NITRO, W.Va. — An early morning accident on I-64 west bound left two injured and a major mess for emergency crews in Kanawha County.

A tractor-trailer hauling three massive transformers went out of control on the exit ramp at Nitro. The semi crashed through two guardrails and lost its load in the entrance ramp. The accident happened about 1:30 a.m.

The driver and a passenger were hospitalized with injuries. One of the victims was reportedly ejected during the crash.

The truck’s diesel tanks ruptured spilling fuel onto the ground. The transformers are packed with mineral oil and authorities on scene say a large amount of it leaked as well. The ramps, along with Route 25 at the foot of the ramp, were closed for more than five hours.

The state Department of Environmental Protection is on the scene evaluating the spill and directing cleanup.

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  • ShaKara

    if they wrecked and are in the icu what hospital would they be at....

  • Jon

    People drive way too fast and recklessly on this stretch of I-64. It's not unusual for people to pass me going 80+ and much faster. Please slow down and think about yourself as well as others.

  • zero tolerance

    Cue the "The trucker was probably speeding" crowd.......

    Cue the "Dag Nabbit, you 4 wheelers think you can stop these things on a dime" crowd......

    Or maybe we should just send some healing thoughts for those injured and be thankful for first responders who spent the night caring for the victims and cleaning up.