CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The head of the West Virginia Education Association said he’s surprised by how secretive the state Board of Education is being about the hiring of a new superintendent of schools.

“No one knows who the finalists are. We don’t know background. You’d think we’d have some indication of the people who are in the final running,” WVEA President Dale Lee said Wednesday. “That (the board) would want to let us know what is in store for us in West Virginia.”

On Tuesday, the board announced Deputy Superintendent Chuck Heinline would be filling in as superintendent on a temporary basis after current Superintendent Dr. Jim Phares retires June 30.

The board interviewed several candidates for the job Tuesday. However, there’s been no announcement that someone has been hired. Lee found that a bit odd.

“Everybody thought the decision would be made by June 30. Although I do think Chuck Heinline will do a great job in the interim,” according to Lee.

This won’t be Heinline’s first time in the role of temporary superintendent. He filled in back in 2012 after Dr. Jorea Marple was fired from the position and before Phares took the job.

Lee said while he understands some candidates may not want their names out there because they don’t want their employers to know about their job search, he said, the search shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery.

He wants to see someone hired on a full-time basis as quickly as possible.

“We need to have a direction for us to go educationally and get that continuity and get things rolling,” according to Lee.

In a news release from the state Board of Education, the board stated progress has been made in their search for a superintendent. When a decision is made, the board said it will share that with the public. No timeline was given.

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  • Buck

    The union deserves the same transparency their idol (Obama) gives the taxpayers.

  • Hunter lee

    If Dale lee is concerned about who the state superintendent is. He should resign his position and get appointed to the state school board. The person that the board hired from Maryland has a 1000 times the qualification of the previous Wvea hand picked full time superintendent . Her only qualifications were her husband was a politician and she was a hand maiden of the WVEA. I think we got a great superintendent because special,interests were kept out of the hiring process.

  • lord of the rings

    It's been a a year and half. Hire the dog catcher, just hire somebody for God's sake.

  • sammy

    No secret here. I have a solution. I would personally go all out on a fundraising effort to pay the state BOE to hire Carolyn Long! WV Tech needs immediate resuscitation from the strangulation from WVU and Carolyn. I would pack her house, pack her car, and move her to Charleston myself! Please Gayle....hire her! Your husband loves her and the governor loves her. This is a no brainer!

  • Martin

    This is messed up. There are laws, they should follow them.

  • cutty77


  • Mister G!

    When your state has been named the stupidest in the country (see The Street website for confirmation), it may take a while for the stupid board to find a suitable stupid person to take the job. Unless they decide to hire a stupid Manchin, whereas all they need to do then is swing a stupid dead cat...

    • ViennaGuy

      TheStreet is stupid ...

      • William

        No, it tells us what the political and corruptive scum of WV has done to us as citizens.

        • ViennaGuy

          Yes, TheStreet is stupid. Their description of West Virginia as "stupid" lumps everyone in the state under one description, which is patently and demonstrably false. It's no different than saying everyone in West Virginia makes moonshine in their backyard, or attends snake-handling churches, or anything else.

  • Ordinary_WV_Joe

    Wah, wah, wah, wah! Poor Jim Lee. He's out of the loop, again. What a shame. Now he'll have to wait for the official announcement of the selection before he can start trashing the new Superintendent. Pity. Wouldn't it be nice if he would spend his time and effort dealing with "legitimate issues" that affect our children's education? Instead, he's more concerned with getting face time with the media, whining and moaning about how "unfair" everyone is to him.

    There are many excellent teachers in the system that want nothing more than to be outstanding teachers. Unfortunately, we hear very little about, or from, them because of Jim Lee, his union, and the other one. They are to busy protecting the incompetents and the status quo. All the while, our children continue to get a lousy eduction from lousy educators. As a state, we continue to fall further and further behind. And Jim keeps on whining!

    Suggestion Jim. Grab a pizza and drop in on Earl Ray. Then you can continue developing your plan to stick it to WV taxpayers!

    • Eastern Panhandle

      Amen! Your are right on target!

      • GetALife

        His name is Dale. If you are going to trash someone at least get the name right.
        By the way Dale Lee does a great job representing WVEA members and he makes a lot of good points if boobs like you would put away your "hate" and listen once in awhile.

        • Ordinary_WV_Joe

          I know that his name is DALE. It was deliberate on my part to refer to him as JIM! It's an inside joke that only DALE and a couple of his closest political croonies understand. And if you think that I was TRASHING him, so be it. But you ain't seen nothing yet. The TRASHING is about to begin now that Jim (er..Dale) knows who was selected. Stay tuned.

        • William

          He is just another union scum bag protecting teachers who don't give a crap while the good ones go unnoticed and unrecognized. Screw you.

        • Martin

          +1 GetALife and Amen

  • ViennaGuy

    Maybe - just maybe - they're keeping it quiet so the WVEA doesn't try to exert undue pressure on the school board for or against a particular candidate ...

  • thornton

    Maybe the state board of education is on summer break...lucky them.
    Be patient.