Grow up or remove yourself from this planet. Good day sir

      • WVproud


      • WVproud


  • JTC

    Market determines coal and jobs, gas is in right now coal out, look no further than the past 50 years and you will find ups and downs in the coal industry. I know thanks to Reagan in 1986 I lost my coal mining job. we had 425 employees, now the mine does not even exist. I moved on. The president is not relevant in these situations, it is called capitalism.

  • Tom wv

    Coal is not dead. Nor will it ever be in our lifetime. What we need is to get folks together and find ways for it to work.

  • Truth

    WV people are the dumbest in the country. Election time coming. These corrupt corporation know how to play the game. Have been doing it for 80 years now. Stupid people in this state still have no clue or IQ.

  • Dennis

    If all of the mines have to close, will it put the EPA out of business?? I doubt it! It is going to be dark times for the people of West Virginia for years to come. Thank you Mr. Obama, for nothing!!

    • Same Old

      As long as there's a government in this country, there will always be an EPA. Hell, they're already bashing natural gas! And the environmentalists who protested coal all this time was backing and donating to the natural gas industry. Guess what? These same environmentalists are now protesting natural gas. They don't know if they want to crap or ride a road wagon! Hypocrites!!

      • Ross G

        Oh, yes... I remember these shady fools!

        The famous Sierra Club supported and accepted millions of dollars from Chesapeake Energy. They used the millions to fund their anti-coal campaigns/protests. With Sierra paid off, Chesapeake could proceed with the natural gas energy take-over. Oh, but Sierra bit the hand that fed them because they shortly turned against natural gas and began protesting fracking.

        If you lay with dirty dogs, you, too, will get dirty and flea bitten!

    • jss

      It certainly will be dark times for West Virginia if all the people cannot go beyond the coal economy.

      • Richard

        It is not so much looking beyond coal but where is there any economy to look forward to. Thanks to the democrats you are only seeing the start of economic destruction.

        • WVworker

          The economic destruction started under Bush, with a near collapse of the banks and the auto industry, and the brink of the worst depression since 1930. Republicans have very short memories.

          • Hillbilly

            Oh , I forgot , Bush done it !! LOL

          • Chalkdust

            Please don't be stupid. The economy collapse started after the democrats gained control of the US Senate and Congress (2006) and blackmailed the banks to loan mortgage money to anyone who could fog up a mirror.
            As for the auto industry, the labor unions with the help of the auto industry "leadership" thought it was OK to force the high cost of labor on the American public, by raising the cost automobiles. Enter the Japanese/Korean auto makes. Goodbye auto unions, hello Obama.

      • Fiscal Conservative

        What type of economy do you suggest. Where do we get the power to have an economy

        • Andy

          Our power comes from the minds and motivations of young West Virginians who realize coal is dead. The sooner we accept this the sooner we can build a new future in WV.

          • Hillbilly

            You ain't seen nuttin yet , Wait until the united nations moves in .

          • The bookman

            And any intelligent assessment would include the fact that our economy is a resource extraction based economy. We must develop our economy around that strength. Regardless of the direction within the EPA, the facts are that our coal and Natural Gas are key components of the Energy needed to power this economy. The success of the US economy dictates the direction of the world economy, as we have observed since 2008. At some point, realistic energy challenges will supersede the current ideological disconnect. Sadly there is an economic cost to the current ideology at the EPA, and that cost is real. Just ask these families whose lives are being disrupted playing this fool's game.

        • Worm

          It does not matter who's in office. West Virginia had some of the riches coal reserves in the world and after a 151 years the state is dead last in every meaningful economic and social standing in the US. The problem is the culture and people of this state. Keeping the mines open for another 10 years can't solve the problems that have continued since the states inception. Does anyone believe that coal or for that matter gas is going to make West Virginians healthier and better educated? If any of this was the magic key to a better West Virginia then why are we not a least some where in the middle of prosperity, education and health? At least an Iowa in stature?

          • Hillbilly

            Kinda like Detroit !

          • Mike

            That's a really darn good question!