EVANS, W.Va. —Authorities in Jackson County believe they found a functioning bomb in the house of an Evans man who talked about detonating a bomb on a school playground.


Blake Garnes was arrested on numerous charges Thursday.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Blake Ryan Garnes, 20, early Thursday morning after receiving a tip.

The criminal complaint said Garnes admitted to making the bomb. A raid on his home also found writings about his desire to harm children.

(Read criminal complaint here)

A confidential informant said Garnes told him he was going to set the bomb off at Evans Elementary School while children were there.

Garnes is charged with making a terroristic threat and being in possession of an explosive device.

Garnes was arraigned Thursday afternoon and bail was set at $500,000.

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  • Jonus Grumby

    This guy is nothing more than a shameless coward. He needs to die in prison.


    They should of saved a lot of time and money when they went to serve the warrant and just shot him in the head. JUSTICE SERVED


    sounds like this low life needs hung from a oak tree by the end of next week!!! at his age & with current thoughts of his evil mind! if he is ever lose children & humans are in grave danger!! I'M sure if you check his back ground he's murdered several animals already!! and children were to be his next thrill!!!

  • Diaspora

    This man is a terrorist. The only mention of him being a terrorist is the charge of "terroristic threatening". He is nothing short of a low-down, want-to-be child killer, terrorist. Of course, that is, if and when he is convicted. Why are posters afraid of labeling the white insurrectionists as terrorists?

  • ViennaGuy

    20 years old and wants to bomb playgrounds?

    Boy, isn't he a savory sort. Talk about someone with issues.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    One of those little fourth-grade rascals must have bullied him.

  • william

    Those Damn BOMBS again,
    There should be a law against having bombs
    Banned those things

    • Hailey

      Stupid... This is a serious story, thanks Willie

  • BH

    He should be held without the opportunity to make bail. $500,000.00 is too low.

  • justin

    Cut his head off

  • Archie

    This punk needs exterminated like a cockroach.

  • Scott

    Thankfully someone did the right thing and notified the authorities.

  • Scott

    This guys got some serious issues. He should spend the rest of his life in prison. Otherwise whomever releases him should be held liable if he were ever able to carry out his sick plans to kill children.

  • Bob Johnson

    His full social is listed on criminal complaint, releasing PII

    • Jason412

      Good eye. That's pretty unbelievable, especially considering it only asks for the last 4 digits of his SS#.

      The criminal complaint looks like a gold mine for an identify thief, it lists his full name, date of birth, mailing address, and as you mentioned, entire Social Security number.

      I'm sure no one would be better off from stealing this man's ID, but it's the principle.

    • Really?

      Really? Who cares about this release of PII? He was plotting to kill kids for crying out loud! This will likely be the technicality that allows his release so he can carry out his plans. And do you think anyone wants this douche-bag's social? Who the hell wants to steal his identity?

    • dragonsking


  • Roger

    He'll probably be put on home confinement, where he can continue his bomb making and then be put on probation, that seems to be the going punishment in West Virginia. He should be put away for life before he actually does harm to children or adults....

  • Abram

    Harm or threatening harm to children equals life in prison.